King Charles

  • Naomi Wolf on King Charles and His Pagan, Globalist and Anti-Judeo-Christian Coronation

    Great to have you on. So you have a very interesting well, you've got a lot of interesting articles out and you always have interesting articles out. I'm over on your website. Naomi You are very analytical and you see things that other people don't see. And you caught a lot of things that I would not have caught at the coronation of King Charles, like the dresses being more like a druid dress versus the dress of the period like has been done. The things in their hair like the little gal there has, I think Prince, Princess Charlotte or whatever her name is, has that in her hair as well as does Kate. Instead of wearing the traditional tiara, they're doing more of the things you would see with the dresses and the things in the hair like the druids. There was a lot of pagan symbolism in this, wasn't there? I mean, I didn't see some of them until I read your article and I was like, wow.
  • Citizens Asked to Pledge Allegiance to Globalist King Charles?

    Brannon Howse: Joining me now is Leo Hohmann. King Charles and the Globalist set a meeting for September in which they plan to plot how to accelerate the goals of the UN agenda and the global dominance program of Agenda 2030, and the complete digitalization of humanity. Of course, we've been talking about this since 1992, the Earth Summit in Rio. I say we folks like Tom DeWeese and myself and others have been writing and speaking about it. It's finally gone mainstream.
  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: May 8, 2023

    Topic: The odd and pagan symbolism in the coronation of King Charles. Topic: What is the meaning of the green man on the coronation invitation of King Charles? Topic: Did Charles have the imagery of 666 behind him while delivering a speech at the World Economic Forum? Why would the WEF allow for such imagery unless they were doing it on purpose? Topic: Why did the music drown out the “anointing” of King Charles? Since the audience and world could not hear what was being said did he pledge an oath to God or to someone or something else? Topic: We take your calls.