Diego Rodriquez

  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: March 23, 2022

    Guests: Tamara Scott and Diego Rodriquez. Topic: Supreme Court nominee can't define the word “woman.” Tamara Scott joins us live from Capitol Hill and the USSC hearings.Topic: Diego joins us to tell the story of how the Idaho government kidnapped his grandchild for missing a doctor’s appointment and then the police cuffed his daughter (the mother of baby Cyrus) and after cuffing her a police officer grouped her right on camera. Then the police cuffed his other daughter thinking she was the child’s mother. Diego explains how in Idaho a hairdresser is required to receive your hours of training than a cop. Diego explains how the government is trafficking children all over America. Diego then explains how corrupt the state of Idaho has become under the leadership of statist, greedy, and power hungry republicans. Diego explains why he was already leaving the corrupt state of Idaho and heading to Florida before his grandchild was kidnapped. Thankfully baby Cyrus has been returned to the family but they cannot move out of corrupt Idaho until after a court hearing over Cyrus on April 8th. Topic: We take your calls.