How the Feds, NGOs, and Big Tech Control Elections and Suppress Free Speech


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Joe Hoft: Well, thanks Brannon great to be here.


Brannon Howse: Joe, you have an exclusive article today here at we'll show that breaking exclusive the radical left government workers who hate America and non-voting election systems essentially control our elections. I think this goes with what you and I have been talking about for a better part of a month. I think we have a group of people at the highest levels of our government and our military intelligence in the CIA and other groups. They're doing everything they can to control not only what they deem as disinformation but the elections themselves. How does this add to what you and I have been talking about for the last month or so?


Joe Hoft: Yeah, you're right. I think that's kind of the key here, is we saw Anna, Paulina Luna, the representative, come out some time ago with that chart and put it in this in this piece where she shows all this connection between all these various entities that were put together to censor conservative censor people like you and me. Well, it looks like maybe censorship was just a third of that. Maybe maybe two-thirds of the effort was more connected to the elections than the censoring part. The censorship may have just been a portion of what they were trying to do there. The bigger goal was to take over our elections and to manage those and to prevent people from, first of all, getting access to the information needed to determine that, yes, indeed, these elections are being manipulated and to prevent us from ever asking for this stuff, putting a bunch of this information behind walls so that they can no longer be seen. And then and then making it a crime for anyone to question anything related to elections. And that's kind of what's going forward here. So, um, yeah, a lot to a lot to unwind here. Happy to. Happy to, you know, just go through this piece. Let's start with it if you'd like.


Brannon Howse: Yeah, let's start with let's throw this up there. Let's start with this first graphic right here on the screen. What is that? Joe Yeah.


Joe Hoft: Yeah. So we talked about this originally about a month ago now, I think it was where maybe even late March where we said, Hey, we've, we've identified these other election systems that aren't related to the, the, the, the voting machines per se. So this isn't dominion or, or these firms over here that are managing the systems in or the votes in just the with their systems. These companies are involved in much more than that and so there are three, three, or actually four, four companies that are noted here. There's this company called B-pro that's been purchased by No INC, no Inc out of Saint Louis Tenix Solutions is another firm. And then there's this third firm that we note is VR Systems and they all seem to have some this platform and these modules that now I'm starting and I'm writing up a piece actually for tomorrow. It looks like these systems are very, very, very similar. Maybe so similar that maybe they're the same thing. And, what we're seeing is and how we came about this, it started with New Mexico. And I mentioned here in the piece how Professor David Clements and his wife, Aaron, did a lot of work out there. They did an audit in New Mexico and uncovered quite a bit. One thing they uncovered was the voter rolls there and how you could see that there was a consistent pattern in their rolls.


Joe Hoft: If Republicans win up with ten new voters one day, Democrats always got 12. And if they went up 15, this proportion of the increase in voters on the rolls always increased more for the Dems than the Republicans every day, proportionately, over the years. You could see it. They mapped it out and it was unique as well as independents were also in this in this moving average that made no sense. And this is the thing that we learned after the election. If there are patterns in data that there shouldn't be patterns in data, then you've got an issue. And if there aren't patterns and there should be, then you've got an issue. In this case, we've got patterns and they shouldn't be. The numbers should be more random. And they noted this. So this was one of many things that they uncovered in their audit in New Mexico. But one piece that came up recently was related to this B-pro and B-pro created this system that was used in New Mexico, but they renamed it their to a local name. And so this system was inserted. And we talked about this. You might remember this system was between the Dominion machines and the final results that were recorded through the Secretary of State. And what we determined was that this. Information where it should always be going up, meaning the precinct counts the county and then and then the state.


Joe Hoft: And in actuality, the opposite was happening. Data was flowing in through these dominion machines, through this system that we'll call, I'll call B-pro. But it was a different name locally in New Mexico. And then it was and then from there it went to the secretary of state, and then it came back and the information came back. And this was the information that the local election clerks would use to finalize their numbers in the various counties. Now, that's against the law in New Mexico, because the data should go up. You shouldn't be receiving data from the secretary of state. You should be providing that data to the secretary of state. And so we saw something crazy going on here. There was a there was another thing, a couple of other things related to that. These systems, for one, were connected to the Internet. That's how this data flew, you know, flew from Dominion through this b-pro to the secretary of state's office and back. It's all flown through the Internet. So we know that that secretary of state in New Mexico, that corrupt woman by the name of um, let me get her name, but a Soros-backed secretary is right here. Here, here. Here she is right here.


Brannon Howse: Soros back. Yeah. Secretary of State court line. Continue reading. I'll give you her name. It's going to pop up.


Joe Hoft: Yeah, it's Maggie. Yeah, it's right below that. Maggie. Toulouse, Oliver. And, yeah, she. So she. She illegally centralized the systems which were. Which goes against the law in New Mexico. She exposed these systems to the Internet. She lied about it to an individual in the legislature. And then she she processed these results. And these were these are the results that the state certified. And so that was pretty wild that we were seeing that. But that led to maybe an investigation into B-pro where we saw oh this firm was purchased by Know Inc. And we talked about this on your show where, where no INC is very similar to these other systems like, like Ten-x solutions and that and the VR entity, VR systems as well. So all three of these have various modules, one module that for example, that Noank has is a voter roll module. So we're not sure exactly what all that does, but we can guess. We can guess that you're able to make changes to voter rolls in a certain location. Another system that they have are the poll pads.


Joe Hoft: Both Ten-x and Know Inc were praising how they've got like 100,000 of these things out there. Just think knowing had that 100,000 poll pads now out in the country and throughout the country now so what these are those they look like iPads in which they are they charge, you know, mark them up, you know, a thousand percent or whatever, call them poll pads, add a little softer to it, software to them and make a ton of money. And so what they do is they stand there when you walk in for an election, maybe you had to last election, you know, sign your name on this poll pad with your finger. And that was supposed to be some way to designate that indeed, that was you that was voting there. But what we've noticed now and what kind of come to our as we start looking at these various modules within these systems? Well, wouldn't that be handy if you knew everybody who came in and signed up on a poll pad? And these things are connected to the Internet.


Brannon Howse: And the reason why that's handy is, am I right in saying that then those who didn't show up to vote, the system could go and grab their name and vote for them, which is why we had so many people showing up at some point late in the maybe late in the election cycle after early voting, they show up maybe the last day to vote and they told you can't vote. You've already voted like, Yeah, no, I haven't. Yeah, you have. So you're saying that by knowing who voted and going back and looking at their pattern to say these people are probably prone not to voting, so let's go vote for them. Or if they get desperate, they'll vote for them anyway and let them show up and be turned away.


Joe Hoft: Yeah. Or like some of these some of these individuals. Here are a couple of things to that. This is all piecing together now. The pieces are falling together. Right? And so we've seen people that have done canvassing. I've seen about 4 or 5 may be canvassing efforts. They always come up with about 30% of the vote. That was garbage that these people said didn't vote. They're phantoms or whatever. Another issue is that some of these people that have looked at the voter rolls are seeing how addresses are changed, names are changed, and then they're changed back. And we saw that in Arizona. And we just recently talked to a guy in Florida who I believe is the guy who put all this together. And, um, as far. As these voter rolls are being manipulated and then they're changed back before anybody could see that they've been manipulated. And so we've got voter rolls. We've got a system for voter rolls. We've got a system that tells us who's voted. And then they also have a module that they sell, which is like voter night, up-to-date access, or information. And basically what it does is it tells you how many people have voted and what locations and so and who they are. So you would know how many Republicans came in and voted in a certain location. And then there is the potential then at least, that you would have the knowledge then of how many votes you would need to steal an election. Now, how many?


Brannon Howse: Hours, how many hours a week do you work on this kind of stuff? I mean, I know you're an accountant. You're a forensic accountant for Fortune 500 companies, and you traveled all over the world doing this. So I know you have a very analytical background in mind to piece this together. But, I mean, you don't have any notes in front of you. This is all just rolling off how many hours a week are you spending on this?


Joe Hoft: Well, thanks for asking. I'm real. I'm working right now. And I'll tell you, I've written two books on the Steal the 2020 Steal, and I'm finishing up my third book. And I think this is going to have to be a chapter in the book because this is just new information we're finding that's just, you know, blows me away and ties it all together. Um, so yeah, I spend a lot of time I spend a lot of my efforts since this election looking at this stuff, trying to piece it together. And also, I don't want to say anything that's, you know, a definite unless we can prove that, yeah, we have evidence here is where this happened and we can backtrack it. That's one thing about these systems. Their systems in the corporate world have auditing functionality that in these election systems they don't and so you're not going to see who made changes when and what was changed. And you would have to see that in the corporate world. And we do. But here we don't. So until we get some better, more specific information, we can only say, hey, look, we've got patterns in the data that make no sense. And we've got now systems that we've identified that provide information that would allow you to make these changes. So, um, yeah.


Brannon Howse: And yet how many conservatives, how many conservatives do you know? Because I do, I have friends that are lifelong friends, you know, that are, that are, you know, in their 50s, 60s, 70s, lifelong friends I've known. I know them, I know them long enough. The reason I'm making a point that many of them some of them are lifelong friends I mean decades and decades is I know them long enough to know they are true conservatives. And yet they say to me, Brannon, where is all the evidence? Where's the evidence? Like the evidence is overwhelming. It fills volumes.


Joe Hoft: Yeah, Yeah. Well, I've got my second book. I feel like I've done that. I've laid it all out. Here's. Here are millions and chains of custody. Here are millions for signatures that weren't checked and millions of ballots in this across the swing states where it counted like Trump sent out something I think earlier today saw 40,000 ballots was all that was the difference between the election-winning it and not if you count the 10,000 in Arizona, 10,000 in Georgia and 20,000 in Wisconsin. That's 40,000. And I'm not sure if that's accurate, by the way, but I think it might have they might have needed another state. But regardless, it was minuscule. The difference, again, in the election between the win and the loss. And they knew that the well, the first books, the steel setting, the stage, the second books, the steel, the impossible occurs. Where I list all this, I just lay it all out and from an auditing perspective to try to lay it out to like I would an audit report where I'd say here to the board of directors, 's where it is, here's what's going on. Simplify it so that you can understand it.


Brannon Howse: Be sued by any of these voting machines. Have you been given a cease and desist letter by any of them? Have you been subpoenaed by any of them? No. No. Well, I sure have. I've got like 4 or 5 subpoenas.


Joe Hoft: Wow. So that's, you know.


Brannon Howse: $300 an hour for attorneys. Woo hoo! Yeah.


Joe Hoft: Wow. Yeah. Yeah. It's frightening stuff. And that's what they do. And I think that's a big part of this Dominion thing coming down the week or so ago. It's again to scare us and to build this narrative that oh, see the election wasn't stolen. Fox News just paid 787 million and therefore it must not have been stolen. The facts are 60% of voters believe that the elections, the recent elections there were cheating and did impact the election. So Americans are seeing through this stuff. We know this stuff is happening. Here is another piece that's just for me. To me, Brannon, this thing is a bomb. This is an absolute atom bomb that we're dropping. A big piece of. This goes back to the House of Representatives in that meeting where Anna Paulina Luna shared that chart and I've got it here in our in my article. I'm going to scroll.


Brannon Howse: Down, show me which one it is. Tell me.


Joe Hoft: Yeah, it's the light blue one right there. There it is. This. She provided this to show, hey, these entities are censoring conservatives. Okay? But what we've learned here is there's this one entity, CISA or CIA. Well, the sister's a government entity, but the SIS, this is a is like a nonprofit center for the Internet.


Brannon Howse: Security and security. The one on the far right is there.


Joe Hoft: This is right below Jirah. Yeah, sis. And that entity is not certified by the US government. It's a nonprofit. And yet that entity is making up rules on these types of non-election. They call it the software or systems that I'm talking about with B-pro ET. These systems are not being held to the same standards that other systems would be perhaps like like dominion. These systems that b-pro is putting out this the voter rolls and the and the night reporting and they even have here's the other thing, Brannon, that they but they share is they've got on-site on you know on time ballot printing so they got it all they got.


Brannon Howse: Wait a minute. They got on-site ballot printing. So if they need a few extra, just print them out.


Joe Hoft: Print them. Print them. What does?


Brannon Howse: What say? Under the Center for Internet Security, a Nonprofit funded by. Does that say DHS? What is that? What are those initials?


Joe Hoft: Yeah. Yeah. If we go even lower, you'll see the Democracy Fund is one of the entities. The next chart down below, you'll see. Yeah. That. So you see the Center for Internet Security CIS. It's, it's not even part of the government, but it's doing things like setting standards for non-voting technology, like the voter roll system.


Brannon Howse: They're being censored by the government. So that means the government is telling them, here's what you're going to decide to do.


Joe Hoft: And look, look who else is connected to the Atlantic Council. And if you know anything, that group is as corrupt as the day is long. It's over in Europe. It's got all these players that are connected to George Soros. Think there are several former CIA individuals connected to this group there.


Brannon Howse: There are those initials we keep talking about CIA. Yeah.


Joe Hoft: And this group is it is also connected to this. So and the democracy fund I believe that might even be I don't know don't quote me on this, but I believe it's maybe George Soros. I think I've heard.


Brannon Howse: That is as well. Who is this group? Who is this group?


Joe Hoft: This Albert censor is this thing that happened. So which kind of ties it all together? So after 2016, the CIA is this other entity, the actual government entity, Homeland Security mandated or didn't mandate, but went out to all the states and said, hey, since Russia was involved in our election, we need to better control the information around elections. And so we want you to give all your election information to us, the CISA, and we're going to do that using these Albert sensors and all these states signed them, including New Mexico, where they said, sure, we'll give you this information and this information is given through these to these Albert sensors, to the CSA. Once they do it, they sign off that they don't need the information anymore, that it's not theirs anymore. This information is somehow now gathered. What kind of.


Brannon Howse: Information is it? What are they getting?


Joe Hoft: It's election information. It's it could be perhaps all your voter rolls. Who voted, and who showed up? It's the stuff maybe from the polling pads. It's all of this. And it's getting sent to a central location somewhere in the United States. So what we're seeing here is this is an operation that. Being managed centrally across the US through the CSA. It involves nonprofits that have nothing to do with the US but our government.


Brannon Howse: Funded.


Joe Hoft: And they don't have to comply with FOIA and other laws that they would know.


Brannon Howse: Freedom of Information Act for sunshine laws and.


Joe Hoft: Information on CSA there? Nope. Or on. And so all of this has been designed over a period, you know, it's been thought through, well, thought through. These people aren't they're not dumb, as Trump says, they're evil, you know, and because they're proven it again, they spend so much time putting this design together because they know nobody's going to vote for their crazy policies of child porn. And and and.


Brannon Howse: And I saw that in California. I saw that in California today. We covered it already tonight that California is trying to pass legislation where you have to put these you know, these these these gender kind of books in all the schools, all the schools, you have to put them. Yeah, I brought it up earlier and they're disgusting, perverted books under the guise of gender. And California wants you to have to, you know, put them in all the schools. I mean, who would vote for that? Who would vote for getting rid of gas stoves and fossil fuel cars and going to electric cars? I mean, who would vote for this garbage? You mentioned something about the government and disinformation. This I just found tonight. I think I sent it to you. I dunno if you had time to read it. This comes from The Intercept. This is a brand-new article that just came out today. Yeah. The government created a new disinformation office to oversee all the other ones. The new foreign malign influence center. Now, this fits with what you're talking about, right? Because you're saying Russia, Russia, Russia. So we're going to create all these entities and the government is going to get involved with these nonprofits and the government to deal with misinformation and disinformation.


Brannon Howse: Well, here's another one we just found out today. The new foreign malign influence center oversees efforts that span the US military. Huh? You mean like, wow, Like military intelligence, law enforcement, intelligence, and diplomatic agencies? So here we go. Within the federal government offices dedicated to fighting foreign disinformation are springing up like daisies from the Pentagon's new Influence and Perception Management Office to at least four organizations inside the Department of Homeland Security alone, as well as ones inside the FBI and the State Department to oversee the growing efforts which arise in response to concerns about the impact of Russia meddling. There you go. In the 2016 election, but has now expanded, the director of national intelligence has created a new office. This has just come out, folks. Look. Yeah. In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, for the first time, mentioned the creation of the Foreign Malign influence center or mic quote, Congress put into law that we should establish a foreign Malign influence center in the intelligence community. We have stood that up, end quote. What do you make of this?


Joe Hoft: But. Well, it's frightening. And it's and it fits with this like what we're talking about. There's a massive effort to steal our freedom of speech. And they're saying based on hate speech or based on Russia and this Russia narrative here when you go back and look at it and we did, they said Russia interfered with the 2016 election. It was like 70 accounts maybe even that most of the and then when they got the actual information because Mueller's gang were smart but they were also idiots. What they did is they didn't just charge a bunch of Russians for manipulating the US election. They made the mistake of charging three companies and one of these companies showed up because none of these individuals would. We don't even know if they're real people. But one of the companies they charged showed up. It was Concord Management. And they came in and they asked for the data that they were claiming. Concord management used to manipulate our election. They finally handed something over to the DOJ and the FBI freaked because they never expected anybody to show. They never thought they'd have to prove that this was their case at all. It was all made up, of course. And so when this company showed up, somebody paid these great attorneys to come in and start challenging this case from the Mueller gang, what they did is they got all this information.


Joe Hoft: They said it's all in Russian. So how did how was a bunch of information in Russian going to manipulate our election here in the US? How many people can even understand Russian or see it? You know, it was all lunacy and they caught him. And eventually Mueller's gang through it, through it, decided not to proceed with the indictment because they said, well, there's too much top-secret information. No, it was because they got caught, they lied about it, and they used Russia as this scapegoat so that they could then start beginning to manipulate all of America, not just with our elections, but with censorship as well. And so it's almost like these groups are all they are connected to. There's this effort to stop us from saying anything about elections in the future and to then use the government to spy on us so that we can so that they can determine who they need to censor right away. And we saw that with Twitter. We saw that with the secretary of state's office paying entities overseas. And um, one of the big fact checkers, PolitiFact, we see the Department of Defense even was paying for some of these fact-checkers. So there's money going taxpayer money paying for all this. And it's and it's to shut down Americans. It's to shut us all down. The thing that I want in other words.


Brannon Howse: Control the disinformation, as they call it, about elections and then control the elections. And we're no longer living in a free society. This is what you call what's the word for this? This is despotism where you have the appearance of freedom. You have despotism right where you have the appearance of freedom. But you're there is no freedom.


Joe Hoft: It's all a fantasy. And by the way, even that independent piece that you shared today, there's some factual stuff in there and it is alarming. But that article itself is disinformation. If you notice as you go down through that intercept article, there are a couple of paragraphs where they start making these statements as if they're facts and they're lies. And as I look through that, so the intercept gets this, it is an entity that was that's owned by this guy by the name of Pierre Goodyear. I don't know how to exactly say his last name. He's one of the top three donors to the Democratic Party. And he's from overseas. I believe he's Iranian, has wasn't born in the US. Three of these top, top donors to the Democratic Party. You've got George Soros, who wasn't born in the US. You've got this good Goodyear guy who runs who owns The Intercept and pushes all this propaganda through his site. Now they'll give a little bit of truth, but then they'll throw in these liners like, well, there is no proof of the election being stolen and things like that. Some lines in that article, are garbage. And then and then there's a third guy that's from, I believe, Switzerland who's got who lives out in Wyoming, who's given millions to these nonprofits. And so that's what's going on. You know, you know, these guys are pushing misinformation, pushing the destruction of America. And these three big donors to the DNC aren't, you know, weren't even born in America. Think Soros might be the only one that has a US passport and he shouldn't, Right? Exactly. No, he shouldn't. So, you know, it's all connected, you know, and it's all an effort to shut us down.


Brannon Howse: Because they can't. The word I was looking for is soft despotism. Soft despotism versus hard despotism. Soft despotism is where the people have the illusion that they pick their leaders. They have the illusion that they have a say in their lives and their government. It's an illusion when it's just a small group or cadre of people running the show. Soft despotism. That's what we're in right now, and I'm afraid it's moving quickly to hard despotism.


Joe Hoft: I'm telling you it is. And what's this?


Brannon Howse: Last chart right here, Joe? What's this one here?


Joe Hoft: Yeah. So that was a document that the white portion was presented in a presentation here over the last year or so. And it was, uh, it was to show to, I believe it was to the NASS, which is the National Association of Secretaries of State. And it shows here's the way the election process is going, which is on the left. And it looks kind of messy. And on the right are all these perfect circles. The one circle with the square around it is the Dominion heart, etcetera. Those are the voting machines. The other circles are related to this, these other processes like voter rolls, etcetera. And those are outside of Dominion. And they are it does appear that we're close to just having a centralized system where data is flowing to some government entity like the CIA, Cysa and then it flows back. And so the none of those circles and and and Aaron Clements put this together those circles with the red dashes around them. Those are blocks that are not in compliance with haven't they are doing things.


Brannon Howse: It's an acronym for.


Joe Hoft: It's there was the law that was put in place after the 2020 election where George Bush won and beat Gore. They went in and said, well, we need to make sure all of our election systems comply with these following statutes. And that's what then created the I believe it's the I the government and.


Brannon Howse: Help America Help Americans Help America Vote Act that's just like this.


Joe Hoft: All these things. Yeah. Just like all these things. It's a great name, but it's not doing what it's saying.


Brannon Howse: I want to go to the back of this chart on the left. You call it nonvoting, and that's actually in the title of your article. Not that you're calling them nonvoting machines instead of voting machines. You're calling them nonvoting machines. You say nonvoting. Tell us why. Tell us why you're calling them nonvoting machines.


Joe Hoft: It's it's so it's like it's like your voter roll it's just a database that includes all the voter rolls or it's your poll pads that you sign when you walk in. They don't call that voting. Classify that as a voting machine either. So that's why there is there aren't standards created by HAVA and the other entity. The other thing that they're selling for example is their on-time election night reporting system that you can tell right away who's voted, etcetera. Well, that's not part of a vote. That's not a voting system. That's something that they're classifying. Other than that, same within this print on demand. That's not considered a vote. A voter system like Dominion, that's considered a nonvoting system. And there are no standards for these things. They don't have to be compliant with anything. There are no guidelines. There are no mandates. We don't know, you know, where they're at, who's running them, what sort of, you know, this this this sets up some standards. It's all make-believe. They're not it's it's they don't have to they don't have to comply with much of anything. And certainly in regards to HAVA and so so they're not because they were classifying them as nonvoting machines but in reality, they're not in compliance with HAVA. So nonvoting.


Brannon Howse: Regarding nonvoting technology controls almost the entire election. Then the next point here is complete Centralization is already almost a reality in many states and is in violation of HAVA in several respects that federal law CIS has access to source code for the centralized software systems and CIS has no congressional mandate for its activities. So the reality is it's a small little cabal of government agencies and nonprofits that get their money from government agencies and corporations who get and groups who get their money from the government and local governments for their machines. And they're all running in this little clique with very little oversight. And a lot of it, you're saying, is a violation of federal law anyway.?


Joe Hoft: Right. And it's and it's highly connected to all this censorship effort to try to shut us all down, which means if people election.


Brannon Howse: Which which people who don't want you to have freedom of speech certainly wouldn't want you to have freedom of I mean, if you don't want someone to have freedom of speech, would you also be someone who's for free and fair elections? I mean, someone that's for free and fair elections is for free speech. Someone who's not for free speech is not for free and fair elections. Right? Right.


Joe Hoft: Amen. Amen. It's it's it's it's. This is real. This is really bad stuff. And, amazingly, we're just kind of finding it now. But you worry about it.


Brannon Howse: Your safety with all your uncovering.


Joe Hoft: Uh, sometimes. Yeah. I'll wake up if I. You know, sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and you wonder, gosh, is that the FBI outside or what? You know, you probably do, too, you know, And not because. Not because I've done anything wrong. I've done nothing wrong. I've done nothing wrong. And that's the shame and the weirdness about it. Did you ever.


Brannon Howse: Think that you and I would live in a day where we have to fear our government when we are being lawful and practicing our First Amendment rights, our our our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom of assembly, you know, our freedom to broadcast. I mean, we're within the law. We're law-abiding people. We pay our taxes. We don't encourage people to be violent. We're not calling for people to be violent. We're doing the exact opposite. We're respectful of constitutional law enforcement. I mean, we're even respectful to the people we disagree with. Where we don't we don't. Amen. You know, and yet we have to be worried.


Joe Hoft: Yeah. And if they come and say, Say no, Joe, this piece is wrong. Okay, great. Well, we'll correct it. No problem. We want to share the truth. We just want the truth. And these people don't we can't audit this stuff. We can't see this stuff. This is the thing that I've been saying, Brannon, you know, for some time now, being a former auditor, it's like, if you can't let me if you can't show me your system, I cannot sign off on an audit today. In this day and age, systems are everything, whether it's in finance or banking or industry, or elections. And if I can't audit those systems, if I'm not convinced that the systems are 100% accurate and performing as intended, I can't sign off on it. And that's the thing that blows me away about this entire election process. From a professional standpoint, you can't get away with this in the corporate world, yet we've got this fairy tale trying to tell us that everything's fine and don't look at this stuff. And no, we can't let you look at it. And no, you know, no, this is highly sensitive. We're going to label this as highly sensitive. So you can't get the information that would give a prudent auditor, you know, the ability to make a real decision on whether these elections are happening as they should. And and so right now, this has been my argument after my second book on this deal, I'm like, well, it comes down to this. I never would have certified those elections. I never would have. And so the fact that they certified them was why the election was stolen. They shouldn't have been certified for anybody. There's so much garbage in these in the elections. It's a it was a mess and we're supposed to believe everything's fine the most secure election ever. That's it's gaslighting to the extreme. It's, you know, total BS.


Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Look at this, folks. Here's the headline tonight, exclusive, breaking exclusive. And we just, I think, got one of the first interviews on it. The radical left government workers who hate America and voting election systems essentially control our elections. Joe, Joe, as always, thank you for being with us.


Joe Hoft: Thank you, Brannon. It's an honor to be here. Appreciate it.


Brannon Howse: Have a good weekend, by the way. Great interview. Look forward to getting this posted. We're live. But of course, we'll get this posted even more. Will see it. So great job.


Joe Hoft: Great. Thank you.


Brannon Howse: Thank you. Check out his website, folks. Joe Hoft checking in We're going.


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