Covid Passports

  • Sam Rohrer: April 30, 2021

    Resisting the Tyranny of Forced Vaccinations and Passports. We are joined by Mat Staver (Founder, Liberty Counsel). Topics discussed include: The Lay of the Land. In Colleges and Academic Institutions. In Employment and Transportation. Making the Case for Biblical and Constitutional Resistance.
  • Sam Rohrer: April 26, 2021

    Freedom Under Assault: Masks, Vaccines, Passports, and Economic Penalties. We are joined by Twila Brase (President and Co-Founder of Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom). Topics discussed include: Fauci’s Vaccinated Masked. COVID Vaccines vs Remedies. The Worry of Vaccine Hesitancy. Defending Our Health Freedom.
  • Digital vaccine passports: How to fight back and win!

    Private corporations are working hand in glove with state and local governments to quietly implement digital vaccine passports, forcing Americans to show their papers before they can attend universities, board airlines, or enter libraries, hotels, cruise ships, sports arenas and eventually almost every type of business that deals with the public.
  • Sam Rohrer: April 9, 2021

    COVID ‘Passports’: Necessary or Abhorrent? We are joined by E. David Smith (Attorney; Rabbi) and David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: The COVID Passport Concept. Contributions of Christianity in World Affairs. Why the Truth Matters.
  • Crosstalk: March 31, 2021

    New York is the first state to implement a vaccination passport that they call the ‘Excelsior Pass’.  Gary communicated that they’ll work out any ‘bugs’ by monitoring how people react and what they need to ‘tweak’ to make it more acceptable to others. Gary told listeners how Bill Gates has been involved in numerous areas of technology that are coming together linking biometrics, digital identity systems with vaccination records, and a payment system.  In fact, he described an experiment taking place in West Africa where all of this is being tested.  So unless God does a miracle and people take a stand, he believes we’ll see this unfold very rapidly.