Power grid

  • Brannon Howse: August 18, 2020

    We warned and you warned and we were mocked for the warnings and yet what we warned about is now occurring. What is next and will Americans now listen and prepare? (Part 1) Topic: Numerous individuals, groups and publications have mocked the idea of the threats to the U.S. power grid and yet now even the liberal Washington Post reported over the weekend that America’s power-grid is in danger and America is not ready. Topic: National leaders that are not known for being very vocal about the U.S. power grid are now speaking up about their concerns of a dark sky event. Topic: Brannon plays audio from his 2018 documentary in which he and his guests warned Americans that Antifa would be targeting individual conservatives, and that city councils would be backing these domestic terrorists just as was occurring at the time in Europe. Hear the audio of the 2018 predictions that have come to pass already in 2020 with more yet to unfold as Sabotage the docuMovie predicted.