• John Whitcomb: August 3, 2020

    Does the geologic timetable offered by evolution match up with the Biblical record of creation? Bible teacher and author Dr. John Whitcomb showed us why this is not the case in a lesson that we hear this week on “Encounter God’s Truth.” We are beginning to replay a classic series called, “Catastrophism is the Key.” “The fossils came after Adam and Eve were created, not millions of years before,” stated Dr. Whitcomb. He talked about his own journey away from attempts to compromise the book of Genesis through views such as the gap theory or the day-age theory. Our teacher also answered a question from host Wayne Shepherd, further developing this theme. The Bible, God’s Word, is true from the beginning to the end, therefore we are so glad to bring you its powerful content each week here on “Encounter God’s Truth”!
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