• Crosstalk: August 13, 2020

    Robert Morgan is a writer, speaker and pastor. He has more than 35 books in print with more than 4.5 million in circulation. He’s been on Crosstalk before discussing ‘100 Bible Verses That Made America: Defining Moments That Shaped Our Enduring Foundation of Faith.’ He joined Jim to discuss his 3-volume set entitled, ‘Then Sings My Soul.’

    According to Robert, hymns have been around for 3,400 years. The first recorded hymn is from Exodus 15 when the Israelites had crossed the Red Sea. Hymns continue throughout the Old Testament with some in the New Testament, including some that Robert believes were written by the apostle Paul.

    After the biblical era ends, Christians began writing hymns, originally in Greek, followed by those in Latin.

    Robert believes we need hymns, ‘circulating in our heads.’ He sees this as next in importance to meditating on God’s Word.

    Are we in danger of losing the great hymns of the faith? How does Robert view contemporary efforts to write worship music? What hymns and their writers stood out on this broadcast? These questions are answered, and other historical information is provided, as Robert reminds all of us about the importance of music that glorifies our gracious, loving and mighty God.