Did Russia or the CIA Blow up the Dam in Ukraine?


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Brannon Howse: Good evening and welcome to the broadcast. Glad you are with us. We're going to be joined by Colonel John Mills tonight, to talk about what's going on with China and Russia, and Iran. And what about this dam that just got blown up, just got blown up, I guess would be the proper English. What about this dam? Just got blown up. Who did that? I highly doubt Russia just blew up their own dam. And did Ukraine do this? And again, I have to ask the question, Nord Stream Pipelines to dams blowing up, How much of this is being done by America? We know we're providing them with an awful lot of military hardware as we fight this proxy war with Russia. And how smart is that, by the way? How smart is it to pick a fight with a nation? Where is the national interest? I say again, where is our national interest? I have to wonder. I'm not a fan of Putin. I've got documentaries exposing what I think of Putin. I'm not a fan of Zelensky either. I don't trust this guy. Any time you got BlackRock and everybody kind of backing this guy, that makes you wonder, doesn't it? So I'm not a fan of Zelensky either. When this whole thing broke out a long time ago, what did I say? I think we're being played as fools. I think this is the Hegelian dialectic process at work. And again, I have to ask, who is really driving the ship here? Is it the CIA is the military-industrial complex? That's what I'd like to know and we'll ask Colonel John Mills what he thinks.

Brannon Howse: We'll also be joined by James Rogowsky tonight. James Rogowsky is going to join us because, well, apparently the European Commission has all the technology or a lot of the technology and already well-developed technology to bring about a digital certificate, a digital vaccine passport. And apparently the World Health Organization today announced that they are ready to partner with the European Commission to bring us a digital passport. Now, that's interesting when you start talking about the European Commission and a system that looks and sounds an awful lot like what the Bible predicts in Revelation 13 as the mark of the beast. Now, I'm not saying this is the mark of the beast. I'm not saying that I think it's laying the foundation and the acceptance and the conditioning for it. But the Bible also speaks in Daniel Chapter Two. Daniel Chapter Seven, Revelation 1718 about what appears to be a Eurocentric world government. A Eurocentric World government. Daniel two. Daniel seven A revived Roman Empire. We'll get into that with Dr. Andy Woods after we talk to James Rogowski, because if you have. A global. Tracking system. And they want to call it a vaccine tracking system, digital passport, whatever. We all know what it's laying the foundation for. They're doing all of this under the guise of health.

Brannon Howse: They're putting us under all kinds of tyranny and oppression and dystopian concepts and Orwellian ideas, all under the guise of, well, we care about your health. Really? When has the government ever given a flying frog about any of us? They don't. They don't? You think General Milley and. Austin. Lloyd Austin, who I just showed. Do you think? Biden, Do you think Obama any of them care about you personally? No, they don't care about you. But notice how all this tyranny is going to come in under the guise of what we're concerned about. Your health. So isn't it interesting that the European Commission apparently has got this platform that the World Health Organization, which is really the UN, which is highly tied to Bill Gates in China, according to numerous reports, has this system and there the European Commission, which means? We're headed toward a. Global system here, kind of a mark of the beast system. Based out of Europe, which fits with a European or Eurocentric world government, as Daniel two and Daniel seven, seem to describe. So we'll talk about that with James Rogowski and then get into the European concepts of a world government with Dr. Andy Woods, an attorney, and theologian. And then we'll talk with Wes Peters. We get another financial update tonight from Wes Peters. Joining me now is our good friend, Colonel John Mills. Colonel Mills, welcome back to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us.

John Mills: Hey, Brannon, always an honor to be on your show. How are you doing?

Brannon Howse: I'm hanging in there. I'm doing great. And I see you have a map behind you. But before we go to your map, what about this dam that just blew up?

John Mills: Well, that's why I have a map behind me, so. Oh, it is related to that.

Brannon Howse: Okay.

John Mills: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's go to the map. Let's go to the map because you got to understand what's going on here. Let me stand because, Logan, get me. Am I standing in the right place here? I'll stand right.

Brannon Howse: Here. Yeah, We're going to go to full screen. Go to full screen on the colonel. Yeah.

Brannon Howse: No, not that today. That's the address you want. Wait a minute. What's going on, guys? How are you guys doing in the control room tonight? I don't know. There we go. There we go.

John Mills: All right. Is it What's going on? Is there a Russian, Russian, or Ukrainian special operations team striking the control center?

Brannon Howse: No, Logan. Logan took the night off and the number two guy is in there, but he's doing his best. He's a good kid. He's trying.

John Mills: All righty. Well, let's go just to orient everybody to the map, and let me just move it a little bit. Make it brighter. Okay. So here's Crimea. Okay. This is what Russia seized in the first war in 2014. Okay. And they'll never let this go. Why? Because this is where all the Russian rich and elite and generals have their summer homes. This is Tampa. This is their Tampa. I'll take Tampa. Tampa. That's a Tampa. Tampa's a lot better than this, but this is their Tampa. Okay. Kherson is here. This is where one of the major offensive actions is going on. This is the original area. This is what's called the Donbas. This is the Donetsk Oblast, kind of like their region or state. And Luhansk is up here. So that dam is right above Kherson. There's a big reservoir. This is the Dnieper River, and there's a big reservoir above Kherson now, who blew it up? Don't know. I'm just like, just like what happened in the Nord Stream pipeline? Who knows? I'm not taking anything off the table from anybody. But here, I mean, classic offense, defense, classic military strategy, and tactics. The defender always will blow up a dam and flood it. You'll know why would you be in the offense and then blow up a dam to flood the swamp. You're trying to and this is actually this is lower.

John Mills: This is swampy territory. I haven't done a deep hydrographic review of the actual effects of the blown dam. But this is a huge reservoir. Huge reservoir. And boy, I tell you what, this could drain for. It means the damage. It could make a lot of this river unnavigable. And hey, they need it for basic life support, things like that. I mean, that that'll be. It'll take years to refill that. That huge lake was created behind the dam. The kakhovka dam. So it's right above Kherson to mean, so this shows some of the current combat going on right here in these places. This is zaporizhzhia. This is where that nuclear facility that you constantly hear about in the news. But they've been attacking here in Donetsk and in back mood could show some more maps. But that dam is right here. It doesn't make sense for somebody in the offense to blow up a dam. Does it make any sense at all? Because you're you're essentially this is the terrain you're going to have to go over and cover. A defender always blows up a dam. That's what makes sense. But I'm not taking anything off the table. Who knows? Who knows what truth is here? Let me go. Let's see.

Brannon Howse: So are you saying? Are you saying that? So who are you saying? Who? Who do you think then blew up the dam? Who have you had to guess? I mean, Russia is surely not going to blow up its own dam, right?

John Mills: Well, it's not their dam. Mean we keep on saying it's their dam. It's a dam across the river. And so the defender, somebody in the defense it makes more sense for somebody defending in a defensive crouch or defensive position to release the water. Okay. That makes a lot more sense.

Brannon Howse: See, I thought I thought somehow. Okay, Excuse me. Then I thought somehow Russia benefited from this dam.

John Mills: They don't it's unclear who exactly had control of it. And the bottom line is that that point is kind of moot at this point in time. The dam is blown. And if they're mean now, now we're back up into the other. I was going to talk about back moot and some of the things right here but it just doesn't make sense for somebody in the offense to blow up a dam right in front of themselves and then have to trudge through the flooded terrain. I mean, that just doesn't make any sense. But I'm not taking anything off the nothing comes off the table in this situation. Who knows? Globalist elites, transgenders, who knows? You know, it just. You don't know. You don't know. It could be Bud Light. I don't know. So I'm not taking anything off the table. Could be Target Corporation. So the but is this is the fighting up here in Bakhmut. This has been just a killing field of losses. And, you know, in the end, Russia has mostly achieved control, but now they've kind of fallen back. The bottom line, this is almost inconsequential in the overall war. And the meat grinder here has just consumed resources on both sides. I think the if there's one thing that came out of this, it was the infighting. I think some of the stories are about the raids that are going on inside of Russia now by Russian forces that are aligned with the Ukrainians. It's Ukrainian special forces. It's also breakaway Russian separatists. That's the real story right now. Right now, we don't there's not enough information to see.

John Mills: Is there anything decisive going on in the Ukrainian offensive that's going on? Again, the Russians spent a lot of resources in Bakhmut, mostly from the I always call the Wagner group. And people call them the Wagner group. I call them the Wagner group. And the infighting between Wagner and the regular Shoygu, the defense minister that has been the most damage has been the infighting inside the Russian chain of command. And I'll tell you what things are looking a little dicey for. And there's lots of meddling from the US going on. But right now, I think the real story is the strikes going on inside of Russia and the potential infighting in the regime inside. Now, I'm totally this is where I always advocated very limited weapons to the Ukrainians to allow them to defend themselves. But extreme control and this spun out of control months ago because right now, what are they using to cross the border into Russia? We don't know. We don't know. And we don't have an inspector general over there. We don't know. And this is the danger. I mean, absolutely zero American resources should be going to helping any cross-border, because that's we are not involved in that. Zippo, Zippo, you know, So, you know, give enough for the Ukrainians so they don't get slaughtered and they can have a fair fight on the ground in Ukraine with the Russians and then have those to slaughter each other, duke it out. That's not us that's all we wanted was to bear equivalency. But it's gotten out of control.

John Mills: This is like Afghanistan in the 80s. Once we turn on the spigot, it was out of control. And the world still is not resolved from all the weapons unleashed that we dumped on Afghanistan. So, um, so there that that's the good news. So this is kind of in kind of the very far eastern kind of eastern southeastern. And, you know, they're trying to retake Bakhmut. And then up here in the Luhansk Oblast. So fighting. But again, it's really not decisive at this point in time. Not really. This is now more around the Zaporizhia area. Now down here is the water and the Sea of Azov, the name for that, that fascist unit. And that's there is a fascist unit in Ukraine that exists. It's a small unit. Probably most of them have been killed by now because a lot of them were killed in Mariupol down here. But, you know, if the Ukrainians were able to push through down to the water and cut off this seized terrain, that would be very bad for the Russians because it would cut off Crimea in a lot of ways. You know, don't have enough information right now to make sense out of what's. Going on. But, you know, if they pushed down south and cut off, that would be huge. But again, you know, we're unclear. You know, they only maybe 100 or 200 tanks. You know, the Ukrainians have been able to show extreme ingenuity, and extreme innovation on the battlefield over and over again.

John Mills: Now, have we been giving them targeting information? Yeah, I think it's kind of obvious by now when the Moscow was hit and sunk, you know, their cruiser was kind of obvious, you know, But we're seeing long-range strikes all the way, all the way to Moscow. You know, the Ukrainians have shown, again, innovation over and over again on making do with what they have. So here we go. Let's see here. What's this? Um, yeah, more about that. That same green circle is the same one we saw previously. The big nuclear plant here. This is the top of the big Dnieper reservoir that's being drained right now. Um, but. Again, not a whole lot of movement here. Not a whole lot of movement fighting up here. Are they trying to make an armored thrust cut off? Who knows? Who knows? And again, that's where the Kakhovka plant is, right above here. This is Kherson cut off here. But again, it really classic combined arms warfare. I mean, why would you blow up a dam in front of yourself? Not saying they didn't do it. I'm not saying I'm not I'm not taking anything off the table. So that's pretty much the Ukrainian situation. Really not enough information at this time to paint a picture one way or another. I know some people are really quick. You know, somebody gains, one goes to the next intersection, a small village, and they act like it's, you know, the biggest thing since the drive on Berlin. No, I mean, right now, it's just not enough information.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. So, I mean, I guess what I was getting at a while ago was, I mean, I know the dam is in Ukraine or near. Correct. Right. Dams in Ukraine. But it was under Russian control when it was blown up. So I guess what I was trying to get at is I would think they maybe were benefiting from it. It's providing hydroelectric electricity. If they're going to take over the region, maybe they could control the infrastructure, control electricity. They'd want to keep this asset under their control. So, again, I'm not a military guy. You are. But as a civilian, I'm thinking, wouldn't I want to keep control of this asset?

John Mills: I can't confirm that it was actually generating any electricity and that the grid was operational. I can't confirm that and I kind of doubt it. I mean, this is at this point in time, anybody who knows to operate the dam has been, you know, essentially departed the area. So I would say it might have been under Russian control. But if it was under Russian control, that's further credence to classic offense defense on the ground. As you back up, you blow the dam and let it flood and, you know, slow down the people coming at you. That's the basic that's the way it works.

Brannon Howse: What about the theory that maybe our own government, our government, the US government, and the CIA is doing these kind of things in order to fight this proxy war? Blame it on Russia? Again, I'm not saying Russia didn't do it. I'm not a defender of Russia, but I know our CIA and some of these guys seem to want to keep this thing going and escalate it. How do we know whether it's Nord Stream Pipeline two or this is at the end of the day, it's not our government doing it?

John Mills: As I previously stated in my brief, I am taking nothing off the table. Nothing comes off the table here. Who? Who knows? Who knows? Because mean, you know. Yeah. You know, like again, like with Q people thought they were crazy, but they had about a 97% accuracy rating. So, you know, I never take anything off the table and, you know, you know, and.

Brannon Howse: And I think that was our government fooling around with. Q And on it, don't you?

John Mills: I don't know. I don't know. I mean, I was invited to some of these meetings, you know, interesting stuff. And a lot of times I thought, you know, just having been read on to a lot of classified information over the years, a lot of times it's an outsider, an informed outsider who's looking through kind of a blurry window, trying to make sense and describe what's going on inside of this this this room that's kind of not totally pitch dark black. But it's you know, they're looking and trying to describe, and a lot of times they're on to something. And that's in this world. A lot of times, as we've been doing classified operations, we've seen the media kind of describe they're trying to make they're onto the trail, but they're trying to make sense out of what they got their hands on. And so, you know, a lot of times, again, I take nothing off the table. You know, people said bio labs, bio labs. And I was going, oh, come on, that's not true. And then I looked up, Oh, my goodness. It is absolutely true. It was on our embassy website for a year before they took it down. And it's that was Nunn-Lugar updated in 2005 created all these so our US legislation created these bio labs all over the world. What are they doing?

Brannon Howse: Exactly what are they doing? Well, that's a great segue to our next topic, which has to do with this. Global vaccine certificate and everything they're pushing. But hey, I want to remind everybody, Doctor excuse me, Colonel John Mills will be one of the keynote speakers at our Ozarks Worldview weekend that is filling fast live in person. Colonel John Mills. You can meet him, and have him sign one of your books, and I think his next book will be out in time to be there at the Ozarks Worldview Week in the middle of October on beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, along with not only John Mills, Colonel John Mills. We'll have Mike Lindell, General Michael Flynn, Alex Newman, and Patrick Wood. Andy Woods, Rebecca Walser, Doctor Peter McCullough. I mean, I'm doing all this off top of my head. That's the ones I can think of right now. That's a pretty good lineup in itself, right? Yeah.

John Mills: I'm looking forward to that. I mean, mean get so much positive feedback about the maps means you're going to have so many maps meaning people are going to be passing out on the floor. I mean we're gonna have to have first aid. They're gonna have maps all over the place. But I think it really tells a story. But you know, the other quick things, other big things that are going on, you know. Ray Comer Representative Comer has got to hammer Ray on the what is it, the 1023 form That is just shameful. That means it's basic intelligence collection. If US intelligence comes across a US citizen committing a crime, they must by law report that they must make it either a DOJ referral for criminal investigation or in writing, give a detailed explanation why they did not make a referral and this is such a no-brainer. They need to pound Ray on this 1023 and get this information is owned by the American people, not by Ray and the FBI cabal. So we got to get this out there. And then the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore was an absolute disaster for the Americans.

John Mills: I always try to give the benefit of the doubt and call balls and strikes fairly, but at this point in time, we have the worst triumvirate of national security. Security adviser Jake Sullivan, Tony, Eddie Haskell, Blinken at State Department and Austin. I mean, they are living in a different universe. The Chinese are running circles around them and they don't. And they're trying to act like they're Henry Kissinger in the 72 cutting the biggest deal in, you know, the Arab-Israeli peace deal or something like that. You know, it's just they're delusional and our own former friends or our friends who want to be our friends don't trust them. And the Chinese are running circles around them and, you know, giving them they are pushing aggressively around Taiwan. So at this point in time, the only worse thing that could happen is Biden leaves office for some reason and Kamala Harris comes in for a period of time. Then we'll have the worst foursome ever in American history until somebody like President Trump gets back in office.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, she's not a really bright character. That would be, I guess you go from one person who's kind of, you know, out to lunch, gone. The lights are out. Their home, but the lights are out. To a woman who's just. Really is not a bright lady. I mean, we're in a bad spot.

John Mills: Word salad. Harris.

Brannon Howse: With that will end. Colonel John Mills The nation will follow.com. The nation will follow.com. That's the news that's the book that's out. And again, he'll be with us at the Ozarks. Thank you, Colonel

John Mills: Yeah and watch on Substack Colonel Rhett John on Substack and the war against the Deep State out in the fall.

Brannon Howse: Excellent. Follow him on Substack. And then we have that book out this fall at the Ozarks. Thank you, Colonel.

John Mills: Brannon, thank you so much.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, Colonel John Mills, for checking in, folks. Check out his web.

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