Great Reset

  • John Loeffler: February 15, 2021

    How does the globalist Great Reset relate to the recent World Economic Forum?  John welcomes back long-time friend of the show, researcher and writer Carl Teichrib, who attended the Forum a couple of weeks ago.  He looks at common buzzwords like sustainability, worldwide unity, and peace through global government, while also explaining the meaning of stakeholder capitalism.  Religious groups are joining the fray as well, making way for what he calls a new gospel for the earth.  Just exactly what are we resetting to?
  • Get Ready for the Great Reset (Part 2)

    The World Economic Forum—backed by influential leaders from all sectors of the globe—is planning for a Great Reset. That Reset will be presented in virtual meetings this coming week, as we established in the previous article. We saw that WEF founder and executive chairman Prof. Klaus Schwab has encapsulated his lofty goals for the Reset as follows: