• Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: March 23, 2023

    The signs the U.S. pentagon is following a demonic agenda. (Part 3) Topic: The demons that pose as extraterrestrials have been telling occult authors that the idea of the New Age Movement need to replace Christianity. Topic: What does the Bible call the doctrine of demons? Why would these so-called extraterrestrials attack the deity of Jesus and the biblical gospel? How are these imposters laying the foundation for the coming antichrist? Topic: We take your calls.
  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: March 22, 2023

    Topic: The signs the U.S. pentagon is following a demonic agenda (Part 2) Topic: Pentagon promotes UFO narrative of occultists. Topic: President of China and Russia meet in Moscow. Topic: Retired Israeli General says Israel could strike Iran within three months. Topic: China launching satellites to take out U.S. military communication and GPS within hours of war. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: March 20, 2023

    Topic: Central banks around the world working together to increase bank liquidity. Topic: Wisconsin bank offering to review coins for customers. Is this a sign of things to come? Topic: Why viewers are thanking us for covering national and global events in light of Bible prophecy? Topic: What has God providentially protected us from both individually and collectively? Topic: Pentagon working with Harvard and releases paper on mothership sending UFO probes to earth. What does this tell us about the current state of our Pentagon, country and the spiritual deception that is coming?
  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: March 16, 2023

    Topic: Pentagon official suggest alien mothership send UFOs to explore earth. Topic: How has environmentalism been used for ecumenicalism and interfaith dialogue? Topic: How do secular humanists and cosmic humanists view aliens? Topic: How could UFOs be used to deceive the world and set up for the coming of the antichrist?
  • Peter Pry: April 1, 2021

    Dr. Pry discusses revelations by former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, that the defense and intelligence community have compelling evidence of UFOs that are vehicles, not strange natural phenomenon. These “flying saucers” demonstrate extraordinary capabilities in speed and maneuverability, traveling both underwater and atmospherically, seemingly defying the laws of physics, technologically far beyond any known capabilities on Earth. The Defense Department and Intelligence Community have not concurred that the UFOs are from an alien civilization beyond our solar system, but have offered no explanation. A DOD/IC report is due by June 1 declassifying more, but not all, data on the UFOs. It appears, for good or ill, we are not alone. History suggests we should hope to be left alone.