• John Whitcomb: October 12, 2020

    Stephen, who we meet in Acts 6, was “a deacon—a servant of God—in a time of crisis in the early church”—and his story takes a dramatic turn in Acts 7.

    We are in Volume Two of a series called “Acts: Witness of the Early Church” here on “Encounter God’s Truth” from Whitcomb Ministries. With host Wayne Shepherd, we want to thank Middletown Bible Church in Middletown, Connecticut, for permission and help in allowing us to bring this teaching to you. These sermons were recorded there several years ago at the Independent Fundamental Bible Conference.

    This time, we will hear Dr. John Whitcomb emphasize much of the background behind this great seventh chapter of the book of Acts, and then introduce the tremendous sermon that Stephen preached before he suffered death as a martyr. God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end! Thanks for listening to it with us here on “Encounter God’s Truth.” Banner