Transition Integrity Project

  • Playing for Keeps: The Plot to Destroy Our Constitutional Republic (Part One)

    For anyone with "eyes to see" and "ears to hear," the Deep State plans for a Biden win are more than obvious. They have been telegraphed for weeks, including the Nancy Pelosi-led effort to create a 25th Amendment Commission. All of this is well planned and orchestrated. It is an extraordinary effort to literally supplant this once-free nation. We will walk through some of the telltale signals in this blog (and also in Part Two to come).

    What may be less obvious, however, is that other scenarios have been game planned as well. From the people who brought you the Russian Collusion Hoax and the phony Impeachment scandal, there is a contingency plan for any and every outcome of the November election. In each case, the clear intention is to dramatically and permanently change America. The end result would be a Marxist, technocratic dictatorship appearing as an Orwellian nightmare. Some might argue, a "Brave New World" nightmare even beyond the imagination of Aldous Huxley. But essentially, the elitists will package it as democracy but it would surely emerge as tyranny.