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  • Brannon Howse: December 4, 2020

    The Tipping Point for America Has Arrived and We Must Honor and Model The Sacrifice of America's Fallen. Guest: Alex Newman. Topic: Brannon begins the program by calling on Americans to remember the sacrifice of past Americans to found and preserve our freedoms and liberties. Brannon calls on Americans to honor the thousands of white tombstone markers that dot the green, rolling hills of Arlington National Cemetery. These men fought the “ISMS” of tyranny overseas so we would not have to fight it here. Yet, today the battle is here and we must honor their service and sacrifice by standing up, speaking out, and resisting.
  • Global corporations rolling out ‘digital passports’ tying vaccine history to personal IDs: What’s coming next under ‘Great Reset’?

    Global power elites are using the fear of COVID-19 as an excuse to create a digital ID that will divide people into classes based on their medical history, in essence creating a new caste system of the vaccinated and non-vaccinated. The new system will debut as nation and industry-specific, with airlines being the first to roll out the new phone-based apps. But over the next two to three years this system will likely become global and applied across all industries, to the point where non-vaccinated persons will be left to fend for themselves in a world ruled by technocrats who hate America and what it stands for – individual freedom and liberty for all.