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Please read the test very carefully and understand that each test question is in the form of a statement. It is for you to determine whether you agree or disagree with the statement based on your biblical worldview understanding. The biblical worldview reasoning for the correct answer to every statement will be the basis of Brannon's next book. Currently Brannon is under contract with one of the largest Christian publishers to write a book that gives the biblical worldview reasoning for each answer. When the book is released in September 1st, 2005, you will be notified via e-mail.

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God is the creator of all life.
Every person who has ever lived on earth, but Adam and Eve and Jesus Christ, was born with a sin nature.
The Bible, rightly divided, should be the foundation for all our beliefs, actions, and conduct.
Since God is not the author of a moral law, and His Word does not prescribe any Biblical standards for law, then a nation should make laws based on what the majority of their citizens desire.
The Bible teaches that a King, President, or Prime Minister cannot come to power unless God allows it to be so.
Believers should not only base their philosophy in Christ, but they should know how to respond to the critics and skeptics of Christianity with the reasoning and basis of our biblical worldview.
If the research and theory of a group of scientists contradicts the Word of God, the error is with the scientists, not the Bible.
Under some circumstances Christians are called to disobey the laws of government.
There must be absolutes if there is to be moral and legal order.
Adam and Eve were fictional characters that never really lived.
Both Secular Humanism and Marxism are religious worldviews.
All religions are equally true.
The more a government resembles a pure democracy the more disorder and confusion occur.
To know God we must study the Bible and be taught by the Holy Spirit who inspired the Bible.
There are no specific, God-given principles related to law or how a civil government should operate and if there are, they should not be the foundation of today's legal systems.
Biological evolution (life from non-life to human beings) runs contrary to reason, science and history.
It is the responsibility of the federal government to create wealth.
All forms of government-sponsored socialism stifle economic growth and prosperity to one degree or another.
The Bible states that money is the root of all evil.
Jesus was crucified on the cross but was NOT physically raised from the dead.
Individuals must ultimately face the consequences of their actions before a Holy God.
A good person can earn his or her way to heaven if their good deeds outweigh their bad deeds.
One of the greatest virtues one can posses is the virtue of tolerance as defined by our postmodern world; namely, we accept everyone's lifestyles as equal.
The Holy Spirit does not really exist.
The more one discovers about the universe, the more one discovers design.
Family, church and state are institutions ordained by God.
A God given responsibility of government is to protect the righteous and punish the wicked.
The Bible says, judge not lest you be judged, which means we are not to judge the choices or behavior of a person as right or wrong. We all make mistakes, and thus we should not judge someone's actions or behavior according to any particular standard.
Individual freedoms would be advanced and protected under a one-world government under United Nations authority.
A judicial system should allow judges, through their decisions and rulings, to guide and shape the foundational basis of law.
Civil disobedience by Christians is always wrong and unbiblical.
Science, history, literature and other advanced educational skills and facts can be taught without a religious or philosophical foundation.
The Bible is a consistent revelation from beginning to end.
There is a Bible verse that states that God helps those that help themselves.
As long as government is serving the purpose for which God created it, government is approved by God.
The Bible teaches that in this Church Age there are prophets and apostles receiving extra-Biblical revelation.
The Bible is a reflection of God's character and nature.
Touch not Godís anointed as described in Psalm 105:15 means that Christians are not to speak critically of any pastor or Christian leader.
Physically and mentally healthy adults that do not work should not be protected from suffering the consequences of their actions.
The doctrine of concurrence teaches that the total sovereignty (total rule) of God and manís free-will to sin is a theological contradiction.
Jesus Christ lived a sinless life.
The Biblical purpose for wealth is to provide for one's family, proclaim the Gospel, be a blessing to others, test your stewardship and one's loyalty to God.
There is more than one way to God.
Ecumenicalism is a Biblical concept that teaches that all religions should come together and work together for the common good of mankind.
Immoral ideas that are put into practice have consequences.
If it "works" for you then it must be true.
Jesus in Matthew 22:39 declared, "love your neighbor as yourself.Ē Jesus is not teaching Christians should love themselves but that a manís sinful compulsion is to love self and thus they should die to this compulsion and love their neighbor as themselves
The tithe was the Old Testament tax of Israel which was a theocracy. Christians in the New Testament are required to pay taxes to their respective governments but not a tithe to a church. Christians are to give without compulsion & generously.
Biblically minded Christians should look at the issues of the world as falling into one of two categories, the secular and the sacred.
Christians should boycott companies that do not promote righteousness within a nation because by doing so the heart of their owners and managers can turned toward righteousness.
When you study the Bible as a whole, it becomes clear that God is very supportive of an economic system that is based on private property, the work ethic, and personal responsibility.
Pastors and Christians that speak out publicly against homosexuality should be prosecuted for hate speech and a hate crime.
Truth is either nonexistent or unknowable.
While there is evidence for the defense and reason of a biblical worldview and the claims of Christ and Christianity, it is impossible to please God without faith.
There is no evidence for a world-wide flood.
Christians should work to take over the "Seven Mountains" of influence that include: business, government, media, arts, and entertainment, family, religion, and education, so that the kingdom of God can be established on earth.
God used the process of biological evolution to create the world as we know it today.
Christians can unite in a spiritual enterprise, such as a prayer rally, with Catholics, Mormons, or Word of Faith proponents, for the purpose of praying for their nation and Godís blessing.
Christians observe the Lordís Day on Sunday, not because the Catholic Church changed the day from Saturday to Sunday, but because the Lord was resurrected on Sunday. Thus, the early church began to meet on Sunday in observance of the resurrection.
Christians should be involved in social justice or redistribution of financial resources to the unsaved poor or ďleast of theseĒ as described in Matthew 25:34-40.
The federal government should fund school-based health clinics which would include safe-sex counseling.
The federal government should require students to pass a national test before graduating from high school.
A Christian can develop a biblical worldview for every major area of life by studying the Bible from beginning to end in context.
Homosexual marriages should be legalized.
Making the incomes of its citizens as equal as possible should be one of the top priorities of any legitimate government.
Ultimately every individual will bow their knee and confess with their mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord.
Truth is discovered by man, not created by man.
Making as much money as you can is more important than whether you have a good reputation.
Feminism at its foundational core is anti-family, anti-father, pro-Marxist, and promotes lesbianism and Gnosticism.
Salvation is a gift from God that cannot be earned.
During the observance of the Lordís Super, the bread literally becomes the body of Christ and the juice literally becomes the blood of Christ. This is teaching is known as transubstantiation and is taught in Godís Word.
The federal government should be directly involved in determining which students go to college and which students go into the work place and what jobs they hold.
Since it is her body a women should be free to end her pregnancy with an abortion.
Open Theism is the belief that God does not or chooses not to know the future. Open Theism is a Biblical concept.
The federal government should require that only a federally licensed teacher be permitted to teach or instruct a child in an educational setting.
Theology is the truth revealed in Godís Word.
Values clarification courses or situational ethics should be taught to students in our educational system.
Jesus was born a man and later became God when He was baptized and the Spirit of God descended on him as a dove. This Biblical teaching is known as Kenotic theology.
If God does not exist, all things are permissible.
Acts 2:44-46, teaches that the early New Testament Church was involved in socialism (redistribution of wealth) and communal living.
The Bible is God's revealed Word and should be the basis of our worldview.
There is no reason why a biblically-minded Christian should be opposed to human cloning.
One of the Ten Commandments is, "thou shalt not kill;", thus it stands to reason that God is opposed to war and nations going to war.
The law should prohibit and declare as hate speech what any religious broadcaster, pastor, or Christian might publically proclaim or teach, even if such teaching is found in the Bible, if it offends homosexuals, Muslims, or any other group.
God had no beginning and has no end.
God is the Creator of the universe.
Satan is real.
Christians should be directly opposed to a state lottery for numerous biblical and economical reasons.
Christians can bind demons through prayer.
Your worldview is the foundation of your values and your values are the foundation of your actions.
Christians are not to listen for a still small voice of God in this Church Age as described I Kings 19:12. Elijah heard the still small voice of God because he was a Prophet. Today, Christians are to hear from God by studying His Word.
Life begins at conception.
The federal government should pass legislation allowing doctors and family members to decide when a loved one should be put to death based on the individual's quality of life.
Doctrine means teaching or instruction.
The Bible states that the government does not bear the sword in vain. Numerous verses throughout the Bible make it clear that capital punishment administered by the government, for those that have committed capital crimes, is biblically acceptable.