European Commission and WHO Launch Technology For Digital Health Passport


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Brannon Howse: Uh, let's see here. Take a look at my screen. Let's talk about this. This is the World Health Organization website. Here's the World Health Organization website. The European Commission and W.H.O. launch Landmark. Digital Health Initiative to strengthen global health security. This was dated right there on their own website. June 5th was Monday, yesterday, June 5th, 2023. That got my attention already explained in the opening monologue. The European Commission, by the way, it's the European Commission. I have a screenshot from many years ago where the European Commission divided the world into ten regions. Huh. That's interesting. The United Nations. I have a screenshot where the United Nations has divided the world into ten regions. Do you know that? I also the Club of Rome has divided the world into ten regions. Well, that's interesting because Daniel is two. Daniel seven seems to imply exactly that ten regions global system. So when the European Union, Europe, or the European Commission jumps on board with the W.H.O. for a global system to track us all, it starts sounding like to me he's going to lay the foundation for the mark of the beast. Not that it is the mark to lay the foundation for such and that it's coming out of Europe. Eurocentric fits in with the scenario of the scriptures for a Eurocentric world government. Dr. Andy Woods, pastor, attorney, and theologian, will describe to us after James. But I called James today and said, Hey, can you talk about this? He joins us now. James, thanks for being with us tonight.

James Roguski: Well, thank you for having me, Brent. Hope you can hear me just fine. Um, you know, I've been talking about this for months. So have many other people. I published a whole page on it months ago called Reject Digital In April, the W.H.O. published a handful of documents, and they did a good job of trying to hide it. But essentially what it said was that they were operationalizing the global digital health certification network. So the news that was in the news the past couple of days really wasn't news at all. They're building out what they want to have, and it was started many, many years ago. But in terms of the negotiations that are pertinent to this, the European Union submitted quite a number of proposed amendments to the International Health regulations calling for, you know, this system to include vaccine certification, prophylaxis certificates, testing certificates, and recovery certificates. Now, this is already existing in the world. Actually, have and I think I may have shown you this in a previous thing. You know, this is an old school, you know, literally paper vaccine booklet, you know, vaccine, passport. People maybe travel to Africa or something. And there's a yellow fever outbreak, they want to digitize that, have a QR code that each one has individually, and then make it so that they can add all kinds of things to it with the greatest of ease and restrict people's movements based on whatever a given nation says you have to do to your body. That is about as clear a violation of our Fourth Amendment guaranteed rights. A lot of people talk about the First and the Second Amendments, but the Fourth Amendment guarantees that you can be secure in your person and in your papers. I mean, how clear do you need to be that they want to make you do something to your body and have the paperwork to document that you did it so that they can restrict your movements? Now, what is really going on here is the type of negotiation where someone built you a house and gave it to you. And then they said, well, you know, would you like it? You're probably not going to say no. It might not be your dream house. It might not be everything that you want. But they're building this before the negotiations have actually accepted it. And so I want to make it super clear that the details of these types of things with this digital network are not in what they are currently referring to as the bureau's draft of what most people call the treaty. There's a new game in town. They published on Friday, June 2nd, a new document that many people call the treaty. It's really a framework convention. They call it a bureau's text just to confuse everybody. And none of this type of information is in that document. And so I caution everybody to realize that a totally new version of what people call the treaty was published just a few days ago. Everything that I've written, everything that other people have said, and maybe they got it right, maybe they were talking about an old version. It's all old news. And so all of those things that I've written about previous versions, this document is not what people think it is, and where all of this global tracking and tracing certification network information is has been completely hidden. They have been negotiating in secret since mid-December, and there has not been a new version of the proposed amendments to the regulations released, as far as I know, since mid-December. So what's with the secrecy? Oh, well.

Brannon Howse: Look at this. Look at a couple of these headlines we have here. Here's another one. This is from the Defender. This would be RFK Jr's website Death sentence for millions. W.h.o. European Union Launch New Global Vaccine Passport. Subtitling the article. Technology expert Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D., told The Defender that under the guise of preserving Freedom's digital passport system, the quote means restraints on movement and living for the unvaccinated and forced vaccination to participate in life. In quote. And there's the old World Health Organization's own Twitter. Today, W.H.O. and EU Commission launched Landmark Digital Health Initiative to help protect people across the world from ongoing and future health threats. See, that's why I told you in my opening commentary, folks, they just care about you. They love you so much, they don't want you to get sick. They just love you. No, they don't. They hate you. They want to force you to get a Covid shot, a dead shot, some kind of de-population eugenics shot so they can depopulate the world part of their agenda. 21 agenda 2030 schedule. But I told you they're going to do all this under the guise of health. And here they are. By the way. That's kind of what I laid out in the first part. One of my documentaries, Brainwashed America, which came out two years ago, that a lot of this was being done under the guise of health with the exact first director of the World Health Organization. So they go on to say their little tweet here, this is the first building block. Whoa, folks, The first building block. The World Health Organization, Global Digital Digital Health Certification network will develop a wide range of digital products. And look at their little. The little graphic here. W.h.o. Global Digital Health Certificate Network. Open Source Platform built on robust, transparent standards, strengthening pandemic preparedness, and clearly has another one planned. But if it's so transparent, why don't we know what's going on with these resolutions here, Mr. Roguski?

James Roguski: Well, you know, one of the things I try to do with everything I write is give people actions that they can take. And so if you go to reject digital, there are many, many things that people can do there. Upcoming this month in June. I encourage everyone to go to silence equals you spell out the word equals it's not the equal sign and don't do a search for it. Search engines are not your friend just put it up in the URL bar in your browser. Silence equals The Office of Global Affairs in the Department of Health and Human Services is going to be having two separate public comment periods, and if you send him an email, you may very well get a chance to speak directly to that office is where our delegates receive their paychecks, the Office of Global Affairs. And finally, what I'd like to encourage everybody to do is go to exit At this moment in time, I believe we're up around 11 or 12% of Congress has signed on to H.R. 79, which is Representative Andy Biggs's legislation, the Withdrawal Act. And so if you want to keep helping us to nag on all of the remainder of Congress and our Senate, we're looking for senators to put in companion legislation. The support is growing. You know, when we started back in January, they maybe had seven co-sponsors. We're up to I think the last time I checked, 48. Um, just keep pushing forward and let the entire world know this is a worldwide movement. You can go to stop for the United States and also exit the as well as exit the internationally. And people are waking up to this and I am of the belief that you know, they are going to build their systems. They're obviously not waiting for the negotiations to get to the point where they actually the people approve it. They don't care. I think you had me on a couple of weeks ago and said they're just going to build it. That doesn't mean we have to comply. And so they're building their control mechanisms. And many people around the world are building resistance to that attempt to control us. And our numbers are growing. Their numbers, unfortunately, are dying off because people who've gotten the jabs are not going to have the energy to support what they want. And we, the people who see what we're doing are getting stronger every day.

Brannon Howse: Amen to that. Look at this. Here's another one from the Defender, RFK Junior site. World Health Assembly sites need to restrict, quote, restrict personal liberties, and end quote. And expand whose emergency power. You know, it's interesting. Whenever they talk about changing the laws, I think about what we're going to talk about with Doctor Andy Woods, pastor and theologian, and attorney here in a second. The Antichrist seeks to change the times and the laws. That's very interesting. I bet he's listening to us right now, so he'll probably have to say about it. But look at the subtitle. The World Health Organization this week concluded its 76th World Health Organization assembly without ratifying a new pandemic treaty or the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulation. But members did issue new calls to, quote, restrict personal liberties, and end quote, during health emergencies. And I scrolled down the page and I see where you are being interviewed. It looks like you're at least your name is, right? Your interview. To quote you, Bogucki told the Defender. They don't really talk very much. I can't find any version 2.0 of an edited version of the negotiations that have been going on. They have not published anything yet. And so the amendments that were submitted in September were kept secret until mid-December, and that is still the only version that we have in quotes. Look at this here. This is a tweet it says, In January, the Santé published a brief on the necessity of a monitoring system. To ensure compliance with the pandemic accord. And are you coming down here and you look up, you blow up what it's saying here so I can read it a little better? An accountability framework is crucial for the accord's success in 2022. A systematic review found that enforcement mechanisms. Enforcement mechanism. Are the only treaty design feature that can improve the chances of state compliance. So they're obviously flirting around with the idea they're going to. Make these things mandatory. And I can't figure out how you would do that unless you start telling people you can't travel, you can't go to restaurants, you can't go to concerts, you can't get on an airplane, etcetera. So there you go. All very concerning. Closing comments, James.

James Roguski: Well, there are two things. The comment that I clipped out from a video that led to, you know, the article there about the Saudi Arabian co-chairperson of the Working Group, about the amendments stated very clearly that we have to restrict freedoms when there's an emergency. Well, wait a minute. They're trying to change the rules so that they can declare that there's an emergency, even if there's only something that they deem to be the potential for an emergency. And so I've called for his removal from that position because he's the co-chair of the negotiations. And if the co-chair is saying, well, we can restrict your rights anytime we want, something is very, very rotten. But I want to caution people again, there was a mention in there about the accord. Please take the time to actually read the latest version because it is absolutely not what people have been saying it is. It is really about an enormous buildout of the laboratory systems that they used over the past four years to sample all kinds of substances to try to find some pathogen that they cobbled together in a computer system that doesn't necessarily reflect the danger that they're finding out in the world with their one health approach. They want to be able to fearmonger people. But what is in the treaty accord slash framework convention, the new version? People need to look at it like they've never seen anything about it in the past, and analyze it for what it is. I've done a lot of articles on my web page and realize that it is completely separate from what is being hidden in the amendments to the International Health Regulations, not to mention the amendments that were adopted last year that nobody's talking about. And we still have an opportunity to reject until late November. The facts really matter. The devil is in the details. But I've always said that angels bring awareness and so be aware that there is a new document and it is not what you have been led to believe it is. So I always like to give to everybody.

Brannon Howse: Though, James. But basically, James, what you're saying is, as Nancy Pelosi said, we have to pass it to find out what's in it. Are you telling me basically they got this secret document, they're going to implement it and then we can read about it after the fact?

James Roguski: Well, when we actually get to read, the final version is subject to determination. Last year, the Biden administration proposed and submitted documents in January of 2022. I found it in March. But they didn't public make it public until April 12th. And so that left about six weeks for people to look at it. That could be the scenario going forward with the amendments. Now we have the originally submitted versions, but that hasn't changed for, you know, six months at least. And I know they've been negotiating and discussing them, but there has not been a new version published. Now that's different. The treaty, they call it a bureau's text, and they're using a different tactic with that. They've got revision after revision after revision after revision. If you hear someone talking about the proposed treaty or amendments, the old versions are off the table. The new version that they just put on the table is not what you think it is. And I had somebody ask me.

Brannon Howse: Let me ask you this in closing. Let me ask you this in closing. Look at this screenshot here. Who is this guy? This person tweeted, this is a clip of the co-chair stating, quote, stating the world, quote, needs a different level of a legal mandate, prioritizing actions that may restrict individual liberty in the quote, Who is the guy? Where is he from? And is he co-chair of this W.H.O. pandemic treaty event?

James Roguski: That's exactly who he is. That's exactly what I was referring to. And he's talking about the amendments most likely. But the most egregious amendment in this regard is not what people think it is. Russia proposed an amendment to the regulation that would require all nations to enact legislation to empower what's called the national Ihr focal point. Now, our nation has such an office in the Department of Health and Human Services and all of the other nations do as well. That's been in place since 2005 with the IRS that we currently have. They want every nation to authorize that internal government office within each nation to implement the agreement and the obligations under the proposed amendments to the regulation. So the trick that they're playing is they want each nation to set up yet another, maybe three-letter agency like the CDC or the FDA that oversteps their constitutional authority. But the attack is coming from within our own government. Right. And this is what people have. And so that.

Brannon Howse: The Biden regime is the one driving the bus on this, I hear, James.

James Roguski: Exactly.

Brannon Howse: Okay, so then who is this guy? Where is he from with his headgear on? Is he from Saudi Arabia? Is he Dubai? Where is this Islamist from?

James Roguski: The is the co-chairperson of the working group on International Health regulations. And so what he's talking about, is people have gotten confused with what everyone calls the treaty. And so when people mix up the information and they say, oh, the treaty does this, the treaty does that, what happens is Tedros then gets to have a smirk on his face and say, Oh, that's all misinformation. Well, it is because the danger is in their attempt to get each nation to abuse the rights of their own people. And there are many pieces of legislation that have been passed and implemented around the world that are just waiting to empower local officials who would overstep their constitutional authorities. And so this is a local battle as well as international one.

Brannon Howse: Right. But I guess I'm asking if you don't know, I can try to look it up. I'm just trying to figure out what nation the guy is from with that headgear on. He's from an Islamic nation.

James Roguski: He's from Saudi Arabia. He is. Okay. There we.

Brannon Howse: Go. Saudi Arabia. And again, I don't want Saudi Arabia making my decisions for me. I mean, I know how they treat women and how they feel about Christians. There are no churches in Saudi Arabia. There are no Jewish temples in Saudi Arabia. I don't want Saudi Arabia making decisions for me, not when Saudi Arabia is now trying to rekindle their relationship with Iran. Not since I am told by former CIA that the 9/11 hijackers were over there practicing in Iran and they were from Saudi Arabia, practicing in Iran on flight simulators. I mean, I don't want these kind of people making my decisions. They're not for freedom. I mean, go to Saudi Arabia, try to open a church or a temple, a Jewish temple, and see how well that goes for you or a woman. You know, there's not a whole lot of civil liberties over there for them. I mean, I don't want these clowns making my health decisions. But the Biden regime apparently is turning us right over to the red-green axis with the red being the Marxist, the green being the Islamist. And they're going to sit there with good old communist Joe who got empowered as a US senator and put in place by the Council for a Livable World, a communist front group. These are the clowns that are going to try to use the guise of health. To put us into a complete dystopian, Orwellian, tyrannical nightmare.

James Roguski: Brandon, let me encourage you and all of your viewers to go to silence equals and say what you just said to the Office of Global Affairs at the Health and Human Services Department and go to exit the and do the same thing for our members of Congress. The movement is growing. People are waking up. We have an opportunity with these public comment periods in June but don't miss the deadline. Don't delay. Get in there. Put in your public comment. And you know, I'm absolutely certain that we the people need to speak up because the way they operate, they tell you exactly what they're doing. But they assume that if you don't say anything, that you're okay with it. Well, I'm not okay with it. You're not okay with it? Well, we all need to speak up and let the world know how we feel.

Brannon Howse: Final headline, Who partners with Rockefellers to implement Wellcome Trust Plan for Global Pandemic radar? Well, of course, the Rockefellers were involved decades and decades ago with the funding of the W.H.O. and one of their major leaders. I talked about one of my documentaries, the Rockefeller Foundation. Aren't they the ones that had the lockstep document back in 2010 that predicted a pandemic that read just like 2020? But that was what came out in 2010. So, again, when the Rockefellers and these groups get involved in doing this, folks, this is the same group, by the way, the Rockefellers that have a document called Reset the Table that wants to nationalize our food industry. Very troubling characters, of course, the Rockefellers, the ones who donated the land on which the UN sits. So there you go. That tells us a lot. All right, James, as always, gives your website one more time, and thank you for being with us.

James Roguski: And my phone number for anybody who wants to talk about this is (310) 619-3055. Thanks, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Excellent. We always appreciate all your work. Thank you. James? James Roguski checking in. Folks, check out his site and get involved. Make your voice known and heard.

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