John 3:16

  • The Degree of God’s Love  

    This verse in the Gospel of John is perhaps the most well known verse in all Christendom.  It is the fact of God’s love for His creatures.  We see in this verse that his creatures were doomed, damned, and dead.  We also see that God acted.  He did not leave His creation doomed and damned and dead.  We see how God acted in that God gave.  The gift that He gave was magnificent, superlative, and,  indeed was effectual and satisfactory in and of itself. The gift is the only begotten Son of God.   Forevermore, God’s creation who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ could be forgiven.  While belief in the Lord Jesus Christ in effect restored God’s people to the position that they were in in the Garden of Eden, they actually received more blessings than their ancestor, Adam, lost.  Because, in the garden, Adam had his own righteousness before he sinned. However, as a result of God’s magnificent gift, God’s unparalleled, effectual gift in Christ Jesus, God’s creation received in the Lord Jesus Christ more blessings than their father, Adam, lost. Banner