• Crosstalk: March 9, 2022

    Alex Newman is an award-winning international freelance journalist, author, researcher, educator and consultant.  He is senior editor for The New American and contributes to other publications as well.  He is author of Crimes of the Educators and Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes.  He’s the founder of Liberty Sentinel.
  • Brannon Howse: January 25, 2022

    Guests: Dr. Peter Pry and Leo Hohmann. Topic: As the sound of war drums grows louder the real enemy remains hidden behind the curtain. Topic: Dr. Peter Pry on the world is on the brink of World War III over Russia and Ukraine. Topic: Are all the big issues of the day really connected such as the Great Reset, massive inflation, invasion of illegal aliens into America, the break down of America’s supply chain and the persecution of patriots? Topic: We take your calls.
  • Peter Pry: February 2, 2022

    On this edition of The Pry Report, Dr. Pry explains how Biden administration policies could escalate into a tactical nuclear war in Europe, a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia, or even a nuclear war between the U.S. vs. Russia and China. Dr. Pry advocates making peace, not war, with Russia by agreeing not to include Ukraine in NATO, and not to expand NATO further eastward. Americans should not die or risk nuclear war for distant nations that serve no vital U.S. interest. U.S. foreign policy should focus on dividing the Sino-Russian New Axis, making Russia neutral or a strategic partner, to isolate China, which is the biggest long-term threat to the U.S.
  • Brannon Howse: February 2, 2022

    Guest: Dr. Peter Pry and Karen Kingston. Topic: Brannon covers the growing threats from Iran, China, North Korea, Russia and Venezuela. Topic: Dr. Peter Pry with an update on the Russia, Ukraine and U.S. crisis that could spark a serious war and nuclear exchange. Topic: Karen Kingston on her recent trip to the border of Mexico and what she saw concerning children that greatly disturbed her.
  • Brannon Howse: February 28, 2022

    Guest: Dr. Peter Pry. Topic: What is really happening between Russia and Ukraine? Are some of the reports coming out of Ukraine false? Why are the media, globalists and Washington elite pushing so hard for a full-blown war between the United States and Russia? Is it possible that this entire scenario has been pre-planned by the Biden Regime, Russia and China since Biden is known to have strong communist ties, including a communist group placing him in the U.S. Senate? Now 60 Minutes is reporting on the vulnerability of the U.S. power gird. As we have reported, the World Economic Forum is also warning of a massive, global, cyber attack. Is the narrative being set now for a global cyber attack that will be deliberate in order to force a global collapse and to finalize the great re-set and push for a digital, global currency?
  • Brannon Howse: March 1, 2022

    Guest: Rep. Tim Ramthun. Topic: Justice Gableman release his report that documents election crimes and that Wisconsin legislature can decertify the 2020 Presidential election. Topic: Ukraine and George Soros. Topic: Has the Ukrainian and Russian war been highly coordinated by Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and the World Economic Forum? Topic: China is paying foreign shipping container companies to ship empty containers back to China instead of filling them with American agriculture and goods. This is creating a real crisis for American business owners and farmers. Topic: China and Russia's war on the American dollar. Topic: We take your calls. 
  • Peter Pry: March 2, 2022

    Dr. Pry cautions to be skeptical of all reporting on the Ukraine War as most of the information is coming from the Ukraine government, that wants the U.S. and NATO to join the war to defeat Russia. Yet the U.S. and NATO have no vital interests at stake in Ukraine to justify risking nuclear World War III. It is too early in the war to know if Russia is winning or losing. Russia probably has mobilized its nuclear forces and put them on high alert. The U.S. has flown B-52 nuclear bombers to Britain and, for the first time ever, to Poland. Such reckless behavior by both sides could too easily escalate to nuclear war by mistake. Republicans, instead of supporting Biden Administration warmongering in Ukraine, should be demanding why President Biden is risking nuclear war with Russia for Ukraine, which is not a U.S. ally and where the U.S. has no vital interest. U.S. foreign and defense policy should not be driven by Globalism, but by Nationalism and an "America First" policy that serves only U.S. vital national interests.
  • Crosstalk: March 2, 2022

    Paul Popov is the CEO of Door of Hope International.  They are a voice and a helping hand to persecuted Christians worldwide.  When he was five years old, his father, prominent Protestant Minister Haralan Popov, was brutally taken from his family by the KGB and arrested on false charges of being a spy for America.  Paul and his family were branded as enemies of the state.
  • U.S. State Department Confirms U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine: Worldview Report Transcript For March 14, 2022

    We have some shocking revelations about those biolabs in Ukraine. Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Seneca provided capital for the firms behind the creation of the biolabs. On Tuesday, March 8, the U.S. State Department confirmed there were U.S. biolabs in Ukraine. Then on Wednesday, March 9, the Biden administration backtracked and insisted there were no US-funded biolabs in Ukraine.
  • The Doom of NATO?

    In 1914, a single bullet fired into the chest of Archduke Ferdinand by a Serbian terrorist quickly and unexpectedly exploded into World War I. The Austro-Hungarians mobilized their armies to punish Serbia.  Russia mobilized armies to defend their Serb “little Slavic brother.”  Germany mobilized, then France, then Britain, and by 1918 there were 40 million casualties, 15-22 million dead. Banner