• Peter Pry: June 22, 2021

    Dr. Pry reveals another recently leaked characteristic of China’s space superweapon tested last summer, the FOBS-HGV combination ideally suited for surprise attack, also successfully tested the launch of a missile by the HGV as it re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere, traveling at hypersonic speeds, Mach 5-25. U.S. defense experts are astonished and many have described this feat as a physical impossibility. Dr. Pry notes that Russia describes their new superweapons as “based on new physical principles.” However, Dr. Pry also observes that U.S. scientists understood and were planning such superweapons themselves 40 years ago, during the 1980s. But the U.S. arms control community stopped the Defense Department from developing such weapons because they are “destabilizing” and could provoke “arms racing.” Now the U.S. scientists who could make such weapons are retired or dead, and the new generation of U.S. scientists are clueless.