repressive tolerance

  • Brannon Howse: January 12, 2021

    Guest: Jeff Nyquist. Topic: Brannon starts the broadcast explaining that America is going through at least two movements. One movement is the repressive tolerance movement one Herbert Marcuse and the other is the Mandela Movement as is unfolding in South Africa. Topic: Jeff joins us to discuss a tip he received from Ukraine last night on a report that one of the men to storm the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 may indeed be a Russian operative. Jeff explains why Russia would want to see civil unrest and chaos in America. Topic: What did some of the former KGB officers tell Jeff they would release on our national figures before they move against our nation? Topic: We take your calls.
  • Brannon Howse: January 11, 2021

    Guests: Trevor Loudon and Jeffrey R. Nyquist. Topic: Brannon reminds the audience once again of the quote by Herbert Marcuse from his 1965 paper on repressive tolerance. Marcuse declares that their must be an intolerance of the right and only a tolerance of the left. Marcuse declares that the left must remove the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and other civil liberties from the right. Brannon explains that the goal of Marcuse is now underway with great aggression in 2021 in the United States of America. Topic: Trevor and Jeff join us to discuss why they agree with Brannon that the storming of the U.S. Capitol was an inside job to flip the narrative on the American conservatives and to set them up as domestic terrorists and to justify removing their civil liberties. Topic: How will the left try and control the American people using food and money? Topic: Jeff and Trevor believe that President Trump should invoke the the Insurrection Act but they explain why the did not believe he can carry it out with success? Topic: What are freedom loving Americans to do now? Banner