Marxist Revolution

  • Brannon Howse: August 4, 2020

    Part 5: The Marxist Race War and Guerrilla Warfare Revolution Unfolding in America. Topic: Today Brannon provides testimony from former high ranking communist and black American Manning Johnson. Johnson turned against communism and became a patriot seeking to warn Americans about what he learned as a former high ranking American communist. Topic: Starting in 1928, Stalin wanted to use race, racism and race warfare to divide America, create chaos, and blame Christianity and capitalism as the source of racism and discrimination. Topic: In 1934, due to the desire of Black American communists, Moscow began to work and train these black communists to infiltrate the black community. Moscow and their agents deemed that to infiltrate the American, black community, they must infiltrate the black churches and leadership. Topic: Learn how the communists co-opted, purchased and blackmailed American black pastors and church leaders. Topic: Have many of America’s mainstream evangelical leaders been co-opted by Moscow with the same tactics used on black religious and church leaders?
  • Brannon Howse: July 21, 2020

    A U.S. Army Document Warns That America is in the Final Stages of an Insurrection and Revolution. Guest: Trevor Loudon. Topic: A 1966 manual on insurrection by the U.S. Army Special Operations was updated in 2016. Listen as Brannon and Trevor read from the report that listed 21 steps to overthrowing a nation. Sadly, America is only three to four steps away from a successful Marxist revolution being carried on in America. Brannon and Trevor take their time breaking down each step in the Army report and explaining how each step has been accomplished. Topic: Thinking Americans appear to be waking up to the reality of how serious the situation is in America. Gold and silver are hitting new highs not seen in several years, freeze dried food is selling in record amounts for all the companies that produce it. Ammunition and guns are in such high demand it is hard to find certain inventory. Homes in parts of Tennessee, the Ozarks and rural areas in conservatives states are selling at record levels making inventory scarce and prices high. Topic: We take your calls.