George Soros

  • The Mainstream Media is Setting us up for a Market Crash

    In regard to market activity, MarketWatch declared on Monday that this month may be the worst September in 18 years. Now think about that for a second. Predicting the worst September since 2002? What about September 2008, when Lehman failed and the entire market collapsed? That crash changed the course of America forever because an unknown first-term Senator (Obama) defeated a former POW revered Senator (McCain) in the race for the White House. Before the crash, McCain was leading in the polls. Even Biden himself admitted that if the market hadn’t crashed, McCain would have won. So, in the scheme of things, the 2008 market drop was pretty significant. But the media says this will be worse. USA Today warns that we are facing a looming “Financial Crisis.” CNBC writes that the stock selloff is “going to get worse…” [Interestingly, the same media predicting an American market crash is also pushing Chinese stocks.]