Worldview Financial Report Transcript

  • A Third Major Burger King Franchisee Declares Bankruptcy

    A major U.S. credit rating agency turns negative on U.S. debt. What does this mean?
    A new report by a British medical journal shows vast conflicts of interest among regulators at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The central bank of China is rushing to buy massive amounts of gold, indicating it’s preparing for substantial changes in the dollar-centric international monetary system.
  • First Republic Has Now Been Taken Over by JP Morgan

    First Republic Has Now Been Taken Over by JP Morgan. What’s the future of commercial real estate in light of the work-from-home movement touched off by the Covid pandemic? Are electric vehicles as fuel-efficient as they’re cracked up to be? A new study suggests those government figures plastered on car windows at your local dealership may be inflated and fraudulent.
  • Home Foreclosures Surge In the First Quarter of 2023

    Legendary financial guru Peter Schiff weighs in on the gold market. Should you hold off or should you buy? Mississippi becomes the 43rd state to end sales taxes on the purchase of precious metals. Home foreclosures surge in the first quarter of 2023. The Biden regime says it will soon implement a new rule requiring homebuyers with good credit to pay higher mortgage rates in order to subsidize those with poor credit.
  • Elon Musk Weighs In On The Economy

    A new global CBDC is being launched with the backing of the International Monetary fund.
    An economic analyst addresses the elephant in the room: Is digital currency constitutional?
    Texas lawmakers have introduced bills that would create the state’s own digital currency separate from the U.S. dollar, but would that be legal?
  • U.S. Bank Deposits Tumble for the 10th Consecutive Week

    One of America’s wealthiest and most prominent bankers says governments may need to seize private property in order to build wind and solar farms. Gold prices rush to record levels. More nations are poised to dump the U.S. dollar as their reserve currency as the BRICS nations talk about creating an all-new digital currency backed by gold.
  • Disney Is Hosting The Largest LGBTQ Conference In The World

    Disney is continuing to push the limits of woke activism, hosting the largest LGBTQ conference in the world at its theme park in Orlando. Another food plant goes up in smoke, this time in a deadly explosion at a chocolate manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. Panera Bread Co. says it will start offering cashless, touchless payments to customers. All they need to do is have the palm of their hand scanned and money will be debited from their bank account.
  • Humanoid Robots To Take Most Blue-Collar Jobs Within 10 Years

    The global banking sector is teetering on the edge of catastrophe as governments rush to stem the bleeding, but fails to reassure many depositors. At least 20 state legislatures are considering bills that would redefine money and pave the way for a new Central Bank Digital Currency. The U.S. Federal Reserve announces a new electronic payment service called FedNow that will compete with PayPal, Venmo and other instant payment plans.
  • Two West Coast Banks Go Belly Up

    Two West Coast banks go belly up amid rising fears of a financial meltdown in the U.S. Lots of news on the central bankers’ drive to create a global digital currency. Congress has passed a bill that would make is harder for investment fund managers to invoke ESG scores on companies, but Joe Biden is waiting with his veto pen. BlackStone is buying for just under $5 billion.
  • Elon Musk's Neuralink Will Soon Start Human Trials

    The battle over central bank digital currencies is heating up, with the first peep from Congress making itself heard, but will it be too little, too late to stop the Fed from issuing its own CBDC? What is the true cost of the globalists’ plan for a green economy or so-called sustainable development? One study puts it at $93 trillion, and that’s just a downpayment! Hershey doubles down on wokeness, saying it stands by its transgender candy bar.
  • Bill Gates Buys One of Europe’s Largest Beer Brewing Companies

    Corporate America is going gaga over artificial intelligence. Coca Cola goes all in with A.I. and chatbots, announcing it will depend increasingly on non-human technology to market its products and even run the company’s operations. And the Atlanta based beverage company is not alone. Bill Gates buys one of Europe’s largest beer brewing companies.
  • Tesla is Recalling More Than 362,000 Cars With Faulty Driver-Assistance Software

    Bad news for electric vehicle owners. Tesla is recalling more than 362,000 cars with faulty driver-assistance software and Ford’s electric F-150 pickup truck keeps catching fire because of defective batteries. Toyota is also having quality problems with its electric vehicles. Albertsons releases a new app that tracks not only your grocery purchases but all your pharmaceuticals. German grocery store giant Lidl has announced they will begin phasing out all meat products from their locations over the next several years.
  • Hobby Lobby Joins the Open Borders Movement

    The Biden regime pulls the rug out from under six Chinese companies, but it’s business as usual for the thousands of other CCP-backed companies operating inside the United States. A group of Republican senators is questioning the involvement of U.S. companies in the manufacturing of the Chinese spy balloon. Ford Motor Company is “partnering” with a Chinese company to build a massive EV battery plant in Michigan. Banner