Quarantine Camps

  • Chris Pinto: January 14, 2022

    "Today’s Show: RUMORS OF WAR & QUARANTINE CAMPS Chris discusses the speculations about a new program being launched by the U.S. Military called “Robin Sage.” The Daily Mail in the U.K. asks if this could be a “civil war rehearsal” since the Special Forces candidates will participate in training in which they face a “numerically superior enemy” in a politically unstable fictional country. The Robin Sage training exercises also appear just after the DOJ created a new unit to confront what officials claim is an “elevated threat from domestic violent extremists.” Also discussed are reports of Covid quarantine camps in Washington State, which raised an alarm sparking “thousands of emails” in response. Yet while the Washington State Legislature website seems to define such a program— there are government and media outlets that deny this is what’s really happening. We review the reports and examine the details. "