Two State Solution

  • Jimmy DeYoung: April 7, 2021

    Many Prophecy students look forward to Jimmy DeYoung bringing Dave Dolan to the Broadcast Table each week to give us his Middle East News Up-date. Therefore, Dave will join Jimmy in a moment with his report. This MENU will include Israel's concerns over the China-Iran deal; the PM calling for all the "right-wing parties", right now, to form a government in Israel; Sec of State Blinken pushing a "two-state solution" for Israel; and thousands of Jewish worshipers entering the TempleMount, in Jerusalem, during Passover, and even praying on this sacred site for the Jewish people.
  • Jimmy DeYoung: March 12, 2021

    Many of the listeners of PTIB come to hear Dave Dolan's Middle East News Update on a weekly basis. Therefore, today Jimmy DeYoung will bring Dave to the Broadcast Table to give us that MENU. Jimmy and Dave will discuss the PLO and Hamas, both signing on to the "Two-State Solution"; the Jordanian Foreign Minister urging the Israeli FM to re-ignite the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process; Israeli airstrikes on Iran, in Syria, are testing the patience of Russia; and Israeli leaders are concerned about whether Israel is able to defend the Jewish State from an attack from Iran.