China Rolls Out Red Carpet For Elon Musk


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Brannon Howse: All right. Welcome. Glad you are with us tonight. We're going to be joined by Patrick Wood. Elon Musk has flown to China and China has rolled out the red carpet for Elon Musk going so far. If you look at my world view report tonight, Brother Ma China Fiat's pioneer Elon Musk with a 16-course dinner for promoting trust in communist China happy. The CCP is happy. That. Elon Musk. It promotes trust in the Communists. That reminds me of that book by Schwartz. Fred Schwartz. Fred Schwartz wrote a book. I don't expect most of you to know about it, but Fred Schwartz wrote a book years ago called. You can trust the communists to be communists. You can trust the Communist to be. To be Communist. A few of you might remember that book, but most of you will not. It was written so many years ago by a pioneer. In the anti-communist movement. Fred Schwartz, You can trust. The communist to be a communist. And here is the communist tonight praising Elon Musk for letting people know you can trust the Communist. Good job, Elon. I'm not on the Elon bandwagon. I don't trust Elon. I don't trust Elon at all. But we'll find out what Patrick Wood thinks about all this and much more. By the way, there's a lot more going on. Dr. James Thorpe was supposed to join us last night, but he couldn't make it, which is good because we were overbooked. Anyway, he's the ob-gyn that sees about a thousand patients a year. Mothers and babies. And of course, he's mostly the doctor for the mother. But of course, he considers those his babies as well. And then we're going to be joined by Todd Bensman. He's just returned from the border. Todd Bensman is going to join us as well tonight. Joining me now is Patrick Wood. Patrick, welcome back to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.

Patrick Wood: Good to be here. Thank you. Lots to talk about.

Brannon Howse: Yes, there is. What do you make of this latest report? I found it at Breitbart tonight. China. They're praising, praising Elon Musk. Giving him a six-course dinner for promoting trust in the Communist. What do you make of that?

Patrick Wood: Yes, well. The link between Elon and China. Is not based on communism. You can look at actually you can look at Musk. And ask the question is, is Elon Musk somehow a communist himself? Well, he's the richest man in the world right now. He regained his title that he lost temporarily and he's now back on top. He shows no signs and no ideology of being a communist per se. He's a technocrat. We've talked about this a lot. And you will remember that his grandfather, Joshua Haldeman, was in charge of the technocrat movement in Canada during the 30s and 40s. This is the home that that Elon grew up in. They migrated to South Africa after they got tired, I guess, of Canada. But, um, he's a technocrat through and through. He's a transhumanist two dyed in the wool transhumanist, trying to escape death, working as hard as he can, and spending his money trying to escape death. And the reason that there is a camaraderie between him and the people in China is that all of them are technocrats. And I have to say, birds of a feather flock together. These people are in a sense, they're blood brothers. They're their technocrats. They think like technocrats. Most of the heads or the top people in China right now have advanced engineering degrees and science degrees. That's a natural absolute natural for Elon Musk because you know, his engineering brain and stuff whatever means these people get along like brothers. So there's no conflict there. There never has been. There are lots of other people in Silicon Valley the same way they move back and forth. You know, Apple has moved back and forth between the US and China multiple times in the last 20 years. Um. The friendship they have is based on technocracy. It's not based on communism. But we can see this clearly with Elon Musk. I mean, they welcomed him with open arms. Oh, my gosh, they love this guy. 16-course meal they served him. I don't know how a little guy like that can eat 16 courses of anything. But imagine. Incredible.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, it is. All right. Let's go over to technocracy news, folks if you want to follow that. Here's one of the articles he's got up there tonight. The end of free speech will be the End of America. Comes to us via the Gatestone Institute. This was a very troubling article to read because it talks about what our government's trying to do, talk about the CCP, and in many ways, they're trying to mimic the CCP. And I guess the Biden regime is busy trying to bring back their disinformation governance board. What did you find out by reading this article?

Patrick Wood: Well, this was a good article, I thought that of course, that's why I posted it up. Some articles are kind of short and they're just kind of newsy, but a lot of articles have depth to them and, you know, some real meat. This is one of those articles. The issue of free speech right now is the most important issue I think we have on our plate coming into this next election for sure because the globalist cabal is doing everything it can to crush free speech. And especially in America, other countries are already crushed thereafter us now like gangbusters trying to, you know, crush free speech here in America. The initiatives that keep coming out of the Biden administration are getting their marching orders out of the WTO, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations. They're doing everything in their power to set up institutionalized weaponized committees and, you know, agencies and stuff to squash free speech that doesn't fit their globalist narrative. This is so dangerous. And, you know, going into this next election, we have all of these things that are leveled against us. Um, whether it be Google artificial intelligence with, you know, ChatGPT and other things like that. Um, you've got these disinformation boards like our government's putting together. The EU is putting them together. The WEF is putting together Elon Musk hired one of them away from the WEF, by the way, to be the CEO of Twitter. You know, you had all these things up. All these people are coming for free speech. And my contention has been for years. If we lose the ability to speak, the killing will begin. That will be the next thing that begins. You know, that happens after that. If we truly lose the ability to speak and communicate freely, we're done as a country. We're done. That's why it's so important. You say the killing begins.

Brannon Howse: Pardon? You say the killing begins once we leave our free speech. You say the killing begins. What do you mean by that?

Patrick Wood: This is the history of genocide. Genocidal movements throughout history go back to the Bolshevik Revolution, for instance. The first thing they did to truly take over and make a revolution out of it, they had to get rid of the media first. They took out the media. They went to the newspapers and anybody else that was, you know, broadcasting the people. If they didn't take them out and shoot them on the spot, they got shipped off and new people got put in. They did the same thing in Nazi Germany. They did the same thing in sub-Saharan Africa. They did it in Cambodia. I was almost an eyewitness to what happened in South Africa and southern Africa, not South Africa, but southern Africa, in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They took the media people out in the street and shot them and they put their propaganda people in. The next thing they did, was they went out and started terrorizing the people, but they had to get control of the communication mechanisms so that people in the East couldn't talk to people in the West. They couldn't get any legitimate journalism out, you know, to talk about what's going on. And of course, the propaganda they spit out just contradicted everything. Everybody thought, Oh, no, there's no trouble. No, there's nobody's getting killed. No, there's you know, we got a free press here. No, we have free elections in our country and all that kind of stuff. Meanwhile, people are being drugged out in the back and shot. We know that China, by the way, has been, of course, they don't have any free speech over there anyway. But we know that there are lots of people periodically, they just simply disappear from the face of the earth in China. Nobody knows what happened to them. They were here today and gone tomorrow and their families scratching their heads. Well, they know. I mean, they do know. Yeah, they were nabbed, taken off the street, and either sent off to somewhere they never come back or they were just simply killed.

Brannon Howse: Mhm. Let's go. This is. This one's weird. Yeah, it is. You know, by the way, you mentioned something there last night. I mentioned marginalized. And I've given this list for years. Marginalized, characterized, terrorize, then legalized the terrorizing. And I believe we're there now. I believe we're at the legalized terrorizing where if you defend yourself you defend someone else who's being attacked. Those George Soros red state, red city prosecutors will go after you. Yeah. They want you to submit to their Marxist revolution. They want you to submit to their Marxist street thugs. They want you to submit to their Brownshirts, whatever analogy you want to use. And if you dare resist these people, then you are the problem. You will be prosecuted. So now we have marginalized, characterized, and terrorized conservatives, Christians, Jews, America, first patriots, and then when they defend themselves or defend someone else, they get prosecuted thereby. What we're doing is we are now legalizing. We are legalizing the terrorizing of the group I just mentioned, and that was what happened in 2020. I mean, how many of those people? Thousands and thousands were caught on camera burning, looting, and rioting, how many of them went to prison? Not many at all. Right. So the message was sent. You can burn, you can loot, you can riot. This is acceptable. But if you are a conservative, a Christian, a patriot, a middle-of-the-road American and you defend yourself or someone else, you're going to get busted. You're going to get prosecuted and sent to prison for years because we want to send a very strong message. Terrorizing the opposition is now the new law. Agree or disagree?

Patrick Wood: It is. I agree. And there was a great article recently by John Whitehead at Rutherford Institute that pointed out the crime of seditious conspiracy, which sent the head of Oath Keepers away for 18 years. Just incredible. This particular charge is not leveled on anybody except someone who has given the government a hard time. This is not mean. There are no hardly any cases anywhere in history where sedition has been used as a crime to put somebody off the street. But they decided to use it against the head of Oath Keepers and some of the other Oath Keepers as well, that were part of the six, you know, debacle. And, you know, Rutherford is just, you know, shaking his head at the whole thing. He said this is just purely political persecution because the only reason you can use seditious conspiracy is if you are threatening the established government. And guess Oath Keepers in some way. They must have figured, yeah, he was threatening the swamp, so to speak. So they pulled out this archaic chart and made it stick.

Brannon Howse: I think I reported in my worldview report this hasn't been used since the Civil War or was written. Yes, that's right. From an out of the Civil war. So basically, this is a thought crime, right? This is a thought crime because he was not involved in any. Was he even there on January 6th? I don't think he was right.

Patrick Wood: I'm not sure. I'm not sure that he was or wasn't. Several Oath Keepers were there. I'm not sure if he was there or not, but they nabbed him on it. They figured he was the ringleader of the whole group. And, you know, it's like, you know, I've it's hard to make an opinion on the whole thing anymore. There's so much disinformation and confusion going on. But to put it to put a man like this away for 18 years on an archaic charge that's hardly ever been used, like you said, probably since the Civil War. This is insanity. And what's, even more, insanity is that the whole point of Oath Keepers is to encourage people in government who took the oath of office in the first place to, you know, protect and defend the Constitution. The whole thing was to get people to recommit to doing what they swore in their oath to do. And so they've been all over the country talking to policemen and military and, you know, people in government positions and stuff. Anybody who has taken the oath of office to get in where they are, just go around and remind people, you need to keep your oath. Don't break it. You know, this probably just drove the government insane because it was a pretty big movement at one time.

Brannon Howse: Yes, it was. Yes, it was. Well, and as you know, I think we're coming up. I'm going to go to the front page of Majcom. I think I had it saw an article over there today. Yeah, here it is. Here it is. Look at this. J one, the anniversary of the Black Lives Matter insurrection at the White House. So that was today. He was talking about this last week. He mentioned Jae. He was saying there's J six, but everybody should be talking about J1. Here's what Daniel Greenfield wrote. Before there was J six, there was J one. On May 29th, 2020, the nationwide insurrection by the racist hate group BLM, Black Lives Matter, and its left as allies arrived at the nation's capital in a very big way. On Friday night, a violent, racist leftist mob falsely described as peaceful by its media allies converged on the White House. The insurrectionists assaulted Secret Service and Park police officers. They shouted obscenities and threatened President Trump even as they fought their way past law enforcement personnel to reach the White House. Quote, It took as it looked like a war zone outside the White House. End quote. The co-founder of Ready for Hillary commented on a retweeted video of a building burning. The Democrat insurrectionist hurled Molotov cocktails and rushed out for brief tactical foray forays, even as the more telegenic crowd that was proportionately more female held their hands up for the cameras and chanted, Hands up, don't shoot. A BLM hoax popularized during the Michael Brown riots. While these human shields faced off with law enforcement, the real attack was underway, with insurrectionists targeting security barriers and Secret Service personnel. Secret Service personnel faced everything from bricks to incendiary devices and held the line. The insurrectionist assault was aimed at breaking the line, forcing the Secret Service to retreat, allowing for a siege of the White House, followed by a full assault and penetration of the grounds.

Brannon Howse: But the. But despite the violence, the Secret Service did not retreat and none of the Democrat insurrectionists were able to make it over the White House fence. The insurrectionist tactics on display were similar to those that had terrorized cities around the country, but especially alarmed federal personnel. What alarmed them most was that the insurrectionists were not just aiming at the White House, but also the nearby Treasury Department building. Daniel told us about this last week. The Treasury building is connected to the East wing of the White House by a secret tunnel, not so secret, built after Pearl Harbor to allow the president to evacuate in case of an attack. When the insurrection penetrated the barricades set up at the Treasury building, there was fear the attackers were preparing to foil a presidential evacuation by hitting both the White House and Treasury building, cutting off any possible escape route for President Trump when the Treasury evacuation route in danger with it endangered. The Secret Service brought President Trump, along with Melania and Barron, down to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, another relic of the FDR administration. The PEOC is a secret, secretive bunker over 1000ft underground with an air supply that is nearly impossible to penetrate by missile strikes or even by an armed force that has taken control of the White House grounds. And the point he's making here is where is J. One? There's no talk of J one. You know, there was no there's no persecution of these people. And yet we just got a guy that was not even on the grounds. January 6th, Stewartrillionhodes gets 18 years in prison.

Patrick Wood: Yeah, Yeah. The BLM people will hardly ever be given anything more than misdemeanors. Some egregious crimes have been prosecuted, but by and large, they're not going to be touched. And what's just astonishing about the hypocrisy in this is that there were no Molotov cocktails thrown on J. Six. There were no bricks and rocks thrown at the guards and the police and stuff like that on J6.

Brannon Howse: But some were there who were trying to help the police or those there trying to help the police. And I think I read where some of the Oath Keepers were trying to help a police officer on that day as well.

Patrick Wood: They were protecting them. They were offering them protection. And it's like, you know, the thinness of hypocrisy is just absolutely amazing to me and this whole thing. But, you know, this is the nature of revolution. Brannon, We're in a revolution whether we want to admit it or not. We are not revolutionists, the revolutionaries, but the people coming at us promoting all this stuff. They're the ones that are trying to destroy our country. If anybody is practicing seditious conspiracy, it's groups like BLM and Antifa. They're the ones that want to take down our nation completely. But they'll never see the light of day on that kind of a charge ever.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. You know, I didn't even know where to bring it up tonight because everybody and their grandmother are talking about it. And I don't like to talk about what everybody else is talking about it unless it's, really, really a big story and we're all forced to talk about it. I want my show to be different than everybody else's, but it's everywhere on the news today among conservatives. So I think I want to play. It won't have any sound. But take a look at this video. Watch this video. Joe Biden today, folks, I'm going to give you my response. Watch this. Here we go. Go to it, guys. I'm going to give you my thoughts and I'll get yours. Here we go. Watch this. Let me give you my response, my take on that today. Maybe it'll upset some people, but I frankly don't care. I think our side needs to try. To not be guilty of what we have accused the other side of. We watched for four years and more than four years from the time he announced and certainly now that he's been out of the White House. So we've watched now for six and a half, seven years as Donald Trump has been mocked, made fun of, made fun of his family, his children. We've watched people on the left be extremely cruel.

Brannon Howse: And I remember watching all that thinking. You don't have to agree with his politics to at least be civil and not dehumanize people. You can disagree with people and you can even call them evil. You can call them if they are communist transhumanists, neo-Nazis, or white supremacists if they are anti-Semites or Jew-haters. If it's true and there's proof, we should not back down on using these truthful terms. But I notice how the left acted, and I would think that's just. Why would you do that? And I saw this today with Joe Biden, and I don't like Joe Biden at all. I think Joe is an evil man. I think Joe is very, very debased, darkened-hearted. Romans One fool. But I also watched this footage today and I found myself feeling sorry for him, not feeling sorry for him, because Joe deserves my compassion, but feeling sorry for him as a human being, as someone that has some kind of medical condition, who has been forced on to this stage over and over by his family and caregivers as they pull the puppet strings of this old man. And I find it cruel. Again, I'm no defender of Joe Biden, but I am a defender of treating people with humanity. And I'm also saddened for us, the American people.

Brannon Howse: I was saddened when I saw this, to think that this is what the world is seeing in Washington watching today and how China and Russia and Iran and North Korea all must be just laughing at America, that this is the quote, commander in chief. When I saw him fall on that video today and I watched that. It made me sad on many levels, but it made me also very afraid of how weak America looks on the world stage to our enemies. I think we do ourselves a disservice on the right when we are so quick to dehumanize. People call people names. It was pointed out to me tonight, even here in frank speech, some people referring to Congressman Glenn Grothman as a POS. You know. Glenn Grothman has defended the Second Amendment. He has fought against the LGBT agenda. He has fought against open borders. And someone got upset because he voted for increasing the debt ceiling. But he explained his position and that's why I had him on to talk about many of those things and then ask him about the debt ceiling. He felt like that was the best we could get. We didn't need to see our bond rating decrease to bring on more interest rates. But there were people and I saw the names and the character.

Brannon Howse: One of the characters doing it doesn't shock me. He seems like a very classless individual and has been for a long time. There he was calling Congressman Grothman a POS. And Andy. I mean, Patrick, I am very disgusted by many people in our movement that have seem to have no more class than Joe Biden. Yeah. And people today making fun of Joe Biden and laughing and taking joy at this. And for those who are conservatives who are not Christians, I guess you could get away with it. But for those of us who are Christians, I think we better think again if sitting around and mocking him falling is somehow a great testimony. Number one. Number two. Are we so naive as to believe? As I said, when he fell and we see the so-called commander-in-chief doing that. What this means, this is not only sad, but it's dangerous for America. Today what happened is dangerous for America. We sent the whole world a message again and even more stark footage. We are a weak country with a weak leader, even though I think he was installed improperly. I think he's a fake president, a faux president put in there by fraud. This was not good at many levels today. What say you?

Patrick Wood: I say his handlers are just despicably evil, in my opinion. I've looked at several over the period just trying to figure out who's running the show. You know, we had people like Susan Rice for the first two years of his administration. That was his domestic policy adviser. That was not her strong suit, by the way, as far as, you know, political science is concerned. But she was a good friend and she's also a member of the Trilateral Commission. She's at the very top of the elite crowd. And there's no doubt that Susan Rice was one of the primary handlers for the first two years of his administration. He now has a new person in there, another lady that's just as bad. She is the president of the Atlantic Institute. If you know the Atlantic Institute, you know it's a trilateral nest of snakes. Um, but, you know, these people have had a strategy. They've had a policy that they're implementing through Biden and they're using him. If you could call it elder abuse in some in some sense that, you know, he deep down he may like to be somewhere else, but they are requiring that he stay there and take falls on his on a national stage in front of national cameras or walking up the, you know, Air Force One stairs or whatever to make an absolute fool out of himself. And honestly, I think the making a fool of himself. I think that is part of the elite strategy. That's why they have.

Brannon Howse: 100%.

Patrick Wood: Complete stumblebum and they're using him mercilessly, using him to paint a picture to the rest of the world that they want to paint. And it's certainly not we want to paint, but this is, you know, this deep state stuff goes deep. And, you know, it's mean-spirited, no doubt. If that was if he was my father. Thank goodness he's not. But if he were my father. And I saw him humiliated. As he's being humiliated, I would go in and start swinging. I'd say, You get your hands off of him. I'm taking him home. That would be the end of it. Yeah, but I'm not in that.

Brannon Howse: Position, I think. Right. But I think you make a great point that they want us to appear weak. This is part of the goal to show America's weak. And with this man with dementia, Alzheimer's, whatever he's got. You know, I'm no defender of Joe Biden, but I am again calling for conservatives and Christians to act with decorum and professionalism and a standard that is above the left. We didn't like it when they talked about Trump. We should set the example, not return tit for tat. I'm not saying I'm perfect in that at all times, but I've tried to not make my career about mocking people. Do I have strong words for people? Yes. But generally, I can always back it up with one of the 14 books I've written and 600 footnotes per book a lot of the time. So when I call them certain things like Communist or neo-Marxist or whatever, it's what they are. But you made a good point about this is what they want. There was a former KGB officer who flipped and came to America. He wrote a paper which when it was I've read so many of their books. But he warned that right before America goes to war or the communist would come to war against us, they would do whatever they could to embarrass and discredit American leaders, whether that means releasing videotapes of them in compromising positions, releasing pictures of them in compromising positions, they would do whatever they could, could so the American people would believe. They don't have any leaders that are worthy of their respect and worthy of their trust. So I think I don't know if you knew that or not, but I think what you just said fits with what the former KGB and communist leaders who defected and came to America and began warning how this would go down. This is what they warned they would do.

Patrick Wood: Yes and yes, I think so. And, you know, the truth of the matter is that the American people are not weak. Generally. Generally speaking, the American people themselves are not weak. They're principled. They're by and large compassionate, just people trying to live their lives and get along. But they're not weak. These are the people, for instance, that fought World War two and World War One, for that matter, but especially World War Two. And, you know, to paint to put up a leadership that appears to be weak is creating a false narrative. It's propaganda, of course, for us, because we get demoralized when we see Biden doing things like this. It is demoralizing. But the American people are not weak. It's they that are weak at this point. And they're fighting like everything. You know, we have to harken back to Susan Rice again over the Benghazi debacle. And you remember Susan Rice was the one that completely just muddled the whole scenario on why was Benghazi attack, why did we lose all those people? Why were they all killed? Why didn't you know and why didn't our military get released to go in and save them and rescue them like they should have? Well, Susan Rice was right smack dab in the middle of that and she lied through her pearly white teeth Oh, so many times. Lied right to the camera. We found all this out later. I mean, most people just knew she was lying on the spot. But later it was found out. She never said anything truthful. She said everything. It was just made up. And, you know, how do you process this? You know, this is somebody who is in a very high position of leadership in the government. How do you process that as an American? It's tough. But people look on the other side. Our enemies look on. They see this kind of corruption. They see this kind of low moral character. They see the treachery. Maybe even they sense the evil. And they have no respect for America whatsoever. No respect whatsoever. And here we are.

Brannon Howse: It's a dangerous, dangerous time.

Patrick Wood: Dangerous time.

Brannon Howse: Dangerous time we're living in. Yeah. You know, 13 days. I watch it sometimes about twice a year. 13 days. The story of the Cuban Missile Crisis and Bobby Kennedy and John F Kennedy dealing with the generals in the Pentagon and all that. And. And you look at the dangerous tensions that were there and a lot of people say later it was dangerous but not as dangerous as we thought it was in hindsight. But today is much, much more dangerous than the Cuban missile crisis. And we don't need this kind of weakness being shown. But yeah, you and I agree. Technocracy news. Technocracy news. Any closing comment, Patrick?

Patrick Wood: No. You know, I don't think so. There are so many things we could be talking about. I mean, the news is just full of important things. You know, I just have to say, for the average American that might be listening to this program, there's consolation in spending time to get rid of the fear that might be in your mind and your heart. You know, if you're fearful about any of this, there's a remedy for that. And you can tell them all about that in your next Sunday night sermon. But there is a remedy for fear. And if there was ever a time we need that remedy to be applied to people right now. And the Bible says perfect love casts out fear and drives out fear. And this is a time when, you know, I hate to go back to you know, this is not like the Vietnam War. Oh, you know, visualize love or whatever. Make love, not war. Not that. But human compassion has exited stage left in America on both the right and the left. And we need to buckle down on driving out ad hominem attacks on people just, you know, being mean-spirited and stuff like that. We just need to drive that out and, you know, put our heart back where it belongs because this is where this is the heartbeat of America. This always has been the heartbeat of America. And we need to remember that and get back to it again.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Well said. Well said, Patrick. Patrick, would one of the keynote speakers coming up as Delta comes running into the studio? Patrick would be at our Ozarks Worldview Week in the middle of October. Full details at Wptv W-v Wptv Patrick, thank you for being with us. You might want my pleasure. Stay and listen. Stay and listen to what I'm going to say because I'm going to use what you just said as a bridge. Thank you, Patrick.

Patrick Wood: Okay. You bet.

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Brannon Howse: James Kennedy, Chuck Swindoll, and others, and concerts all over the country and churches and then fell over into this, literally wasn't planning on doing this. And yet I still put out a couple of albums a year or once a year, about one a year. And these have been very, very well received. The reality is we've brought in our foundation can bring in around $1 million in donations, about $1 million or more in donations through my various CDs, because we give them away to our top donors. We send these to our top donors. You know, some groups say give us a send us a donation of $25. We'll send this to you. Well, we don't do that because that's not giving you a gift. We'll send you this gift. How is it a gift if you just ask them to send you money? So I don't like that. So I always said, send these out to our top donors with an I sign a lot of them and we'll give it to them as a gift. And if they want to come back and give us something, they can. They don't. They don't. But most of them do. They're very generous. So we have given out thousands upon thousands upon thousands of these CDs of my sermons through song volume one, sermons through song, volume two. Uh, love songs for Melissa and You that one was titled The One That My Christmas album.

Brannon Howse: And these have generated a lot of contributions to our foundation. But they not only generate contributions for our foundation. So I've put one out about every year, but we also make them available for sale. And we have found that a lot of people have been touched by these and we appreciate that. A lot of my sermons through Song Volume One and my Sermon through Song Volume Two have been used by a lot of hospice ministries, and this one will be used by a lot of hospice ministries as well. I'm sure of that. I sent some of these recordings to a friend of mine whose mother I have great, immense respect and appreciation for who's who is passing away and in hospice. And I sent her these and him through some of these. And I knew he would play them for her and he did. And he texted me back and he said that my mother is planning her funeral and she's going to play one of these for her funeral. So this will also be used not only to minister to you to take away your fear, and your anxiety, but for some folks, this is part of their hospice ministry and they play this kind of music for people that are passing into glory. What an honor. Look at the Jill Jill, did the graphics take a look at this here? Here's the lineup of songs that will be there.

Brannon Howse: How Great Thou Art. He touched Me. His Eyes on the Sparrow. I'd Rather have Jesus be still my soul Be thou, my vision blessed assurance Great is thy faithfulness Have thine own way, Lord at the cross the old rugged cross Jesus paid it all Amazing grace I need thee every hour He hired my soul I surrender all Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus. What a friend we have in Jesus. Ferris Lord Jesus, when the roll is called up yonder. And when we all get to heaven, that's a medley we put together. So again, it'll be out soon. The artwork just came out today. Jill finished it. It went off to mastering. It'll be here soon. And again, it fits with what Patrick was talking about, our desire to, you know, minister to you and also help take away some of the anxiety and fear. So we thought this was a great time to put this out. And so we'll let you know when you can start ordering those. Joining me now is Doctor James Thorp. Doctor Thorp, welcome back to oh, by the way, let me just say again if you want to try or sample some of these, go to,, and look for those free TV shows on Brannon Howse music with Brannon House. And you'll hear me laying out the story of these hymns and then singing them with that beautiful grand piano. You can get a taste of it.

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