Pamela Geller

  • Brannon Howse: August 14, 2020

    Is there a legal system left that will protect and defend true conservatives? Topic: Brannon discusses the death of Phil Haney and a new article written about the FBI investigation into his death. Is the FBI playing politics with the investigation? Is the FBI even qualified to investigate the death of Phil Haney when the FBI has been proven to be compromised by Islamists, the deep state, along with illegal, and treasonous behavior? Topic: Brannon explains how the FBI has shown zero interest in the threats against his family and fellow broadcasters that have come by email and the USPS. The threats are so graphic and sexual that he could not even read them on the air. Yet, the FBI reportedly sent 15 agents to investigate a garage rope in the racing garage of Bubba Wallace. Topic: A judge releases a man from prison over the Coronavirus despite the fact he was interested in beheading Pamela Geller. Topic: We take your calls. Banner