Loudon County

  • Brannon Howse: June 24, 2021

    A National Template of What is Unfolding. Topic: The Loudon County school board meeting erupts over not just critical race theory, also known as cultural Marxism, but also over the transgender agenda. The footage of their June 22, 2021 meeting has gone viral on social media and television media. Yet, very few of the media outlets are explaining why the parents, grandparents and taxpayers are rightfully upset and even expressing a righteous anger. A Virginia state law is calling on school districts to implement policies that allow so-called transgender boys to use the bathroom and showers of the girls. The law calls for teachers and students to be punished for not using the proper pronouns of a transgender. The law calls for schools to not question if a boy uses the girls bathroom and not to inform parents if their child is posing as the opposite sex at school. Any parent that does not support the transgenderism of their child is to be reported to Child Protection Services. Topic: We take your calls.