Gender Dysphoria

  • Crosstalk: June 7, 2022

    The matter of gender confusion across our land is off the charts. From preschool on, children are being indoctrinated through drag queen story hours and through television programming parents once thought was safe, now promoting lifestyles causing young children to become confused. Children are taught that you may look like a boy, but you may actually be a girl. Girls are taught that you may look like a girl, but you may actually be a boy. Children then are celebrated for declaring they are of a different sort and affirmed by society.
  • Crosstalk: May 21, 2021

    We begin today with a short word from Usama Dakdok regarding breaking news from Minnesota. The Islamic call to prayer will be broadcast 5 times a day (next week during Ramadan) in Minneapolis. According to the Star Tribune, the arrangement was approved Tuesday by mayor, Jacob Frey. Comments to the Minneapolis mayor’s office can be made by calling 612-673-2100 or through the city’s website. Now, onto today’s CROSSTALK …
  • Sam Rohrer: May 19, 2021

    Gender, Biology, or Social Construct? We are joined by Randall L Wenger (Chief Counsel; Independence Law Center) and Lexi Stefani (Pennsylvania Family Institute). Topics discussed include: Shifting the Conversation Regarding Gender Dysphoria. Does a Man who Identifies as a Woman have a Female Brain? Legislation to Ban Biological Males from Participating in Girls’ and Women’s Sports. Looking at Gender Dysphoria from a Christian Perspective.