Mass School Shooting in Uvalde

  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: May 26, 2022

    Topic: Brannon reads from a May 11, 1987 New York Times article that reports on how the AIDs epidemic may have been triggered by the mass vaccine campaigns against smallpox. Topic: WHO amendments may be postponed for bigger global pandemic treaty coming later this year. Topic: Biden regime to continue with disinformation board despite lies they are not going forward. Mat Staver reported to us on TV last night that the man to lead this board next is the man behind the Patriot Act. Topic: Why was the door opened at the school in Uvalde, Texas? Topic: Are the terrorists watching how easy it is to attack America’s schools? Topic: Klaus Schwab and the CEO of Pfizer speak of anti-vaccination citizens in derogatory terms. Brannon asks why should we trust them when it is a proven fact the CDC knew for 10 years the MMR shot was causing autism in children and particularly boys. Topic: We take your calls.