Corrupt FBI

  • Brannon Howse: November 12, 2020

    Guest: Mary Fanning and Jeff Nyquist. Topic: Did the HAMMER track Phil Haney and his work and who he was publicly exposing and researching online and talking about on the phone? Did Phil Haney say too much at Brannon’s conference that was filmed and part of the docuMovie Sabotage? Listen to the audio clip of Phil Haney publicly announcing the treason and subversion he had documented on officials in the FBI, DHS & State Department. Topic: How can the corrupt FBI be trusted in investigate the death of Phil Haney when the FBI has openly murdered Americans, provided the computers on which the HAMMER program was hosted that then was used to illegally spy on and black mail Americans. How can the FBI investigate the death of Phil Haney when the FBI has given the highest FBI award to known Jihadis, worked to recruit new FBI employees out of known Islamic, Jihadi Mosques, and was part of an attempt to overthrow U.S. President Donald Trump? Topic: Jeff Nyquist joins us to describe gray terror that the Communists are known to coordinate using Islamic terrorists. Topic: How could those that speak truth be silenced? Topic: How has money, trade, blackmail and backroom deals been used to copout and control America’s counter intelligence agents? Topic: How is America devolving into the lawlessness that has come to define South Africa and Venezuela? Topic: How the lawlessness within government is setting the stage for America’s second civil war. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Brannon Howse: December 30, 2020

    A Former Senior Ranking FBI Official Warns Americans that the Democratic Party Has Been Taken Over By Communists. Guest: Terry D. Turchie is a former Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI. His leadership was the driving force behind the capture of the two most elusive and solitary domestic terrorists in U.S. history. Topic: We would not be where we are today with the Communist revolution now underway in America if the FBI had done their job and not become a completely different organization as it has over the past several years. Topic: Who runs the FBI today?
  • Brannon Howse: July 14th-2021

    Guest: Alex Newman. Topic: Forbes reports that the FBI is concerned about Mike Lindell and his followers, their concerns about the election and violence. Brannon explains how the FBI has declared war on American Christians, and conservatives while giving a pass to Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Muslim Brotherhood and the the red-green axis. Topic: The rise of a secret police force in America. Topic: Joe Biden declares that anyone concerned about election fraud is involved in subversion. So says the man that has been a puppet of the communists since he was put into the U.S. Senate by a communist front group known as the Council For a Liveable World. Topic: China is building 145 ICMB silos in Mongolia. Topic: What is occurring in Cuba? Topic: We take your calls.
  • Brannon Howse: November 17, 2021

    Guest: Pete Santilli. Topic: The color revolution unfolding in America and the role of the FBI. Pete and Brannon layout the perilous times facing our nation and urging members of the intelligence community to come forward as whistleblowers and expose the lawlessness of their own agencies and the leaders running these rogue agencies.
  • Brannon Howse: December 7, 2021

    The Intelligence Community, FBI, CIA, Fauci, and the Ongoing Coup in America. Topic: Just before going on the air Brannon received a disturbing email from two retired military officers and the father of a young lady in Florida that had her home raided by the FBI and a gun pointed at her head. Brannon then recede a text from her during his radio show to confirm he will have her as a guest on his nighttime TV show. Topic: Brannon describes how the ongoing communist coupe taking place in America includes the central government openly targeting Christians and conservatives for persecution. Topic: While American’s are hunted down for simply being patriots, Fauci, BLM, Antifa and Muslim Brotherhood get a free pass to destroy America. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Brannon Howse: February 18, 2022

    How The CIA and FBI Have Joined Forces Through Shared Technology To Become America's KGB and Spy on Americans. Topic: The CIA and their program Deep Dive. Topic: The FBI and their program Pegasus. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: June 15, 2022

    How The Communists Stopped The FBI in the 1970s From Opposing The Communists. Topic: Brannon explains how U.S. Senator Frank Church assisted the global communists in infiltrating America and cost the lives of many people around the world that were assisting America in opposing communism. Topic: How the FBI went from investigating and opposing the communists to being controlled by the communists. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: June 1, 2022

    Guest: Dr. Leo Hohmann. Topic: Leo Hohmann on the Corrupt FBI, Why the Marxists Must Disarm Americans and The Tipping Point of The Left and Right Uniting Against the Globalists. Topic: Fire kills tens of thousands of chickens at Wright County farm. Topic: U.S. Marine Corps Goes Woke, Celebrates ‘Pride Month’ with Rainbow Bullets. Topic: Biden Moves To Force Americans To Mask Up Again On Airplanes. ‘Significant’ Cases of Neurological Disorder Associated with the AstraZeneca Vaccine. Topic: We take your calls 
  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: May 19, 2022

    Topic: UN’s Agenda 21 now admits they want seniors to die via euthanasia. Lived A Good Life? Globalists Suggest Get Out Of The Way “For the Children” The right to die is now the duty to die according to the globalist. Topic: Bologna Introduces Social Credit App to Promote “Virtuous Behavior” Topic: Brannon thinks we may be headed for a civil war by the design of America’s enemies both foreign and domestic. Topic: American parents are now publicly challenging the tyrants. Topic Gates, Fauci Funded Experiments on Bird Flu so Will It Be the Next Pandemic? Topic: Did FBI inspire up Buffalo shooter? In 2017, a father came forward to explain on the FBI was behind trying to get his mentally impaired son to carry out a bombing. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Former FBI Agent Kyle Seraphin Declares: We Are Living in a Police State and 1985 America Would Invade 2023 America

    Seraphin's dire assessment of the situation is that the United States has now become a "police state." He contends that the actions of certain federal agencies, such as the FBI, are increasingly resembling those of authoritarian regimes. This shift, characterized by mass surveillance, coercion, and censorship, raises serious concerns about the erosion of civil liberties and constitutional values.

  • Former FBI Analyst Exposed America to Jihadists

    In a recent interview, TV host Brannon Howse spoke with Todd Bensman, an expert on national security, about the case of Kendra Kingsbury, an FBI analyst who was recently sentenced to four years in prison for stealing and hiding classified documents. The conversation shed light on the significant discrepancies between the media's portrayal of the case and the alarming details revealed in court records. Furthermore, the discussion raised questions about the adequacy of FBI vetting procedures and potential lapses in national security. This article aims to provide an overview of the interview and delve into the implications of the Kingsbury case.
  • FBI Whistleblower: FBI Has Mentally Troubled Agents and Encourages Mental Weakness

    In a recent interview on Brannon Howse Live, FBI whistleblower Stephen Friend shed light on concerning issues plaguing the agency's vetting process and the potential presence of mentally unsound agents. Friend's testimony, along with that of his colleague Kyle Seraphin, gained widespread attention after they testified before a House congressional committee. The discussion centered around an alarming article by Todd Bensman, detailing an FBI analyst's involvement with terrorist suspects. Friend's insights provide a unique perspective on the matter, highlighting the need for a thorough examination of the FBI's recruitment and screening procedures.
  • America’s First Mom Raided By FBI Since October 4th DOJ Memorandum? She Fought Against Voter Fraud, Critical Race Theory and Forced Masking in Schools

    An FBI SWAT team raided the home of an activist mother of three in Colorado on Tuesday, Nov. 16, knocking down her door, bursting into the house and handcuffing her while she was homeschooling her children. This is the first known case of the federal government making good on its promise to not only intimidate but actually carry out a raid on a mom who was involved in her local school board politics, said Brannon Howse, who interviewed Sheronna Bishop on his live broadcast at Lindell TV Wednesday night.
  • Former FBI agent: SWAT Team Raids on Homes of Non-Violent Patriots is to Intimidate the American People

    Brian Shephard had a long and storied career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. From 1972 to 2006 he worked cases involving both domestic criminals and Soviet spies in the United States. In an interview with WVW TV, Shephard pointed to two FBI raids involving the arrest of Roger Stone in January 2019 and the search of the home of Project Veritas journalist James O'Keefe last week. He discussed the raids with journalist Brannon Howse and both men agreed there could be no legitimate reason for the FBI to conduct such an action against a non-violent person.
  • Retired FBI Agents: Democrats are Deconstructing America so they can 'Build Back Better' According to Marxist Utopian Ideas

    Brannon Howse of WVW TV hosted a four-hour special report on Nov. 14 featuring a symposium of distinguished retired FBI agents discussing what they believe is an ongoing Marxist revolution in America. The reason the revolution continues to plod forward is because so few in politics today are willing to call it what it is, said Terry Turchie, who spent 29 years in the FBI and authored the book, In Their Own Words: The Democratic Party's Push for a Communist America.
  • Trouble at the FBI?

    A Soviet-born intelligence source, with connections in the former Soviet Union, tried to warn the FBI and White House last 26 February about an “imminent cyber attack by Russia on the … Voting System.” He wrote, “I had previously informed the FBI on many occasions on matters of national security. Due to the nature of my disclosures to the FBI … the FBI opened … investigations on me. Last time they secured a 12-month order to monitor my email….”
  • RELEASE THE KRAKEN: HAMMER / SCORECARD Whistleblower Montgomery Gave Sworn Testimony To FBI And DOJ

    Dennis Montgomery, the CIA / DoD contractor-turned-whistleblower who designed and built THE HAMMER foreign surveillance system and its exploit known as SCORECARD, provided sworn testimony to the FBI and the DOJ in 2015 about THE HAMMER, SCORECARD, and SCORECARD’s capability to hack into election systems from Dominion, Smartmatic, and other voting system vendors. Banner