The Great Reset

  • What The Great Reset Will Really Do To You

    The lines used to be so clear. On the one side were free markets, free societies, and openly-elected representative governments. On the other, was the force of totalitarianism choking off individual initiative, private ownership of property, and providing a ballot box with but one choice, normally defined as communism.
  • Brannon Howse: February 24, 2021

    Guest: Mike Lindell joins us to discuss the reports Dominion is suing him for 1.3 billion. Are they really suing him? Has Mike been served? Why the crazy number of 1.3 billion? Is this really about bullying and intimidating people and shutting down free speech? Mike will discuss these issues and why he wants Dominion to serve him so the lawsuit can move forward and the truth can be further exposed to the American people. Topic: Mike joins us about fifteen minutes into the program so Brannon spends the first quarter of the program playing clips by Klaus Schwab from the Great Reset conference of the World Economic Forum in which Schwab is discussing stakeholder capitalism and what it really is all about. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Brannon Howse: January 29, 2021

    The Great Reset and The Great Fascist Threat. Guests: Carl Teichrib and Terry Turchie. Topic: Carl joins us to give a report on the final day of this week’s Great Reset conference. Topic: Terry joins us to discuss the Department of Homeland Security bulletin warning of white, domestic terrorists. One of the descriptions of a potential domestic terrorist is someone concerned about immigration as well as voter fraud. Topic: Terry talks about his shock and embarrassment that the FBI would arrest a young man in 2021 for a tweet in 2016 that was satire about voting for Hilary Clinton from home by texting. Terry reveals that this reveals that the FBI has become the political muscle of the Marxist democrats.
  • Brannon Howse: January 26, 2021

    Guest: Carl Teichrib and Terry Turchie. Global Reset And Democratic Party is a Terrorist Organization Topic: Carl joins us for another report on the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset. The President of the European Commission in her speech complained about former President Donald Trump, pushed for a digital society and called for a global counsel to decided internet rules and who gets kicked off the World Wide Web. Topic: Terry Turchie, Former Assistant Director of the Counter Terrorism Division of the FBI joins us again as we continue to discuss new information from his book, In Their Own Words: How the Democratic Party is Pushing us Toward a Communist America. Terry gives us the definition of terrorism and then explains how the Democratic Party meets that definition and then how the FBI in many regards has acted as their enforcer. Topic: Terry explains how the FBI has become so political. Topic: How long before the FBI comes knocking on Brannon’s door and that of other conservatives for what they talk about on their radio and television programs? Topic: We take your calls.
  • Brannon Howse: January 25, 2021

    Guest: Carl Teichrib. Topic: Carl and Brannon play audio clips of those speaking at part of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Conference. You will hear the globalists in their own words calling for globalism, a digital society, social justice, Agenda 20320, stockholder capitalism and more. Then hear the president of China as he delivers one of the most hypocritical speeches you can imagine coming from the head of the Chinese Communist Party that has murdered untold millions. Topic: Brannon plays clips from the UN Secretary General who at one time was the President of the International Socialists. Topic: Listen as Prince Charles calls for Agenda 2030 goals to be enacted as well as the Prince of Norway. Topic: We take your calls.
  • The rise of the techno-fascist beast system is now ‘in your face’: It’s called the Great Reset

    This revolution isn’t being fought with guns and tanks like the revolutions of old. Its advocates walk in the halls of the United Nations, the Vatican, the International Monetary Fund, the British House of Windsor, the World Economic Forum, the European Union and now the White House. It’s allies work in the bureaucracies of the Washington swamp, in state Capitols and some of the clueless foot soldiers who staff your local City Hall.
  • Be Prepared for 2021: Good, Bad & VERY Ugly

    With the unprecedented developments of 2020 — COVID-inspired tyranny and economic destruction in particular — next year has almost everybody filled with a mixture of anxiety, dread, and even hope that it may be possible to turn the corner. Things are likely to get worse before they get better, potentially a lot worse. In addition to being one of the most dangerous and unstable times in American history, this moment is also one of the most uncertain when it comes to the future. The next few weeks are key. There are so many different scenarios for what could happen — some “better,” but almost none of them “good” — that it almost boggles the mind. However, there are some very encouraging trends amid the darkness.
  • When Demons Conspire to Take Over a Nation …There’s Only One Option

    Klaus Schwab, director of the World Economic Forum and one of the main pushers of the Great Reset, has publicly stated that COVID-19 presents the “narrow window of opportunity” that elites have been waiting for to launch the plan. No one will be able to hide from it. “No person will be left behind” promises the United Nations, which is cooperating with the WEF, the Vatican, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and most of the world’s governments to bring it about.
  • Brannon Howse: June 29, 2020

    The Great Reset. (Part 2) What is Modern Monetary Theory? How is MMT going to be used to destroy the U.S. dollar and add to the global economic reset the globalists are openly bragging about and hosting a conference to promote? Topic: The head of the World Economic Forum, Al Gore, Princes Charles, U.N. Secretary General, CEO of BP and MasterCard among other call for a global reset. In fact, the WEF is openly talking about taking advantage of the destruction caused by the Coronavirus in order to push their great reset agenda. The great reset will involve a reset of the global economy, institutions, the rule of law, national sovereignty and capitalism as we know it. This is program two in a two part series on the coming global reset.