Presidential Emergency Action

  • Brannon Howse: September 24, 2020

    Guest: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: Will President Trump be forced to use Presidential Emergency Action by the lawlessness that could be rampant over the Presidential elections? Are America’s enemies, both foreign and domestic, trying to increase voter fraud and civil unrest in order to push President Trump into using the Presidential Emergency powers? Is this all a big set up by the deep state and to what end? Today Brannon reads from numerous articles that detail the disturbing powers a President can enact. How could President Trump remain in office and stop Nancy Pelosi from becoming the acting President during a Constitutional crisis over who has won the Presidential election of 2020? Topic: Jimmy DeYoung joins us to discuss these issues: A voice from the past: Tony Blair says that the Trump peace plan is the way to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Topic: A Palestinian PLO leader says that the Abraham Accords are helping Israel acquire their Biblical borders. Topic: Why the Arab world hate the Palestinians as much as they hate Israel. Topic: Yom Kippur is the Holiest day in Judaism but a day that marks Israel's worst war