Mike Reagan Responds to the Weaponization of The Federal Government


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Mike Reagan: This is great to be on. You know, take a little break here in Southern California from work to be able to talk to Brannon Howse and I have to listen to you twice. So I get all the messages that you're putting out about buying this buying that I'm a little slow. So someday you'll repeat it and I'll get it. Or you can write it down for me.

Brannon Howse: I'll write it down. Sit it on your way. I'll tell you something. Congratulations. I see where you had a wedding recently. And it made. I saw it on the Daily Mail. I saw it in multiple places. And you looked great in your suit. And your daughter looked beautiful, Ashley, as you walked her down the aisle. I see. She married, I think, a police officer. Right?

Mike Reagan: And yes, by the way, it was a tuxedo. It was not just a suit. It was a tuxedo.

Brannon Howse: I'm sorry.

Mike Reagan: I'm sorry. If you will, just to let just to let you know, these things, it was beautiful. And yeah, it was great. You know, it's really interesting. True story. Back on November 5th of 1984, Ashe was born April 12th, 1984. 83 I'm sorry, 1983. And I was sitting with some friends of mine at Kitty Dahl's restaurant in London, England, in the Mayfair district on Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th. And I lit up a cigarette. Bob Scullin, my good friend, said to me, Do you want to walk your daughter down the aisle? I said, Of course, this is right after she's born. And he said, Dad, I'd give up smoking right now. I threw that cigarette out. I signed the matchbook that I. That I lit the cigarette with. November 5th, 1983. Never lit a cigarette again. And then May 5th walked her down that aisle, which was really kind of cool from what Bob said back in 1983 on on Guy Fawkes Day. But it was a great wedding. Yes. She married a police officer. We've known him 35 years, by the way, in this. Wait a.

Brannon Howse: Minute. You have known him. You have known your son in law. 35 years.

Mike Reagan: He wasn't my son in law when I first met him. Right. But no, we know him about 35 years. I was married once before, and but they love each other madly. And what's great about it, he is he shoots expert with either hand and living in California. That's a good thing to have a police officer in the family who can shoot with either hand as an expert. He's a watch commander so I don't have to dial 911. I just call him and say, Hel. So it worked out really well. Nice guy. Nice guy.

Brannon Howse: Well, did you anticipate all the national media? I mean, I think the headline was President Ronald Reagan's youngest, youngest grandchild gets married. I mean, you had a lot of press, international press.

Mike Reagan: Yeah, that was really kind of cool. And by the way, you notice it was good press. It was it was not negative. It was not negative. So that was even better. People magazine did a great article, you know, great job with it. And internationally and and what have you. We had no press really at the event. We didn't want it, but everybody got it after the event and did a great story with with People magazine. So we're happy. Ashley's happy, you know, So you got Cameron gave us a grandson in December. So we've got little Gage Reagan born December 28th to Cameron and Suzanna. So they've got two little girls, seven year old, five year old.

Brannon Howse: What's his what's his nickname? Mike? What's what's what's Gage's nickname?

Mike Reagan: I nicknamed him 12.

Brannon Howse: 12 as in 12 gauge for those?

Mike Reagan: Yes. Can't wait till he starts school. Hi. What's your name? My name is Gage. My grandpa calls me 12.

Brannon Howse: That's great. Well, that was. It was great to see the pictures. I did not anticipate it making international news, your daughter's wedding. But it did. And that's awesome. And I love the throwback pictures of your dad and Nancy Reagan sitting on the dock at the ranch with with with your two kids. So they kind of showed you they kind of showed your daughter's life growing up. It was it was fun to watch and read those articles.

Mike Reagan: Yeah, That was one of Nancy's birthday parties when dad was president of the United States. She was first lady. It was really nice to people at the Young America's Foundation opened up the ranch center in Santa Barbara. That's where we had the reception after the after the church service. So it was really it was a great day, really fun, great day. And, um, you know, she's she's happy. He's happy. As long as people are happy, I'm good.

Brannon Howse: That's exactly right. Spoken like a true father and grandfather. All right, so let's talk about your columns. You're still cranking out the columns after all these years. Each and every week, you have one that you're talking about. What is some of the greatest threats? Your May 22nd, 2023, America's biggest threat was not January 6th. And you start getting into the FBI and what's happening to our government and our central government. You know, we had these two FBI or actually now, I guess three FBI whistleblowers testify last week. Two of them were on my show the night before one of them testified. The other one didn't. But he's an FBI whistleblower. Kyle Severson And Sarah Finn excuse me, Kyle Serafin and then Stephen Friend. And these guys, of course, are in hot water because they came forward and said, hey, look, there's certain things that are against our protocol, against our training. We can't do this. This is not how the FBI should be conducting itself. They lose their gun, their badge, their pay, and they're sitting in limbo. And these stories coming out of these people losing their livelihood, their family, their ability to their their properties are being seized while they're trying to get on with their life. This is really hard for for us to watch. I mean, Michael, you've been in the heart of that, you know, for for many years under your dad's eight year being president. You watched a lot of this. Can you believe what has come of our federal government?

Mike Reagan: Yeah, unfortunately, I do believe what's come of our federal government because they've gotten too much power, give them too much power, and they it goes to their heads and they think they control everything. Look at the stories coming out today. How many thousands and thousands of times did they look into people's lives, teachers and what have you. And the point of the article was where they have everybody trying to point at February 6th in this insurrection, Oh, my God, what happened? And that was from the outside. That's a one off. That's not going to happen again. That was a one off. All right. Everybody was offended by it. What what we're now finding out is the insurrection from the inside and the inside is what the FBI and the CIA, with the help of Obama, with the help of Biden, with the help of the government that's been charged now or was in charge not too long ago, they're still doing it. And what the was the FBI said what we've changed. We made some changes. No, they haven't. They haven't made any changes at all. They just say they made. How do you trust the FBI? How do you trust the CIA? Because what's happening now is an inside job, not an outside job. And what are they doing? Ducking and covering. Oh, no, no. We fix things. Everything's going to be okay. Go home. You can sleep tight. Don't worry about it.

Brannon Howse: Well, this kind of goes with the headline here that I saw today. Former deputy national security adviser claims FBI, CIA and DOJ will rig the 2024 presidential election after successfully rigging 2016 and 2020 elections. I mean, this you know, the lady that said this, you know, I think I've watched her before. Mcfarland She she always seems to to me I don't know if you would agree or not, but she always seemed to me rather rather controlled, not given to, you know, a lot of hyperbole and over the over the top. So when I start seeing people like her come out and say this, you know, it really adds to my worry.

Mike Reagan: Well, it shouldn't add to your worries. And I've known her for a long time and it should worry everybody out there. But the only people reporting these these stories are you or, you know, go look at Fox or look at, you know, other stations that are conservative stations. Uh, you don't get on CNN. You don't get it on ABC, NBC, CBS. They're still pointing fingers everyplace else. All that report that came out, it wasn't any big deal. And so most of the country is watching those stations and not getting the news. And if you say anything to them, they just throw it off like it doesn't mean anything. It wasn't important. And what it is, is that you have a side of this country that's so hates Donald Trump. I'm not a big Donald Trump fan and you know that. But don't hate Donald Trump. I don't hate him enough that I'm willing to destroy the United States of America because I hate him so much. And that's exactly what's going on. This hate for Donald Trump has led these people to really undermine the opinions of the of the United States of America. And we should all be worried with what they are doing and what they are accomplishing. So why not believe that they'll try and do something with 2024? Why not worry about they'll do things in the future, get the people in that they want in power, not the people that the people want in power. Where do you trust them? Because they right now, nobody trust them and they shouldn't trust them. And the people who hate Trump, get over it. Just get over it and think about your country and say, well, I'm thinking about my country. I don't want Donald Trump, but don't hate him so much. You're willing to see the FBI and the CIA undermine the United States of America and all the freedoms that we have. And that's exactly what they're doing.

Brannon Howse: Here's another article by Mike Ragan as a weekly column. Folks, you want to search it out, you just type in Michael Reagan Weekly column. You'll find all kinds of sites that carry it. Here's one right here, in fact, Mike, do you have a website of your own where they can go to where you carry these?

Mike Reagan: I really when I did radio, I had one stuff like that. But Newsmax, I'm a contributor to Newsmax, so they run two of my articles every week at Newsmax.com, Insiders there at Newsmax.com. I'm on Newsmax once a week I'm doing a show. But the other one that you're looking at is out to newspapers nationwide. But if they want to see my articles and follow them, go to at Reagan World, which is my Twitter account at Reagan World, you can go there and I put them all up there. And you know something? I am great on Twitter.

Brannon Howse: Follow him at Reagan World. Now let's look at this one. Save the planet from a president. Newsom okay. You you have lived in California. Of course. Your dad was governor of California. How far has California come? I know and I've seen pictures of people that have had businesses, nice, upstanding businesses. They walk out of the door of their business. They take a right and within 25, 30, 40 yards, they're in a homeless camp with the smell of feces and urine and everything else and drug use. I mean, they are destroying California. And this guy wants to be president. Not to mention they're trying to pass all kinds of laws on sanctuary state for transgenderism and puberty blockers and all of this. It's it's nuts.

Mike Reagan: Yeah. Oh, yeah, it really is. And by the way, I'd love to have an office building in that place you're talking about. That's like 40ft away because, you know, office building where I'm at, it's about three feet away. You're serious? Three feet. Three feet. Oh, yeah. Walk. Go out the driveway at the office building. Make a right hand turn and you're stepping in it. I mean and that's that's a nice area of by Burbank in Southern California. It is. It's terrible what they are doing, but they're buying into it because this is about this is about control. This is about listen, we're going to give to these people. Why wouldn't you be homeless in California? You get a paycheck, anything you ever want. And you know that 90% of the people homeless in California are not from not from California. They're from states all over the United States, but they're not from California. And they come here and they say we might get a check. Now, you might might get housing. You put me in an apartment complex, you give me food. Oh, my God, this is the greatest deal in the world. And that's exactly, exactly what's going on in the state of California. But we have no Republicans out here to run against a Gavin Newsom, if you will, for the governorship and the future he's looking forward to as president of the United States. There's no Republican standing up here in the state of California. And guess the people here really like stepping in. What they step in and not feeling safe.

Mike Reagan: I mean, have a wall around my house. And I wouldn't live without a wall around my house in Los Angeles and the area where I live. But the nice areas where you used to live aren't safe anymore. I was born and raised in Beverly Hills. You cannot go to Beverly Hills and wear a nice watch, a nice piece of jewelry and sit and have dinner without the fear of somebody coming in and holding you up, shooting you, beating you up and taking the jewelry off of your arm or from around your neck. It's not safe in any of these places in California, but yet we still elect these people to control our very lives. And I just don't get it. But what I really feel bad about is my seven year old and five year old granddaughters in school, in swimming and other after school programs. And what they're trying to put in all of these schools. It just it amazes me they're willing to take your child away for if your child wants to be transgendered and you disagree with it, they want to have a group home so your child can go there and be transgendered without your knowledge. It's just an America stands up and does nothing. Look at look at what's going on with the with swimming and and these and these males swimming or winning races, whether it be track or golf or whatever it is. And you don't see any women standing up for women. Wow. You tell me.

Brannon Howse: What what would your what would your father and the men that worked with your father that have passed on what when he was governor and as president, what would they say about what has happened to the state of California? What would they say about what has happened in happening to our nation? Would they be shocked, Mike? Would they be shocked or would they say, we tried to tell you this is where it was going to go?

Mike Reagan: No, they would say we tried to tell you where were we going. This is what this is why you need to be strong. Do you know the world looked at the United States of America for leadership and they looked at our president as that leader of the free world? And when you don't have that leader at the top of the building and we don't, then the world starts to fall apart. And I was saying to somebody the other day, you don't have the Ronald Reagan, the Lech Walesa, the Vaclav Havel, the Helmut Kohls. You don't have the Maggie Thatcher, you don't have the Pope, John Paul, and you don't have Mikhail Gorbachev to the world. There's no leadership in the world today. So it's allowed the despotic leaders to, in fact, take control, if you will. And a weak president allows that to happen. And all of us are paying the price and it's not going to get any better the way we're going, the way we're headed in the future with this president that we have today.

Brannon Howse: Let's look at one more of your articles. Here's another one from May 12th last week, AOC in the war on our appliances. I mean, she's continuing with this idea of getting rid of gas stoves. I mean, tell our audience what you had to say about this.

Mike Reagan: Well, no, the Green New Deal. Remember, we're not doing the Green New Deal. No, they're piecemealing it out by fiat, you know, in different places in Washington, DC. Nobody's voting on all this, but yet they're slowly getting rid of all of our appliances that somehow that's bad. And you know the fact is. My washing machine is going to kill me. I mean, it's all these things that are going to kill. And remember, the Democrats, it's always a fear factor. It's like living the television series, the fear factor. You're going to die. Your washing machine is going to put out, you know, stuff that's going to kill you. Your car is going to kill you. Whatever it is that they're selling, it's going to kill you. Therefore, we have to change it. And we're here to save your life. And again, you have people in America who believe in all of these things going on with global warming. And if you look at that article, the top part of it with the cartoon thing, every cartoon piece shows the time of year or the year 1970 and so on that all these predictions were made by those people who are part of this cult called climate change. All the things they said were going to happen that never happened. You had at one point you had within four years, you had one scientist say, hey, hey, hey, you know, global warming is going to give us more hurricanes. Four years later, you had another scientist say global warming is going to give us fewer hurricanes. These people have lied to sell their cult for so many years. And everybody buying into it because follow the money. People are being paid for this and we are paying the price for it whether it's our cars, or our appliances, they want to get rid of all of these things. And if we don't stand up for those things today, if we don't, if you plan on somebody else fighting your fight, then you're going to lose.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. You can follow him at Reagan World. At Reagan World. Uh, let's see here. Wait a minute. Is this a tweet that the? The short. What is this here? Uh, nope. That's not it. Okay. I was trying to figure out what tweet that tweet was about, but we don't have time to get into that one. I want to show this one, though. Let's go up here at Reagan World. Let's show his Twitter feed, guys. Show his Twitter feed here. Here we go. Here's his Twitter feed. Here's your last one four hours ago with this after this, I'll let you go. Democrats lie. They lied to my father. They would close the border and they are lying now. So that was the deal. They would help close the border and bring security. Your dad tried to meet him a little way and help cut a deal and they didn't follow through. But same thing. I think I remember you telling me the same thing with taxes, too. They are okay, if we agree to a tax hike, you're going to have to do you're going to have to cut this much. He did his part. They didn't do their part again.

Mike Reagan: No. And so so if the Republicans cave and cave say, okay, let'sget this deal done and and then later on, we'll visit taking care of the cuts. That's never going to happen. It is never going to happen. They promised my dad under Simpson-Mazzoli. You do. You do the issue. And we'll I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll close the border. They never closed the border. My dad in his grave is still waiting for them to close the damn border. They promised back in Simpson-Mazzoli back in 1986. They lie, they cheat, they steal. They will do everything in their in everything they can to cheat America. And they're doing that now with the appliance issue, with the whole issue with global warming, the cult, that that is what's going on with raising the debt ceiling and what have you. They're lying to you. They have not lied like a Democrat. Doesn't lie. Wow. You can't find it. It's impossible.

Brannon Howse: At Reagan World. Let's show it. Show his Twitter feed at Reagan World if you want to follow his tweets. And he'll also link you to his articles when they come out. You'll also get to see pictures of his family and the wedding and other stories that are on here that are kind of touching as well. Mike kind of pulls back the curtain and lets you in on his life at Reagan World. Thanks for being with us today tonight, Mike.

Mike Reagan: Hey, you look sharp. You look really good. I'm telling you, you look great. But you know. You know who you know Who's better looking than you?

Brannon Howse: My wife.

Mike Reagan: You're right.

Brannon Howse: My, I'm down to 163. Mike.

Mike Reagan: Hey, I'm one nine.

Brannon Howse: Wait a minute. The guys in the control room are laughing when I said that. Why are you laughing at that, huh? Oh, he's laughing at my wife being better-looking. Well, you know that's true. Thomas, come on. The guys in the control room, they think you're funny, Mike. The guys are in control. Funny.

Mike Reagan: If she wasn't so good-looking. Think of the ugly kids you might have had.

Brannon Howse: That's so true. Oh, I wish I could show the picture. Oh, doggone it. I wish I could show the picture. Logan, do you have it on your phone or not? The picture of you sitting on Mike Reagan's lap when you're, like, six months old. And Libby's got to be maybe three. I'll have to show that one night. We have had them blown up, Mike, And they're in our house.

Mike Reagan: They're showing your kid.

Brannon Howse: Logan is now. What are you doing now? Logan? 20. He's now 20, Libby's 22. I don't know where the time has gone, Mike. Where has it gone?

Mike Reagan: And yeah, it's listening, I've thought about that as I'm walking Ashley down the aisle. Cameron's going to turn 45 on the 30th of May. Just had the baby in December. He's got three, three of our grandchildren. Ashley just getting started here and yeah, it goes, it goes very, very quick. But you and I are blessed because we have great wives who somehow put up with us.

Brannon Howse: Yes, we do. Let's see, Mike. Ronald Reagan making a snowman with. With his grandkids. Because you mentioned Cameron. I don't know if I'm going to be able to find it this fast or not. Yes, I am. Look at that on the Internet. Great. Let me pull this up here, guys. This is one of the first I didn't know Mike Reagan at this time, but this was one of let me see if I can find it, guys. When I see it, I'll pull it up. Here. It was there three times. There it is. This is one of the first pictures I ever saw when I was growing up of Mike Reagan's kids. And the reason I bring it up is that he mentions how the camera is turning 45 because right there, that was the first time I ever saw a picture when I was I wasn't very old myself when that made it into the paper when we were growing up. And Cameron is making a snowman with you in the Rose Garden at the White House Rose Garden.

Mike Reagan: That was the inauguration in 1985 that got kind of snowed out. And What's interesting is Dad, and Grandpa called Cameron and said how you like to come down and make a snowman with Grandpa And Cameron would. This was great. And so he put on his outfit, ran down the stairs, took the elevator down the stairs, and ran out into the Rose Garden. And it was kind of perplexing because he said the Secret Service had put together most of it already for the photo op. And think, think if you look to the lower side of the big snowman, there's a little tiny one. Little snowman.

Brannon Howse: Yes. I see it right there. Right there. Right there at the bottom.

Mike Reagan: That's Cameron. He sai I'm going to build my own. So Cameron built that one. That's at the bottom. He helped Grandpa, but he wanted to build his own, so he built that one there.

Brannon Howse: I would have never noticed that if you hadn't pointed it out. But the thing I remember when that made the news when I was a kid and I saw that I was in high school and I saw that, I thought, wow, what a lucky young man to have Ronald Reagan as a grandfather to do that in the Rose Garden. And I've always remembered that iconic photo, which is why I was able to pick it up and show it to you guys. And to think now that Cameron's 45 again, it just shows us where the time is going. Mike has so many interesting and you.

Mike Reagan: And you see me holding Ashley. Yes.

Brannon Howse: Let's go back to that. So there she is. This is the one that just walked the aisle and just got married. And you guys you guys look it up. It made international news. Lot of photos you guys love will love seeing the pictures now that you've gotten the inside story. Fun stuff. A good talk to you all night. Appreciate you. Appreciate your friendship. Thank you, Mike.

Mike Reagan: Take care, my friend. Be well. You too, my friend.

Brannon Howse: Say hi to Colleen for us at Reagan World. Folks on Twitter at Reagan World. Check it out. Won't you?

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