• Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: March 7, 2023

    Topic: UFOs Babylon, The Antichrist and The New World Order. Topic: In May of 2022, United States Airforce drone reportedly captured footage of a UFO in Iraq. Today Brannon proposes a theory regarding the global increase in UFOs, as documented by the U.S. government, as setting the stage for a global deception that might involve Babylon. Brannon, like many fellow Christians, believes that many of these UFOs defy the know laws of the universe and are actually demonic entities. Revelation 18 describes Babylon in Iraq as a dwelling place of demons. Will UFOs, and their so called advanced spiritual beings, be used to set up the deception of the Antichrist? Will mankind turn to so-called aliens for answers on how to save the earth and themselves? What did Brannon’s friend, the late Dr. Ron Carlson write about UFOs and the Antichrist?