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  • Tim Keller, Kern Foundation, And The Feminist Movement Are Destroying Christianity

    Tim Keller has long been credited as a leading Christian thinker and intellectual and was even crowned with titles like “the new CS Lewis ” or “the new John Stott”. Keller has driven a constant narrative of “Human Flourishing” /Thriving Cities/ Common Ground for the Common Good / and Christian Civility in a pluralistic society . But no other area of Keller’s efforts has more openly provided insight into his actual inspiration and the political motivations ( at least in part political) than his leading edge work with the Faith and Works Economics through his Redeemer Center For Faith and Works. It embraces the social justice narratives with fervor. Since at least 2019 the Fuller Seminary De Pree Center has been using Faith and Works programing funded by Kern Family Fundation and partnering with Tim Keller’s Center for Faith and Work leaders to drive a radical feminist justice narrative. Banner