behavior modification

  • Brannon Howse: January 14, 2021

    Guest: Mary Fanning. Topic: Mary joins us for the first few minutes of the program to reveal that the information from the source has now made it to the President. What happens now is anyone’s guess. Topic: Manufactured, January 6, 2021 false flag event at the U.S. Capitol is about characterization, marginalization and behavior modification. Brannon explains how the ideas of Freud and Marx are merged in this behavior modification agenda. Topic: Brannon explains that if you understand the six worldviews and twenty-one radicals that rule the world you can understand the times like few people.
  • Brannon Howse: September 22, 2020

    Conditioning Americans to Accept Cruelty on the Orders of Experts. Topic: Today Brannon discusses a 1961 Yale experiment by Stanley Milgram that revealed that far too many Americans, then as now, will do as they are told by so-called experts in white lab coats, technocrats, and bureaucrats. Topic: Brannon put the Yale experiment in the context of today as the Communist Chinese Coronavirus has caused Americans to treat senior adults and others in medical facilities with cruelty. Brannon details the recent medical emergency with one of his family members and what his wife witnessed with her mother’s care. What does all this tell us about what we can expect when Americans are conditioned to accept cruelty as normal? Topic: Brannon discusses the tragedy of Americans being charged when they are simply defending themselves from violent mobs. Apparently the message is that Americans will be prosecuted if they resist or oppose tyranny, the violence of the marxists and/or terrorists that have declared war on America. Topic: Fake conservative network Fox News cuts off Newt Gingrich from speaking truth about George Soros.