Nigel Farage Has Bank Accounts Cancelled and 7 Banks Refused Him Accounts


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Brannon Howse: All right. Joining me now is Leo Hohmann. It's been a while since we've talked to Leo. I think his wife had a birthday and so he had family and things to take care of. But we are glad to have connection with Leo back again. Hi, Leo. Welcome back to the broadcast. I need your audio. Where's your audio go, Leo? I'm sorry. Unmute yourself there, Leo.

Leo Hohmann: Here we go. Can you hear me now?

Brannon Howse: I can. Welcome back. Glad you're with us.

Leo Hohmann: Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

Brannon Howse: What did you think of that, that last interview? Because, you know, the FBI letting this woman in, they're not doing a background check. She's communicating with Islamists for all these years. I mean, this is right up your alley.

Leo Hohmann: Well, Brannon, it brought back memories of some reporting I did back in 2018. I just emailed you the article and there's also a YouTube video to go with it where this female Muslim propagandist, for lack of a better term named Bushra Alawi, was employed by the FBI. And this was in 20. Yeah. Show her picture. There she is. That's the article I did in 2018 on Ms.. Bushra. She is an employee or was at that time of the FBI. Okay. And her job was not to be an informant and fair ferret out Islamic terrorists, anything like you might expect an FBI agent to do. No. Brannon Her job was to go around and hold meetings, training sessions. They called them local law enforcement in Michigan and probably several other states. But I know for sure in Michigan, because we had someone there covering the meeting and her entire job, I kid you not was to go down the list of accusations against Islam and debunk every single one of them and tell the police officers what a peaceful, loving religion Islam is. That was her job as an employee of the FBI five years ago. So. So nothing. Todd Benjamin said, surprised me in the least. Of course not. Yeah, well, yeah, this, this this is an agency. This is an agency that has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and care and all of the affiliated groups for at least a decade now.

Brannon Howse: Well, remember, FBI director Comey and FBI Director Mueller both gave the FBI director's award to jihadi-tied individuals. I've got that in my documentary. Sabotage?

Leo Hohmann: Absolutely. Yes. Yes. So I also have.

Brannon Howse: In that documentary a high ranking FBI agent went to what was reportedly a terrorist tied mosque in northern Virginia. And it's in my documentary, The guy standing there with a microphone, this high-ranking guy in the FBI, and inviting these Islamists to become FBI agents.

Leo Hohmann: Right. Right. So what did our government do? It used the 9/11 attack, which some people believe was an inside job. To pass the USA Patriot Act, start a new technologically based surveillance society where they can poke into your cell phone, poke into your the books that you check out from the library. All of this without a search warrant. They ran roughshod. They destroyed the Fourth Amendment after nine over 11, all under the pretext of what? The war on terror. Terror. We're going to go get those horrible Muslim terrorists. They made Hollywood made TV shows about it and everything. You remember the show, 24. People were addicted to it. And what happened by the time Barack Obama got in office, just a few years after all of these laws were put in place, that we were told they were needed to catch the terrorists. That entire apparatus was turned against us. And that surveillance state now not only does not look for Islamic terrorists, but they go around debunking any ties of the religion of Islam to terrorism. And they say the white Christian nationalist is now the most dangerous entity to American democracy. It was all a big fraud.

Brannon Howse: Take a look at this latest article by Leo. The Tucker Carlson of Britain gets shocking news. Quote, If they can do it to me, they can do it to you. Tell us about this. What's this about tonight, Leo? Yeah.

Leo Hohmann: Have you interviewed this gentleman? Nigel Farage.

Brannon Howse: I have been right next to him at CPAC, but I have not had the pleasure of interviewing him yet.

Leo Hohmann: Okay. I. Thought of how I could who I could compare them so Americans would get a good handle on who he is. Nigel Farage is like the Tucker Carlson of Britain. He's very conservative. He has a huge audience. He was the leader of the Brexit Party and the whole movement, you know, to remove the the British people from the EU. And so he's very well known over there. He's quite well known, even on this side of the Atlantic. He made a stunning announcement today. That his bank called him up a couple of months ago and said, we're closing your bank account. And they wouldn't tell him why. They gave him 30 days to shift his money elsewhere. He could not find another bank in Britain that would take his money. There's only like 6 or 7 banks that operate in in the country and every single one of them.

Brannon Howse: And that's about to happen here. That's about to happen here. There's only going to end up being about 5 or 6, seven banks operating. You're not the whole United States of America. And when you get on the black list, you will not be able to go to any of the others, just like he's just had happened to him.

Leo Hohmann: Exactly. That's why I thought this was an overlooked story that really people need to pay attention to because it's one of those, you know, harbingers, like you said, of things to come here in America. We saw it with the Canadian truckers in Canada, right, uh, last year. Now we're seeing it with these banks in the UK. We've seen a few people in America have their bank accounts shut down. Mike Lindell I think, well, Mike.

Brannon Howse: Lindell Mike Lindell was told by his bank to go somewhere else. We don't want you. You might be a PR problem in the future. Get away. Go away.

Leo Hohmann: Right, right. And so the only difference is in America, there's many more banks. And so you at least, you know, have a better chance of finding some bank that will take your money. But they're trying to deal with that. Like you said, they're trying to consolidate and have only a handful of banks just like they have in the UK, so that when you're blackballed, there'll be no chance of finding an institution that will not grade you on your social credit score. Okay. And Nigel Farage spells it out in this article. He says it is strictly he's found other people in the UK who've had this happen to them. And he said it's strictly against people, quote, who have traditionalist or conservative views. This is something totally outrageous going on.

Brannon Howse: Go ahead. You even have a video. A video embedded in your article. Let me play this. Guys in the control room. Listen to Nigel Farage. This is embedded in Leo's article. Leo Listen and watch this.

Nigel Farage (In video): Hello there. Now, you would think in the light of this. That I'd be pretty happy. I mean, you know. News Presenter of the Year. The Tric Awards was pretty cool and a massive thanks to all of those people out there that voted for me. The establishment was, of course, appalled because they, in their little London bubble, think that I'm incredibly unpopular. Well, in Notting Hill, I might be maybe not quite so in the rest of the country. But, the truth is, I'm not full of the joys of spring. I've been living with something for the last couple of months that may well fundamentally affect my future career going on from here and whether I can even stay living in this country. I have been with the same banking group since 1980. I've had my accounts with them since that date and my business accounts right through the 1990s. What worked in the city of London and in recent years to. I'm with one of the subsidiaries of this big banking group, one with a very prestigious name, but I won't name them just yet. I got a phone call a couple of months ago to say we are closing your accounts. I asked why. No reason was given. I was told a letter would come, which would explain everything. The letter came through and simply said, We are closing your accounts. We want to finish it all by a date, which is around about now. I didn't quite know what to make of it. I complained. I emailed the chairman. A lackey phoned me to say that it was a commercial decision, which I have to say I don't believe for a single moment. So I thought, Well, there we are. I'll have to go and find a different bank.

Nigel Farage (In video): I've been to six no, seven banks asked them all could I have a personal and a business account. And the answer has been no. In every single case, there is nothing irregular or unusual about what I do. The payments that go in and come out every month are pretty much the same. I maintain in my business account quite a big positive cash balance, which I guess with interest rates where they are is pretty good for the bank too. So why is this happening to me? Well, one explanation is this A few years ago, the European Union came up with a definition of somebody called a pep, a politically exposed person. Now, this could range from anybody from a prime minister down to a local councillor. And I think the reason for it was, you know, were people in politics open to bribery? Could foreign governments from Ukraine or China or wherever else it may be, could they be pumping money into the accounts of corrupt politicians? So I kind of understand that and get that. But it's all about interpretation, isn't it? And what the banks argue is that maintaining an account for a politically exposed person gives them increase costs of compliance. Now, I have spoken to the city minister in this country and there is some hope that this EU definition, which came into British law, may be moderated in some way. We'll have to see. But of course any bank, any organization could choose to interpret a Pep and whether they want the account in any way they choose, to my knowledge. I don't think anybody has been treated like me in the world of politics. But then the banks, you see them.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Wow. Yes. Wow. Shocking. I mean, again, it's going to happen here. You just wait. It's going to happen here.

Leo Hohmann: It's already happening. It's just not, you know, widespread yet. Like, you know you know, ask Mike Lindell whether it's happening. Yeah. Uh, Laura, Laura, Laura Loomer down in Florida also had her bank accounts frozen. Um, so it is. It is just starting, folks. It's just starting.

Brannon Howse: All right. Tell me about a couple more articles real quick. Here's one we touched on the other night. Atlanta Airport goes full dystopian using digital facial recognition IDs, fulfilling Klaus Schwab's prophecy that humans will be digitized and many other nations will adopt China's very attractive model for 24 over-seven surveillance. And you show the airport there in Atlanta Delta Airline digital ID backdrop. Backdrop. Yeah.

Leo Hohmann: Yeah. That photo was snapped Tuesday at the Atlanta airport by a friend of mine sent to me because she's, you know, read a lot of my articles and she said, here it is, just like you've been saying it was going to be. And so I went on the Delta website, the Delta Airlines website, and sure enough, they explained it. It's all about facial recognition and making your life easier. Brennan to get through the airport without having to go through any of those annoying checkpoints. You just breeze on through. Why? Because they have cameras scanning your face. They recognize who it is. You don't have to show them to get any cards out of your wallet. It's safer, more secure and more convenient. Those are the three things that these technocrats always throw at us. And sadly, Brannon, most people buy into it. I've been getting reports back from readers since I posted this article yesterday. And by the way, it's supposed to be voluntary at this point, but the information I'm getting from people who've been to the airport, not just Atlanta, but I've had reports from the Denver airport as well, that if you go on an international flight, say you want to fly to the Holy Land in Israel, they are going to automatically scan your face and put it upload it into their system where it will be stored in perpetuity.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Let's look at this other article. The New World Order Control grid starts with the connectivity of everything. Will you hand over the keys to your life? Here's your quote in here. Every time you use a QR code, you're working for them. Now, I see these QR codes and I bet some of our audience don't even know what a QR code is. It's that those squiggly little lines and symbols in a square that you'll see on a sign somewhere, sometimes in a commercial. And what you're supposed to do is take your phone up to it. And I don't know how it works. I don't I don't know if you take a picture or what you do, but somehow you use your phone to scan that QR code. And something opens up for you.

Leo Hohmann: I'm told even churches have these things, Brannon. I mean, they are all over. And every time you use one, you are feeding the system, you're feeding the beast that will end up enslaving you. They can put all kinds of personal data on these QR codes. This is what goes on your cell phone. This is what was put on people's cell phones for the Covid passports, a QR code so that you couldn't enter a restaurant in New York City or nine other American cities unless it showed that you were up to date on your shots.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Wow. So how is it helping them? What does it do? It uploads the data. How does that work?

Leo Hohmann: They can store a ton of more data on these QR codes. It's a way of categorizing and cataloging people, people and things. You know, every item in a store has a QR code, right? And that's how they're able to keep track of their just-in-time inventory process. Well, now they want to tag and trace every human being just like they tag and trace every item that goes into the grocery store or the clothing store. This is the goal of technocracy, technocratic tyranny. Every human being will be tagged and traced like a cattle in a feedlot.

Brannon Howse: And ask me. Yeah.

Leo Hohmann: I was just going to say, it's the QR code. The QR code will allow them to do that.

Brannon Howse: What are you hearing? I don't know if you saw the interview last night but I think I know you did. We talked about it with David Hein talking about July 11th and a possible nuclear strike on leaders at NATO coming up July 11th through the 12th. What did you make of that?

Leo Hohmann: Well, I read his entire long article before I saw you interview him, so I found it extremely interesting. We will find out on July 11th if there's anything to it. It certainly would solve a lot of problems, as you and I talked about earlier today, wouldn't it? They would be able to take out the leader, the leader of the so-called free world, Joe Biden. The formerly free world, as I call it, along with many other NATO leaders. So and they would have plausible deniability because they would be able to now blame it on Belarus and the leadership there in Belarus and not the Kremlin. And we would. We would be left with who? Kamala Harris is in charge of the White House. Now, talk about chaos and disarray. If this were to play out in reality, we would have a dead president and a completely incompetent vice president, the most incompetent, the most unpopular vice president. I believe she has the lowest approval ratings of any vice president in history since they've been calculating such approval ratings in Kamala Harris. She would be the president. This country would be finished.

Brannon Howse: And then they could appoint. Then they could appoint then she could appoint Gavin Newsom to be her VP. And then at some point, they could ask her to step aside, making him president.

Leo Hohmann: What a mess. Well, let's just hope that was a, uh. Let's hope that plan never made it out of the talking stage.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, exactly. Look at this last one. I want to get your feedback tonight. Top US officials have first-hand knowledge of secret UFO program, says Rubio. Are you getting suspicious? As I have been the last couple of years, stating that there's some kind of big global spiritual deception coming? I mean, when is the last time you ever remember so many people from Tucker Carlson to Rubio to the Pentagon, all willing to talk in the mainstream media, all willing to talk about Bigfoot? Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry. Not Bigfoot. Bigfoot the UFO, a UFO. But I was saying that on purpose, as a joke because you would say that that would be in the same category, right? But no, they wouldn't talk about Bigfoot. You'd say, That's crazy. They. No one's going to talk about the Loch Ness monster in Bigfoot. You put the UFOs in that same category, but now you've got us senators, you got broadcasters, you got the Pentagon, you got the military, you got scientists, you got well known people all willing to talk about UFOs all on Q.

Leo Hohmann: Right. I think it's setting us up for a grand, demonic deception. Brannon. Really? Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be demons posing as aliens. And the world is going to.

Brannon Howse: Be speaking of demons, by the way, did you see the AI the other night where you could have an eye, An eye? Ouija board. Now, that's where I was talking about a month ago, about AI being infused with demons. And here's an article on AI and a Ouija board. There you go.

Leo Hohmann: Unbelievable. We live in strange times.

Brannon Howse: Indeed we do. Leo Holman, dot com Lee, associate producer with us here at the Worldview Report, our newscast. Leo, thanks for being with us.

Leo Hohmann: Thank you, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Leo Hey you heard him talking about debunking there with the guy over in Great Britain You heard G. Edward Griffin talking about it. Maybe I've got to get the free packet of information from Wes Peters. Get into some precious metals, huh? (602) 558-8585. Just text west your name and number. Tell me you want that free packet of information. 6025588585 6025588585. If you appreciate what we're doing here every night, we would appreciate your support. We mentioned We mentioned Use the promo code B66 and finally, you can just contribute If you appreciate what we're doing, we appreciate your support. That's Brannon's house live for tonight. Thanks for watching. Till next time. Take care.

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