Alex Newman

  • Brannon Howse: August 24, 2020

    Guest: Alex Newman. Topic: Are the globalist wanting President Trump to win so they can collapse the American dollar on his watch and go to the global reset they are openly talking about and holding conferences discussing? Topic: Virginia to mandate Covid-19 vaccine. Will other states follow and will this be one of many issues that brings massive civil unrest? Topic: Evangelical leaders working with Bio-Logos are calling on Christians to wear a face mask and take a vaccine when it becomes available. Brannon believes a false church is rising that will be used to approve of and encourage the persecution of real Christians. Topic: Is voter fraud setting the stage for the results of the election to be Topic: The Sunrise Movement and trigger events to bring rioting students on to the streets. Topic: What will America look like over the next few months and will we see massive violence in the streets? How should we prepare for what may be coming?