• Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: March 30, 2022

    Guest: Tom Littleton. Topic: Evangelical Christian schools are caving to Cultural Marxism and the LGBTQ agenda. Topic: Brannon speaks of how he graduated from a Christian hight school that was a member of the Association of Christian Schools or ACSI. Brannon also speaks fondly of how he spoke at numerous ACSI conventions and administrators conferences after he first and second book was published. Sadly, today Brannon and Tom explain how the largest Christian school association in the world is apparently caving to Cultural Marxism and the LGBTQ agenda including promoting such social justice warriors as David Platt. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Crosstalk: February 3, 2022

    In 2014, Randy was a candidate for statewide office and he’s also helped others run for office as well.  What he discovered is that while there were people willing to run for president, governor, village board or city counsel, the position most difficult to find people to run for was school board.
  • Crosstalk: September 30, 2021

    Battles are being waged in classrooms across America.  Much of it centers around curriculum, practices and policy and sometimes over matters such as political correctness.  Sadly, oftentimes students are caught in the crosshairs, being used like pawns on a chessboard.  As a result, they are the ones that end up being victimized by the system.
  • Who’s calling the shots? Push is on to mask up and shoot up the school children: What parents need to know

    Parents of school-age children are about to encounter the most bizarre school year ever. When it comes to the safety of the Covid shots, most elected leaders, from Joe Biden all the way down to the governors, mayors and school boards, have shirked their responsibility and handed over full control of their offices to unelected bureaucrats and shills for Big Pharma.
  • Brannon Howse: July 26, 2021

    Drafting America’s Daughters Passes Senate Committee. Since February of 2018 Brannon has been using his radio and television program to warn about the National Commission on Military, National and Public Service. Now the defense authorization act looks to include the mandate that women between the ages of 18 and 26 sign up for Selective Service. Topic: Will Congress accept the recommendation of the National Commission and implant the National Assessment of Education Progress test on each state and student? Brannon has been warning about the NAEP since the mid 1990s and now the test could be mandated. Brannon explains the dangers of the NAEP. Topic We take your calls.
  • Crosstalk: July 6, 2021

    Some communist goals were written into the Congressional Record on January 10th, 1963.  Here are just a few:

    Get control of the schools.
    Discredit the American Founding Fathers and present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the common man.
    Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the grounds that it was only a minor part of the big picture.
  • Sam Rohrer: June 30, 2021

    Critical Race Theory and Christian Education. Keith Wiebe and Gary Dull are joined by Jamison Coppola (American Association of Christian Schools). Topics discussed include: What is Critical Race Theory? The Danger of Critical Race Theory in Education. How Christian Education Should Handle Critical Race Theory. A Biblical Perspective Towards Race.
  • Brannon Howse: June 24, 2021

    A National Template of What is Unfolding. Topic: The Loudon County school board meeting erupts over not just critical race theory, also known as cultural Marxism, but also over the transgender agenda. The footage of their June 22, 2021 meeting has gone viral on social media and television media. Yet, very few of the media outlets are explaining why the parents, grandparents and taxpayers are rightfully upset and even expressing a righteous anger. A Virginia state law is calling on school districts to implement policies that allow so-called transgender boys to use the bathroom and showers of the girls. The law calls for teachers and students to be punished for not using the proper pronouns of a transgender. The law calls for schools to not question if a boy uses the girls bathroom and not to inform parents if their child is posing as the opposite sex at school. Any parent that does not support the transgenderism of their child is to be reported to Child Protection Services. Topic: We take your calls. 
  • Brannon Howse: April 28, 2021

    Guest: Arizona Senator Kelly Townsend. Topic: School board in Arizona walks out and parents use Roberts Rule and elect new school board members and make masks optional. Topic: Are there dangerous and even toxic and cancer causing fibers in masks? Topic: We take your calls.
  • Brannon Howse: March 19, 2021

    Guest: Dr. Stephen Kirby. Topic: Dr. Kirby has written an extensive report to warn Americans about the 21 Day Equity Challenge. This curriculum and course is being used to brainwash adults who brainwash other adults as well as students. Topic: What are the liberal definitions of racial inequity, racial justice, racist policies, cultural appropriation, cultural racism, implicit bias, power, or settler colonialism? The common theme of the definitions of these terms is the promotion of socialism and painting conservatives and conservative values as the source of all suffering and oppression. Topic: How must freedom loving Americans respond to this dangerous agenda that is spreading across America?
  • Crosstalk: March 19, 2021

    Lt. Col. (Ret.) Ray Moore is an Army Reserve Chaplain and veteran of Gulf War I which he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.  He’s the director of the Exodus Mandate Project and Chairman of the Christian Education Initiative and Chairman of  He is a homeschooling pioneer and is author of Let My Children Go.  He is script-writer and executive producer of the 2015 film, Escaping Common Core: Setting Our Children Free.
  • Brannon Howse: March 12, 2021

    California model curriculum has students chanting to an Aztec god known for human sacrifices. The students chant about the environment, monism, and evolving. Why would today’s progressives want students to think about human sacrifice? What is the connection between human sacrifice, evolution and radical environmentalism? What is the connect between those things and Hitler’s holocaust? Why should Americans be greatly disturbed by this education propaganda? Topic: We take your calls.
  • The Evangelical Carpetbaggers in Education

    Virtually everyday some parent contacts this writer with concerns about what they see happening in their children’s Christian Schools. Christian teens are coming home defending radical social movements like BLM and LGBTQ and complaining to their parents that they have been raised in “White Privilege ” and Systemic Racism”. Some students are singing the virtues of Islam and defending the rights of Muslim Refugees and Mosque building in the U. S. saying real Christians should support these “justice issues” because they are at the “heart of the gospel”.
  • Crosstalk: July 30, 2020

    Former Vice President Joe Biden gave a (virtual) speech on Monday July 20th to a membership-based, 501(c)4 organization known as Emgage Action. Their purpose is to mobilize American Muslims to advocate for issues pertinent to them including civil liberties, criminal justice reform, income inequality, health care, immigration reform, national security and climate change.

    During the speech, some of the items Biden mentioned included:

    –Having schools teach more about Islam and all confessional faiths.


    –He communicated that he will be a president that recognizes and honors the contributions of Muslims, contributions that he alleged go all the way back to our founding.

    –He will have Muslim/American voices as part of his administration.

    –He said he will end the Muslim (travel) ban on day one. Jim indicated that there is no such travel ban.

    What did NPR say after this address? How about NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ blog? What did Emgage Action insist upon receiving from Biden in order for him to receive their endorsement? What are the significant differences between the Jesus of Islam and the Jesus of the Bible? These and numerous other points related to Biden’s speech and his efforts to court the Muslim vote were examined on this edition of Crosstalk.
  • Marxism in the Classroom, Riots in the Streets

    The explosion of lawless rioting on American streets was only a matter of time. Sixty-two years ago, former FBI agent W. Cleon Skousen wrote “The Naked Communist” to warn Americans about how communists planned to destroy our system from within, not by means of sudden revolution as envisioned by Karl Marx, but through a version of Italian communist Antonio Gramsci’s “cultural Marxism.” With a nod to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its People’s Liberation Army (PLA), it has been a “long march through the institutions” that has brought us to the brink of catastrophe—and much of it began in our schools.
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    Marxianity: How the Evangelical Deep State and their “Useful Idiots” are Merging Marxism and Christianity Through Social Justice, White Privilege, Cultural Marxism, Illegal Immigration, Interfaith Dialogue and More
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    Marxianity eBook

    This 336 plus page paper back book by Brannon Howse has nearly 400 footnotes

    The Marxist playbook offers two fundamental strategies to undermine capitalism and Christianity. One strategy is to co-opt Christianity from within, corrupt it, and thus render it no longer an opponent of Marxism, but a willing participant in fulfilling the goal of the Marxists. The second strategy is to create a coalition of victims and create “offenses” in order to “prove” the oppressors of the coalition of victims are Christians and capitalists. By doing so, Christianity and capitalism can be effectively demonized as the source of all suffering and oppression. The key to this information operation is to hide Marxist ideologies under masking terms that are given credibility through the use of twisted scriptures as well as revisionist history and the elimination of truth, reason, logic, and context. They must also enlist religious useful idiots and compromised “bridgers” that aid in merging the religious left and the religious right. 

    By confronting these tactics, those who stand firm on the Word of God and refuse to compromise will be set up for ridicule and persecution. They’ll be labeled haters, intolerant, bigots, divisive, mean-spirited, and unloving by those outside of evangelicalism, as well as the evangelical deep state. 

    The proponents of Marxianity are co-opting Christianity and enlisting useful “idiots” to turn churches into community organizations for social justice, pastors into community organizers, the Great Commission into the “Great Group Consensus” and recast the Biblical Jesus into a social justice warrior. 

    Acts 20 and Jude 3 warn of the men that make up the evangelical deep state. Their agenda is fueled by redefining a Biblical gospel away from individual salvation through faith and repentance to a collective salvation that calls for the “Marxians” of the world to unite to heal the wrongs and to create a “just” society that eliminates poverty and injustice and creates the kingdom of God on earth through collective salvation. 

    One of the original re-definers of the gospel was a man by the name of Walter Rauschenbusch, a Fabian socialist and father of the social gospel movement. He said, “The only power that can make socialism succeed, if it is to be established, is religion. It cannot work in an irreligious country.” This book will clearly reveal the growing false dominant church predicted in Revelation 17:1 as well as its strategies for taking out and discrediting its enemies. Learn how to protect yourself from the agenda of Marxianity that includes social justice, white privilege, cultural marxism, amnesty for illegal immigrants and interfaith dialogue.

  • Lehigh University Professor Wants Blacks To Hate Historical Figures

    Whenever liberals, specifically white Fabian Democratic Socialists and white cultural Marxists, have a weak argument, they prostitute the lie that if what they are advocating isn’t done blacks will suffer. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, this demonic reasoning doesn’t apply when it’s noted that white Democrats fought to retain human bondage. The documented fact that abortion has murdered more than one-third of the total populace of Americans who are black is met with demands to keep the industrialized extermination of blacks unabated.