• Jimmy DeYoung: May 3, 2021

    Today on Prophecy Today Intelligence Briefing Jimmy DeYoung will bring Dave James to the Broadcast Table to discuss a troubling report. Recently, in a National Publication, there was found information on "high profile Christian leaders" who say, "they are leaving their Christian faith." This may be of great concern to you, but please remember that God's Word is absolute of the subject of your eternal life, after trusting Jesus Christ for your faith.
  • Jimmy DeYoung: September 21, 2020

    Dave James and Jimmy DeYoung have their weekly conversation on PTIB today, a discussion on the "falling away" from God's Word in the "evangelical world" today. This is an important discussion that you do not want to miss. Jimmy and Dave will talk about how the Church does not really believe the Word, from God, the historic "fundamentals" of the faith. A recent survey gives them the bottom-line truth of what is really in the hearts and minds of those referred to as "Evangelicals". They will also discuss "fundamentalist", and the "Fundamentals of the Faith".