Mary Fanning

  • Brannon Howse: November 11, 2020

    Guest: Mary Fanning and Alan Jones, National Intelligence authors. Topic: Remember the voter fraud is about a coup so that the treason, subversion and concluding with America’s enemies is not prosecuted and can continue. Topic: Refuting more bogus attacks on Dennis Montgomery that built the HAMMER software. Topic: Yes, General Counsel of the FBI affirmed Dennis Montgomery under oath before Congress. Topic: The chilling video that Iran has released that foretells of their massive nuclear strike on American military ships. What are the hidden clues in this video and what do they have to do with Biden and Obama’s betrayal of America’s national security and our national ports? Topic: What happened to the WMDs in Iraq, and why should we worry about who has them today? Topic: Why does much of Washington D.C. not consider biological chemical weapons to be WMDs but only nuclear weapons? Topic: What is the real chance of America being attacked from within our borders or just off our coast and how limited is our radar for such close incoming strikes? Topic: What percentage of cargo containers are screened that come into America and are they really screened by a Communist Chinese company? Topic: Understanding the threat to America’s nuclear triad. Topic: We take your calls.
  • The HAMMER, the Software, and the Whistleblower Tapes with General McInerney and Mary Fanning

    Brannon Howse:  Welcome, glad you're with us.  Gen. McInerney joins us again today with Mary Fanning, and today we're being added by Mary's coauthor, Alan Jones.  Please make sure we get the name right here.  It's Alan Jones that joins us.

    All right, one of the most disturbing things to me last night, Mary and Alan, is that these guys are using this software. It was created in 2003 with Dennis Montgomery working for the military to keep America safe after 9/11 in – I think I wrote the date down somewhere in here – February 3, 2009.

    It is commandeered by Obama and his team, Brennan and Clapper, you guys report.  They begin to weaponize this as a tool against the American people, against the Supreme Court, against elected officials in the House and Senate, businesspeople.  But what is most shocking to me, they begin to use this powerful tool against the American people, apparently I guess breaking constitutional law, federal law, all kinds of laws.  They're surveilling churches as well, churches, Christian churches and synagogues.