Media Colluding with Feds to Lay Narrative For 'Right Wing’ Attack on U.S. Power Grid


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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is Ann Vandersteel. Ann, welcome to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us.

Ann Vandersteel: Good to be with you, Brannon. Boy, love the rant. You know, corporatism. It's it's wokeism. It's fascism. It's swallowed America. Heck, Brannon, it swallowed the whole world. We've been swallowed by corporations with their woke agenda. And we all know the corporations are owned by just BlackRock and Vanguard, which are bequeathed by the World Economic Forum. So it all rolls back up to the same demons. This is what they want. That's why we're seeing all this transhumanism and all the problems we have, all roll back up to these demons up at the West. So mean, perhaps. Maybe they need to be kneecapped. I don't know. Mean, figuratively speaking. Of course, I don't want to wish harm on anybody, but this is just our entire globe is running amok right now. I mean, look at the poor indigenous tribes in Panama with this Darien Gap and this flow, this migrant flow that's controlled flow by the UN and the United States government. And, you know, they're building shops down there to process all these people as quickly as possible. And the border is wide open, right? But the indigenous have seen spikes in all kinds of diseases that don't ordinarily happen down there.

Ann Vandersteel: It's because they're intentionally bringing it through. So these corporations, which are bringing in the cheap labor, bringing in the replacement population for us white-collar workers that are going to be replaced with artificial intelligence because they're such transhumanists, right? But their brain in a jar lives forever. They're killing the indigenous. This is just talking about, you know, the lefties, they must have their heads blown if they ever stop and think about it because they were the ones that were tree-hugging all the time, calling the people on the right, you know, the global warmers. But everything they're doing is destroying the globe. It's not just destroying America. They've destroyed Europe. Now Chinas recalled debt across all third-world nations. So they're, of course, going after Africa and all their natural resources. That'll be the play there. They're just destroying it all and they don't care. But yet they call us the ones that are, you know, the gasoline guzzlers. It's just such it's such psychosis. How can people not see this at this point?

Brannon Howse: The lutely. Absolutely. And sorry, I don't know what's going on with Chick-fil-A. No, no, you're fine. I don't know what's going on with Chick-fil-A, you know, and if they're even paying attention to the World Economic Forum. But I guess I wonder if companies and church denominations are going to just all fall right in line. I am concerned that the pressure, the pressure with ESG, social credit scores, carbon footprint, all of this taxation, all of this is going. And of course, you also, I guess maybe to get into certain towns, I mean, can you imagine trying to open one of your restaurants in some of these towns these days? I mean, they're all going to be looking at your diversity and inclusion and equity program and their your carbon footprint. How many so-called conservatives, even Christian-based family businesses are going to cave like cheap shirts now? And because we're watching the church denominations do it. That's why I wrote the book marks the anti-religious Trojan horse, the coming religious right. I mean, so Chick-fil-A, you know, if this is really what they're doing here and I want to research it more, I guess people ought to get ready because there's a lot you know, people work their whole life to build a business, to grow it. They have employees. I get that. But if Mike Lindell followed that line of work. Uh, he would have kept his mouth shut from day one. He didn't. He didn't. Why can't people? Why can't we have more CEOs like Mike Lindell?

Ann Vandersteel: That's a great question and it needs to be studied throughout history. Because when you look back and I've been saying this for a long time, you know, we understand that there's a massive agenda here. And I was slammed by David Brock in 2017 for even daring to say that 85% of the world's globalist leaders are all pedophiles. And what are we hearing? Right. We're now learning from the horse's mouth. Essentially, the president of the Club of Rome in Europe was admitting this, that they're all pedophiles in this in that whole group of people over there or the weft. Et cetera. Their agenda is not one of Christianity. The sad part is we didn't care when we learned about child sex trafficking. We didn't stop. We didn't close the border. We didn't fight. We didn't create a human chain down there to stop the border, which is still bringing children and human trafficking on steroids right now, thanks to Joe Biden, kingpin, and human trafficker. But, you know, when we cared and, you know, it worked for world peace was when President Trump hit every country around the globe in the wallet with tariffs. If they didn't come and broker peace and get a real trade deal going. We had peace around the planet for the most part, at least, we weren't out there starting wars per se. We had peace when we had trade deals that made sense and people understood this is how we got Mexico to cooperate with the border.

Ann Vandersteel: He was going to tax the heck out of him. This is when people pay attention. So it's really sad. But I think, frankly if we give to continue to give people money, the churches are going to shut down. Heck, we did it during Covid. They took the money. It wasn't about God. It wasn't about leading you through the dark times. It was about how much money they could stick in their coffers. It's disgusting. And that's the fall of Babylon. This is biblical. I mean, you know this Brannon, I listen to you. You could cite the Bible better than most people I know. So we are witnessing revelation. We're witnessing the fall of Babylon. And this has to happen to, you know, rebirth and renew again. So this is the time that people are going to if they're not prepared like you've been trying to get your audience prepared with food and money and be, you know, self-defense, etcetera. If they're not well, they're casualties of the war. And it's self-inflicted at this point because they don't know how much more people that listen to you cannot pay attention to what you're heating. You know, heed the warnings here. It's right here. It's in the Good Book. We know how the story ends. Well, thank you.

Brannon Howse: You.

Ann Vandersteel: Well, it's.

Brannon Howse: True. It's true. With that being said, I want to get you. Well, thank you. With that being said, I want to get you to tell us what's the latest on what you're hearing pouring over the border. Islamic wise, CCP wise. But before you do that there, I've already shown this once Tonight I want to show it again. Here's the headline of a new article written by our buddy Leo Holman tonight. Media Colluding with Feds to Lay Narrative for Right Wing Attack on US Power Grid. I don't know how many. How much more? As you say, I can warn my audience and I don't want to see my audience suffer. So, you know, get it from me, get it from my store. Don't get it from my store. Get it somewhere else. But by all means, get it. I don't want to see my audience suffer. Look, I love my audience. I have a personal relationship with my audience. For so many years, some of you have been listening to me for 20 years. 25 years. I've been on the radio since 1995, and many of you have been listening to me for a long time. I hear from you. I get your handwritten letters. I know many of you. I know many of you by name. I know many of you by sight. When you come to our conferences, you're many of you are just the salt of the earth. Dear, dear people, I don't want to see you suffer because you didn't know what's coming. Should the Lord not return? But I don't know how much more the media with theirs. You know, with their programmed predictive programming, how much more they can tell us that they're planning something. And whether it's blaming, you know, the right-wingers for the power grid going down when it's going to be the CCP or China or Russia or our government doing it. What do you make of this headline tonight by Leo Holman?

Ann Vandersteel: Well, thank you, Leo Holman, for having the guts to publish that. But again, it is a Psyop. And the Psyop is this it's not going to be right-wingers that are going to take down the power grid. It's the government that's going to take down the power grid using their stand-ins as they did for the FBI's raid on the Capitol, you know, sucking innocent people in their rapes, etcetera, getting people to follow me in the Capitol. We're going to go storm the Capitol. Listen, America, the 50 US senators just got cell phones issued to them for free in case of a communications blackout. Well, you know what, Brannon? I've been warned about this. If you don't have a sat phone right now, you're just asking for yourself to be cut off from your family and your friends and frankly, from emergency services because a satellite phone is your emergency backup. I have one. I keep it in a Faraday bag with the solar power charger and the electric charger. And I keep all that sealed up in a Faraday bag. It's right here because I reference it all the time. Here's my Faraday bag with my cell phone and my accouterments in there. Because if we do get hit with an EMP or power goes out, I know that's going to work.

Ann Vandersteel: And I can step outside and make a phone call. I can call 911, I can call somebody. I can call people that have sat phones. But people aren't heeding these warnings because they think, oh, that'll never happen. Well, let's just put this in context. If I told you in 2019, on January 1st, 2019, there was going to be a virus, a supposed virus that the government said we have to lock you down. And it's two weeks to slow the spread, which turned into a lockdown for however many months it was, and that China would be locked down for a year and that, you know, supplies would come to a halt and you couldn't get toilet paper. You would have laughed at me. You would have been like, Oh my God, go back and smoke whatever you're doing, or have another drink or whatever it is you're doing. Van Steele But you're nuts. Here we are three years later and we're like, Wow, we lived through that. And we're talking about Marburg. And yes, you know, as our Health and Human Services, Azar is definitely including the Marburg virus along with Covid for another pandemic. This is you know, this was all accounted for in the prep act. So they've already prepped and ready for the next virus.

Ann Vandersteel: Brannon So the fact that you have a headline here that's talking about power grids and they're already blaming the right for it just tells you we're going to lose power, we're going to lose communications. They have the centers with their cell phones and, you know, be prepared for Marburg because they're already shipping PCR tests. Back last month, in April, they started shipping PCR tests made by a company named Virex. And it's specifically to test for Marburg. So I don't know how much more signals they need. Smoke signals. Smoke signals. What is it before America goes? They're telling us. But they're just being kind of cagey about it. We just got to open our eyes and read the tea leaves mean Hello, It's coming. They're not done with destroying this country and they're not done with taking away your freedom. And by the way, folks, Brannon, I say it all the time. We're not a republic. We're communists now. Not you, not me, but the government that stole this country and the corporations that are backing and partnering with the government agencies stole this country. We're communists, so we're going to have to fight like hell to get our country back if we can get it back at this point.

Brannon Howse: Let me ask you to give us a quick update if we go to Dan Eastman, the attorney. He's going to tell us what's been going on in the court, some important cases he needs to alert us to. But give us an update. The latest you're hearing from the border with Islamic disturbing poring over CCP paper. What are you hearing? What's the latest since our last report?

Ann Vandersteel: Really, disturbing. So you have the Iranian Quds forces and the Iranian National Guard and the Quds are training. They are training. And by the way, so are the CCP coming across the border in droves and they're being whisked away. We did a story about this last week. Christi Hutchinson was down there on the border in Eagle Pass, Texas. We had multiple white buses coming in right across the border where they were cutting the wire, the concertina wire, and they were with the DHS, with Customs and Border Patrol's help assisting these people, coming through, not through a checkpoint, coming through the wire, being loaded on buses and whisked directly into a facility with armed guards standing outside the facility. By the way, there was a private prison just a stone's throw from that facility as well. What are they doing? Could they possibly be training forces inside our own country for the application of the United Nations when our country deteriorates with maybe don't know, we lose power and people can't get food and supplies and it becomes a little lawless here.

Ann Vandersteel: Imagine that we're lawless in this country at this point. We're already lawless, but it becomes a lot more lawless. Wouldn't that be handy if all of a sudden the UN could show up with blue helmets and troops under the responsibility to protect, which is their doctrine, and save us from ourselves? And they've been doing it under our noses this whole time, training people. Because everybody that you see coming in from China, for the most part, are military-age men, and they're by the tens of thousands. It's not a couple, it's not a few. It's tens of thousands. And the Iranian forces, the Iranian National Guard, they are all down there in the Darien Gap. And there is information that's coming up. It's getting much more organized. And I'll tell you this much, the Panamanians, they're done with it. They're these people are being issued Venezuelan passports and they're being smuggled in. And right now in Panama, 1 in 10 people has a Venezuelan passport. But guess what? They ain't Venezuelan. So this is what's coming to America, not their best, as President Trump would say.

Brannon Howse: Well, we don't want to bring anything but bad news. But the reality is, if people don't get prepared, they don't get ready. They don't understand the need to take precautions then what may. Being seen as bad news is going to become a bad reality. What seems like bad news can be turned into good news because you took the information and did something I told my audience today on the radio. I told them tonight I am under deep conviction and that if you have minor kids and you're living in states like Washington State, California, Oregon, Minnesota, New York, some of these states, you've got to get out because they're passing laws to try to take your children, groom your kids. You cannot take the risk of losing your kids to CCP or excuse me. Well, that's pretty appropriate to the CPS, which is largely based on CP, and CCP ideology. But these people have got to start making decisions right now. Would you agree with that?

Ann Vandersteel: 100%. But Brannon, it's more fundamental than that. I tell my audience every day, please pick up the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and read it. You can go online. You don't even need to order one. It's online. It's free. But understand that your state constitution dictates that you, we, the people are the government and we can replace those fools anytime we want. The problem is it's all incorporated down to the municipal level. It's all incorporated. That's not a real de jure government. That's not the government of the people. That's corporations running your life. And that's why these mandates, these rules still code statutes and ordinances apply to a US citizen because you are allowed to be you are presenting yourself as part of the corporate structure. We need to get back to the foundations of this country where we're all Americans and we serve as public servants and we're electing our officials. Right now. We're just voting in our debt slave masters. And people don't understand the fundamental difference. That's the big problem. So I tell you what we're doing right now. Brannon, myself, Christy Hutcherson, Jane Ruby, we're going on the road on a tour. We're just now organizing this. We're looking for sponsors. By the way, folks, if you're interested, you can just reach me right now But we're looking for people that want to support this tour because we're going to go into the communities, not only teach them, you know, things they need to know to protect themselves from the next pandemic, Dr.

Ann Vandersteel: Jane is going to go over a true kit that you need. But we're going to talk about tactical civics, how you can take back your municipality, your county, and your state and invoke the 10th Amendment, but more importantly, get those signed sworn notarized affidavits showing the crimes that are happening. Stand up, a citizen grand jury, take over the local courthouse and Article Three court, and convict these people. Get these people behind bars. We don't have courts that will do that right now. I look forward to hearing what your next guest has to say about it. But look at Kari Lake. I mean, they got nothing for the last, you know, trial. They went back to they got kicked back down to the lower courts. Supreme Court gave them a layup and they still couldn't bring it across the finish line because they're barking up the wrong tree. You know, they're not following the statutes. They're putting the election code over and above statutes. They got to follow what the statute is. And I think, you know, we just we're not being effective right now. And it's right there before us, but we're not capitalizing.

Brannon Howse: Give us your website.

Ann Vandersteel: Go to it right now. news and I'm at Ann Vandersteel on every social media you can find me on Twitter. They still let me back on.

Brannon Howse: Excellent. Thank you, as always, for the update, and appreciate it.

Ann Vandersteel: You got it. Thanks, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Ann Vandersteel right now.

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