G. Edward Griffin

  • Brannon Howse: September 16, 2020

    Guest: G. Edward Griffin: American Historian and Expert on Communism and Globalism. Topic: In 1969 Mr. Griffin produced a documentary warning about the stages of subversion the communists would use to try to collapse America from within. Mr. Griffin wrote the classic book expoing the Federal Reserve entitled: The Creature From Jekyll Island. Today, Mr. Griffin joins Brannon to discuss the transformation he has seen in America over these many decades and what he sees coming. Topic: A caller calls into the program to accuse Brannon of promoting a president that lies and that Brannon props up the lies of President Donald Trump and undermines serious racism issues. Brannon asked the caller to list one lie that Brannon has propagated or propped up and he could not come up with one after given several chances to name one. Brannon tells the caller he is the liar as he even lied to the call screener to get on the air. Brannon used this opportunity to explain the reasons many Christians and conservatives are losing today is because we do not have the courage to call the opposition that is tearing down America and stealing our freedoms what they really are and what they really represent. Topic: Mr. Griffin takes questions from the callers.