Acts 9

  • John Whitcomb: March 1, 2021

    By the time we come to Acts 10, Peter had done many great works for the Lord—including raising Tabitha from the dead at the end of Acts 9. But he still had a lot to learn, as we will all see in this latest installment in our series, “Acts: Witness of the Early Church.” We are in Volume Thee of this study on “Encounter God’s Truth”—a weekly presentation of Whitcomb Ministries. Host Wayne Shepherd guides us as we hear the classic Bible teaching of Dr. John Whitcomb, taking us through the only inspired record of the beginnings of the New Testament church—the book of Acts. God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end. We open it now to Acts 10, with this exposition by Dr. Whitcomb titled, uniquely, “I Can’t, But I Had Better.” Thanks for listening to “Encounter God’s Truth.”