• Brannon Howse: April 7, 2021

    Passivity and Apathy: The Twins That Will Kill America. Topic: Today Brannon explains how Americans can stop their nation from sliding into bondage. Topic: The U.S. military that once opposed Communism now eagerly embraces cultural marxism. The American military that once trained their troops to oppose brainwashing now actively brainwashes the troops and officers. Topic: Brannon explains when and why the military Code of Conduct was written and how the U.S. military now encourages, trains and demands military members break their Constitutional oath and the oath of the Code of Conduct. Topic: America will not be saved by the crooks and traitors in the U.S. Congress, the judicial tyrants on the bench, the brainwashed military, the FBI that is now America’s KGB or the pansies in the pulpit. Brannon explains that the cultural marxists have now penetrated every power-center in America and only Americans themselves can save America. Brannon explains how we can oppose the tyranny everyday even in conversations with family and friends. Topic: We take your calls.