Paul Blair

  • Jimmy DeYoung: July 27, 2021

    Dr. Paul Blair, a former NFL football player, and now a Pastor in Edmond, Oklahoma. He's not only a Pastor but also the President of the Liberty Pastors Network. Paul has called for "modern-day men of God" to stand up against evil and proclaim the Word of God in power, in these the end times. Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung will bring Paul to the Broadcast Table to discuss why Pastors and church members must fight for freedom, until the Rapture happens, which could be at any moment, perhaps today.
  • Jimmy DeYoung: December 3, 2020

    Today on Prophecy Today Intelligence Briefing Jimmy DeYoung will bring to his Broadcast Table Paul Blair, so that he can rehearse how God used the Pilgrims, from Europe, who traveled to America, some 400 years ago. They came for the purpose of evangelizing the "native Americans", and also to establish a "human government", a government of "self-rule. As they landed in America, it is in the record, that they would apply Biblical principles and set up a God-ordained government. This is the kind of governmental operation that the Lord wants for the whole world today. This is a "civics 101" lesson. Please listen and learn. Paul will also share how the first Thanksgiving came to the world in 1621.