Vaccination passports

  • Crosstalk: March 31, 2021

    New York is the first state to implement a vaccination passport that they call the ‘Excelsior Pass’.  Gary communicated that they’ll work out any ‘bugs’ by monitoring how people react and what they need to ‘tweak’ to make it more acceptable to others. Gary told listeners how Bill Gates has been involved in numerous areas of technology that are coming together linking biometrics, digital identity systems with vaccination records, and a payment system.  In fact, he described an experiment taking place in West Africa where all of this is being tested.  So unless God does a miracle and people take a stand, he believes we’ll see this unfold very rapidly.  
  • Brannon Howse: March 17, 2021

    Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: Israel is apparently leading the way in setting the global standards for vaccination passports to enter public areas and venues and flights. Dr. Woods explains how Israel is sadly helping to establish global governance and tyranny whether they know it or not. Brannon and Dr. Woods explains how they as Christian Zionists have been supporting the nation state of Israel and fighting anti-semitism. They explain that while they support the nation state of Israel they do not always agree with the government of Israel on every issue and this is one such occasion. Brannon and Dr. Woods explain how the actions of the Israeli government will sadly be used by antisemites to attack Jews. Brannon and Dr. Woods explain how to present this complicated issue to the public using Bible prophecy. Topic: Pope Frances literally calls for using the covid-19 crisis for what he calls the new world order. Topic: We take your calls.