• Brannon Howse: January 21, 2021

    Guest: Iranian Born expert on Iran Shahram Hadian joins us to discuss what Americans can learn from the Marxist-Islamic revolution in Iran. Topic: In less than 24 hours of Biden being sworn in 32 are killed in 2 suicide bombings in Iraq. Topic: Brannon starts out the program discussing how Joe Biden spent the first 24 hours as President aggressively pushing the transgender agenda including appointing an open transgender to a post in his Administration as a health official. Topic: Joe Biden to reverse transgender ban in the military. Topic: Joe Biden’s Defense Secretary appointee speaks of cleaning out racists and extremists from the military. And what he is referring to as racists and extremists is conservatives. Topic: What role did the communists play in the Islamic revolution in Iran in the 1970s? What role did the black hat CIA deep state actors play in the Islamic revolution in Iran? Topic: What unites Marxists and Islamists? Topic: What happen within six months to the social justice students that helped to lead the Islamic revolution in Iran? Topic: We take your calls.