• Brannon Howse: December 15, 2020

    Guest: Maj. General Paul E. Vallely. Topic: Are Chinese troops in Canada? Recently it was reported that Chinese troops were looking to train in China in order to train in a cold weather environment. General Vallely explains that this is a line fed to the public since China has plenty of cold weather regions in which to train. Topic: Are Chinese troops or agents in Mexico? Are the Chinese working with drug gangs in Mexico? Topic: How many Chinese agents are in the United States? Topic: What is the ultimate goal of China? Topic: Is China looking to bring down America with the new way of warfare or old way of warfare? Topic: Has former President Barack Obama been running the deep state through The Senior Executive Service? What is The Senior Executive Service and how powerful are these government employees. Has Obama’s army of deep state agents infiltrated every level of government agencies? Topic: Who do the members of the Canadian military and Canadian parliament swear an allegiance to that is very troubling. Topic: We take your calls.