• Peter Pry: August 31, 2020

    The Pry Report has some good news for a change—talks with Russia about extending Obama’s terrible New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) have been suspended. President Trump tried to save New START by negotiating better verification provisions, by including tactical nuclear weapons, and making it multilateral by including China. But China and Russia refused these necessary changes to the treaty. New START was never verifiable, so Russia is probably cheating on the treaty, just like it has cheated on most other treaties. Washington’s foreign policy and defense establishments are addicted to the arms control fantasy. We need to protect America through the policy of “Peace Through Strength” by having nuclear and military capabilities second-to-none, not by trusting Russia and China to obey arms control treaties, that are largely worthless.
  • Real Clear Defense: Have Russia And China Already 'Militarized' Space?

    President Trump’s U.S. Space Force is constantly under attack, from critics both foreign and domestic, as a giant step toward supposedly violating long-standing international norms and treaties against “militarizing space.”  Russia, China, and perpetual domestic critics of U.S. defense programs like the Arms Control Association, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Federation of American Scientists are particularly opposed to U.S. space-based missile defenses.